What is the Ethernet frame type that is used by TCP/IP?
Ethernet II
When a frame is received, which component reads the source and destination MAC addresses, looks up the destination to determine where to send the frame, and forwards it out the correct port?
TCP establishes a connection with the destination device using which process?
three-way handshake
What type of wireless technology is used for 802.11b /g /n networks?
spread-spectrum radio
What layer is responsible for making sure that the data that it sends and receives is in a format that the receiving and sending computers can understand?
When a signal travels across network medium, it signal loses strength the further it gets from the transmitting station, to the point where the receiving station can no longer interpret the signals correctly. What is the term for this phenomenon?
The last 64 bits of an IPv6 address are the interface identifier. Where is that number derived from?
the MAC address
Which layer has been subdivided into the Logical Link Control sublayer and the Media Access Control sublayer?
Data Link
You are building a gaming computer and you want to install a dedicated graphics card that has a fast GPU and 1GB of memory onboard. You need to make sure that you have the right connector available on your motherboard. What type of connector would be appropriate?
What is the main disadvantage of cable modem networking?
It uses a bus topology.
Each interface on a router must have an IP address and what else to be able to communicate on the network?
MAC address
What is the hexadecimal number F equal to in binary?
What is the best way to eliminate the possibility of collisions in a network?
Both a and c
When using UTP cabling, what is the maximum cable length that can be used from the NIC to a hub or switch?
100 meters
What is the decimal equivalent to the hexadecimal number D?
4-byte frame check sequence
What is the media access method used by Ethernet?
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a physical star?
provides redundancy and fault tolerance
What type of logical topology does a Wireless LAN use?
logical bus
What is the decimal equivalent to the hexadecimal number D?
How many bits are available in an IPv6 network for creating subnets when the prefix is /48 and the host ID is 64 bits?
When a router’s interface is configured with multiple IP addresses with each address belonging to different networks, what is it called?
router on a stick
A MAC address is composed of two 24-bit numbers. What does the first 24-bit number represent?
It’s the organizationally unique identifier for the manufacturer of the device.
You have just started a new business. You need to have three to four workstations available for your employees who simply need to share some files and a printer, but you don’t have a large budget. Security is not a major concern, but costs are. What type of network would be the most appropriate for your situation?
peer-to-peer network
What command would you issue from a command prompt to see a listing of the computers in your workgroup?
net view
Which layer is responsible for determining the best path a packet should travel across an internetwork?
What is the main advantage of a point-to-point topology?
data travels on a dedicated link
In wireless networks, what type of media access control is used?
Which of the following is not a form of electromagnetic interference, or EMI?
What is the term used that defines network cabling in the work area and between telecommunications closets and equipment rooms?
structured cabling
Which is the strongest form of wireless security?
Why would you need to use a repeater?
You need to add a group of computers to your network, and the distance is too far for normal means of communication.
Airwaves are an example of what type of network component?
network medium
What is the maximum cable length for both category 5e and category 6 UTP cable?
100 m
When a wireless computer uses a peer-to-peer connection to directly connect to another wireless computer, it is operating in what mode?
ad hoc
In what layer does the NIC operate?
Network Access
At which layer would you find errors that were caused by EMI?
The entrance facility is the place where the connection to a WAN is located. It is basically the point where the LAN begins and ends. What is another name for this point?
demarcation point
Which layer is responsible for the encoding of signals?
Just as a switch keeps records of MAC addresses that it has learned, so does your computer. What protocol does your computer use to learn MAC addresses?
One job that a router performs is that of gatekeeper, which means that it can be configured to only allow certain packets access into the network based on a list of rules. What is that process called?
access control
You are working at the help desk and you get a message that a user cannot access the Internet. You open a command prompt, ping the workstation’s IP address, and get a response. You ask the user to try the Internet again. He does so with the same result— no connection. Which type of device is most likely to be the problem?
Network layer device
What type of hacker uses a scanning device to find unsecured wireless networks and break into those networks?
The Transport layer segments data into smaller chunks, the size of which is determined by which of the following?
Which of the following connections might require a crossover cable?
switch to switch
When discussing Ethernet standards, what does the XBaseY terminology refer to?
the transmission speed, the type of transmissions, and the length or type of cabling
What type of wiring should be used for a high-speed connection between two buildings?
fiber-optic cabling
How does a switch “learn” MAC addresses?
