Neuroscience Test Questions

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The main function of myelin is to
form a protective coating over nerve axons
The part of the nerve cell specialized for conducting information is the
The cell body of a neuron is also called the
Neurons are made up of dendrites, a soma, and
Which of the following is NOT a part of a neuron?
The nature of a nerve impulse is primarily a/an __________ event; whereas, the nature of the communication between neurons is primarily a/an __________event.
electrical; chemical
Acetylcholine, epinephrine, dopamine, and histamine are
The conduction of a nerve impulse down the axon is called a(n)
action potential
Communication within a neuron is __________ , while communication between neurons is _____________.
electrical; chemical
The branching fibers of the _________ end in _____________ and link with parts of other neurons.
axon; axon terminals
After successfully running from the large snarling, drooling grizzly bear that was running directly towards you, you pause to catch your breath and collect your wits. the physical symptoms you now experience are controlled by the
parasympathetic nervous system
An action potential actually occurs because
sodium ions leave the nerve cell
The charge that exists across the nerve cell membrane is a result of differing
concentrations of ions on either side of the nerve cell membrane
The part of a neuron that specialized in receiving messages from other neurons is the
Nerve cell bodies and dendrites are not the only locations sensitive to neurotransmitter. receptor sites can also be found on
muscles and gland
The channel that transport sodium and potassium within the axon are called
ion channels
Neurons conduct an action potential
when molecular gates open to allow sodium ions into a neuron
Neurotransmitters are primarily associated with the
Body cells specialized to carry and process information are called
Which is the best explanation of how a nerve impulse is carried from one neuron to another? the action potential or impulse
causes the axon terminal to squirt out a chemical toward the next neuron
The fastest neurons can send impulses at about ___________ miles per hour.
A nerve cell carrying information from your brain to muscles and glands is called a(n)
motor neuron
The “emergency” part of the nervous system that prepares the body for “fight or flight” is the _____________ branch.
The effect of mind-altering drugs may be a result of their
ability to imitate or block neurotransmitters
A nerve impulse is also called a(n)
action potential
Muscles can contract because they are made up of
effector cells
The “all-or-nothing event” refers to the fact that
action potentials occur completely or not at all
A barefoot child steps on a bee, then jerks his or her foot back in response to the sting. this response has likely involved all parts of the nervous system EXCEPT
the brain
The chemicals released at an axon terminal are called
Neurotransmitters are released at the
axon terminals
An action potential refers to the traveling of a nerve impulse along the
The role of the _________ nervous system is to relax the body and return it to a lower level of arousal.
Electrically charge particles of the elements ___________ are crucial in the transmission of the nerve impulse.
sodium and potassium
The autonomic nervous system contains two branches called the
sympathetic and parasympathetic systems
_____________ is the correct sequence of events in communicating a stimulus (such as stepping on a tack) to another neuron
Stimulus- electrical impulse- neurotransmitter- receptor site
Information is first received by a nerve cell at the
In the nervous system, electrical charges are set up because of unequal concentrations of ions inside and outside the cell. this state is known as a(n)
resting potential
The function of the sympathetic nervous system is to prepare the body for
“fight or flight”
the microscopic space between two neurons is called a(n)
A nerve cell carrying information from your eyes, ears, fingers, etc. toward the CNS is called a(n)
sensory neuron
Emotional responses to a traumatic event are most directly under the control of the
autonomic nervous system
The fatty layer of tissue that gives many nerves a whitish color is called
The soma is the part of the nerve cell that
collects and combines incoming information
What effect do neurotransmitters from one neuron have on the next neuron
they may excite or inhibit it
Many of the chemicals that affect the brain operate by
imitating or canceling the effects of neurotransmitters

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