The switch reads each frame and makes a note of where each MAC address came from.
What does a switch store in its switching table?
the source MAC address of a frame and the port it was received on
A wireless access point is most like which other network device, in that all computers send signals through it to communicate with other computers?
Which of the following is not an Application layer protocol?
What does the Transport layer use to make sure that a message is reassembled correctly on the receiving device?
sequence number
When data is being prepared for transmission onto the network, it is broken into small pieces and a header and trailer are added to each piece to help identify it. What is this process called?
What is a PDU?
It is the name given to the unit of information used by each layer.
What is the purpose of the default route?
It’s where the router sends all packets with destinations of which it has no knowledge.
Which of the following is the fastest switching mode?
What component of the computer provides it with a MAC address?
You are the network administrator for a company that uses a private addressing scheme for its internal network. You have 300 workstations that regularly access the Internet. What process must be in operation on your network to allow all the workstations to have access to the Internet using only one public IP address?
In a token ring network, what is the central device called?
multistation access unit
What information would you find in the header of a Transport layer PDU?
window size
In an MDI device, on which two pins does the device use to transmit?
1 and 2
Which layer of the OSI model is responsible for encryption and decryption?
What does the frame trailer consist of in an Ethernet frame?
cyclic redundancy check
Which part of the network communication process is responsible for sending and receiving data to and from the network media?
NIC driver
Which layer is responsible for establishing a connection between the source and destination?
What does it usually mean when the activity light on a switch is blinking?
It is communicating with the network.
Which of the following is the physical topology that is daisy-chained like a bus and in which the cabling is brought around from the last device to the first device?
physical ring
What is the IEEE standard governing wireless networking?
A signal has just been received from the WAN link on your network. Using the given components, which of the following shows the path that the signal would take from the WAN to a workstation on your network? Assume all components are used at least once and that some components may be used more than once.
1—backbone cabling
2—entrance facility
3—equipment room
4—horizontal wiring
5—telecommunications closet
6—work area
2, 1, 3, 1, 5, 4, 6
An IP address consists of four octets separated by periods. Which part of this address denotes its class?
first octet
Before a computer can transmit data on a wireless network in some cases, it must send What type of signal to the AP?
Why is the use of a switch preferred over a hub?
All of the above.
The time it takes for all the routing tables on every router in a network to be fully updated, either when a change occurs or according to a schedule, is called the speed of what?
Which part of a computer’s IP address configuration indicates the portion of the address that specifies the network ID?
subnet mask
What type of routing protocol are RIP and RIPv2?
distance-vector protocol
Which of the following is not a true statement regarding the function of a switch?
It determines the path used based on the destination IP address.
In Windows, you can start the Task Manager by simply right-clicking the taskbar and choosing Start Task Manager.
What directory service protocol used in Linux systems is also supported by Windows?
What is a partial copy of a VM that is used to restore it to a previous state?
Virtualization is designed for testing and development purposes only.
Which of the following virtualization products provides hosted virtualization?
VMware Workstation
Older OSs first used what type of multitasking, which allowed a process to monopolize the CPU’s time until the process had completed its own task?
What storage solution involves a third-party company that provides off-site hosting of data?
cloud-based storage
One critical difference between a client OS and a server OS is the addition of directory services on some server OSs.
Which of the following is not a function typically provided by the centralized management of a server-based network?
protocol analysis
You are testing out a new DHCP server and want to make sure that it does not interfere with your current network. What option would you use to configure your network adapter using VMware workstation?
Which edition of Windows Server 2008 includes support for up to 64 processors and provides unlimited virtual instances?
Datacenter Edition
What are the chunks called into which the available storage space on a disk drive is broken?
When a disk is formatted, it is impossible to recover the data that was on the disk..
smallest unit of software that can be scheduled
a program that is loaded into memory
hypervisor installed in a general-purpose OS
hosted virtualization
the process of granting or denying access to a user
two or more threads being executed simultaneously
partial copy of a virtual machine
identifying who has access to network
creates and monitors the guest operating systems
runs in the background
hypervisor installed directly onto the server
bare-metal virtualization
What method does the CPU use to divide its computing cycles between more than one process?
time slicing
What is the native file-sharing protocol in Linux?
In Windows, you use Task Manager to view the processes running on your computer. What do you use to view the running processes on some Linux systems?
system monitor
Windows Server 2008 R2 can be installed only on a 64-bit system
If you need to limit the amount of data users can store on a volume, you would implement which of the following?
disk quotas
Windows can be installed on an extended partition that has been formatted with the NTFS file system.
When a file is encrypted, what color does the file name appear in Windows Explorer?
What tool would you use to view error messages that are generated by system services or applications?
Event Viewer
What is RAID level 1 also called?
disk mirroring
You are the network administrator for a company. The company’s policy is that the users are allowed to set their own passwords but that they must change their password every 30 days. You have just received a call from a user who can’t log on because she forgot her password. After you change her password, which of the password options listed would you set in the user’s account so that she will have to change the password when she logs on using the password you assigned?
User must change password at next logon.
In Linux, what is the command for viewing a file’s contents onscreen?
can be used to create a RAID
dynamic disk
if the primary server fails, the secondary server takes over
failover cluster
can be divided in up to four primary partitions
basic disk
defines a user’s environment
local profile
multiple servers acting as a single server
load-balancing cluster
power device that provides fault tolerance through battery backup
power device that provides fault tolerance through battery backup
partition that contains the boot loader
system partition
action that a user can perform on a computer
can be made the active partition
primary partition
can only be divided into logical drives
extended partition
A RAID that is configured as a level 0 requires two drives because it copies data to both drives at the same time, making an exact duplicate of the data.
In regards to a user account, what does a white circle with a black arrow indicate?
The account is disabled.
You are creating a new group for the Sales department. All of the users that will be in this group will need to have access to the same resources. What scope would you use for this group?
Which of the following is NOT a Linux file system?
A user logs on to her account and is able to makes changes to her desktop, like adding a background and screen saver. However, when she logs off and logs back on, the desktop reverts to its original configuration. What type of user profile does this user have?
What level of RAID does not provide fault tolerance?
The partition that contains the Windows OS files is known as the what type of partition?
How many disks are needed to implement a RAID 1 + 0?
A disk must be formatted as what type of disk if you want to access additional features such as disk spanning?
An event log entry that is an error is marked with a red circle with a white exclamation point in the center.
In Linux, every user that is created automatically belongs to a default group named Users.
Group accounts make it easier for an administrator to manage user rights and permissions.
Where are the waiting print jobs stored until they can be sent to the print device?
print queue
Which of the following should not be a concern when discerning the level of security that is required in a network?
how difficult it would be to enforce a password policy
What process, available on most routers, will help improve security by masking the internal IP address of the transmitting device?
What is a type of malware that is so difficult to detect and remove that most experts agree that it is better to backup your critical data and reinstall the OS?
If you need to implement a VPN on a Windows Server 2008 system, what server role must be installed to access routing and remote access services?
network policy and access services
What is the generic term used to describe programs that are designed to cause harm or disruption to a computer system?
Which of the following is a type of malware that isn’t self-replicating and is usually installed by the user without his knowledge. It’s primary goal is to invade your privacy by monitoring your system and reporting your activities to advertisers and spammers.
You don’t need to physically secure your servers as long as you use a good strong password for your accounts.
What is a policy that defines the methods involved when a user logs on to the network called?
Which protocol is used to encrypt data as it travels a network?
When using to encrypt your entire disk, which mode must you use if your system is not configured for TPM support?
USB key mode
Which of the following is a scanner used as a tool to determine what possible points of entry exist that are open and vulnerable on your system?
A security policy should clearly state the desired rules, even if they cannot be enforced
A DoS attack ties up network bandwidth or services, rendering resources useless to legitimate users.
A Trojan is a self-replicating program that masks itself as a useful program but is actually a type of malware.
In a file system that uses FAT or FAT32, the only file security option that is available is the sharing permissions.
The 802.11i standard is the newest version of wireless security that uses more advanced encryption methods than the previous versions. What is it more commonly referred to as?
Which form of authentication involves the exchange of a password-like key that must be entered on both devices?
preshared key
Which VPN implementation needs no additional configuration to be allowed access through a firewall?
When using BitLocker to encrypt your entire disk, which mode must you use if your system is not configured for TPM support?
USB key mode
Which of the following is a type of denial-of-service attack that involves flooding the network with broadcast messages that contain a spoofed source address of an intended victim?
smurf attack
If the minimum password length on a Windows system is set to zero, what does that mean?
The user can use a blank password.
Which one of the following passwords meets Windows password complexity requirement?
In Windows 7, what is the maximum length that a password can be?
the Linux native file sharing protocol
agreement regarding the use of an application
how much something costs when intangibles are factored in
VPN connection between two routers
the process by which a router forwards a request for a TCP or UDP port
to a specified computer.
port forwarding
a file sharing option in Windows 7
the Linux file sharing protocol that is compatible with Windows
software designed to help business owners
connection between a desktop and a VPN device
a device designed specifically for file sharing
Which of the following is a new file-sharing option that can be used on the network if all the computers have Windows 7 installed?
What is CRM software?
software that is used to keep track of customer information, including contact information and appointments
Which of the following is not a feature that you should consider when choosing a new switch for a small business?
VPN support
If you want to implement fault-tolerance on your network, what type of RAID would you use on the drives that contain the OS and applications?
Which of the following should you consider when choosing a wireless network instead of a wired network?
the ability of unauthorized users to receive a signal
Which of the following is not a requirement for most small business networks?
complex WAN environment
You have been contracted to set up a network for a small business. The company currently has 100 users, and they are looking to expand. They want to use Microsoft Exchange Server for their e-mail and shared calendar feature What version of Windows Server would you suggest that they purchase?
Windows Essential Business Server
If your company has a Web site that customers need to access, you will need to allow unsolicited communications from outside the network. In this situation, you need to install a router that supports what type of forwarding?
If you want to implement fault-tolerance on your network, what type of RAID would you use on the drives that contain data?
When purchasing new equipment for a small business it is a good idea to invest in expandability features that will meet the company’s needs for the next 10 to 15 years.
After you have set up a network for a small business, you may need to access the network remotely to provide support for the users. Which remote access option should not be used unless a secure connection can be established first?
Which of the following is a VPN mode that is usually implemented to give mobile users access to the network?
In most cases, you can install a small business network and move on to the next job, leaving the company’s IT staff to support the network.
In a small business network, the router usually takes on the responsibilities of many roles, which include a firewall as well as a DHCP server.
For a computer to connect to a HomeGroup, it must have certain features enabled or configured correctly. Which of the following is not necessary to join a HomeGroup?
Which of the following is not included in any edition of Windows Small Business Server?
support for up to 500 users
Most small businesses require a high level of security including encryption technologies and complex network connections.
If your network consists mostly of computers with Linux operating systems, which file-sharing system can you use that is native to Linux?
Which of the following installations of Windows can be used to create a HomeGroup?
Windows 7 Home Premium
The creator of a HomeGroup has the ability to change the randomly generated password to a more user-friendly password.
Your local ISP has provided you with a dedicated line that has a Committed Information Rate of 1.54 Mbps. What does this mean?
1.54 Mbps is the guaranteed minimum transmission rate.
Which one of the following is NOT a typical SONET data rate?
Which of the following is something X.25 does NOT offer?
144 Mbps maximum throughput
T-Carrier lines only require a CSU/DSU on the customer’s side of the connection.
an ISDN version that provides two 64 Kbps B-Channels
Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
a remote access protocol that supports many protocols and is used to carry data over a variety of network connections
point-to-point protocol
a logical sequence of connections with bandwidth allocated for a specific transmission pathway
virtual circuit
an ISDN version that provides 23 64-Kbps B-channels
Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
the device that sends data to (and receives data from) the local loop, usually a CSU/DSU or modem
Data Circuit-terminating Equipment (DCE)
a device computers use to convert digital signals to analog signals
a point-to-point permanent virtual circuit (PVC) technology that offers WAN communications over a fast, reliable, digital packet-switching network
frame relay
a guaranteed minimum transmission rate offered by the service provider
Committed Information Rate (CIR)
the device that passes data from the customer LAN to the DCE, usually a router.
Data Terminal Equipment (DTE)
a high-speed, baseband digital networking standard that specifies incrementally increasing data rates across fiber-optic links.
Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
Although a frame relay connection is established in much the same way that a T1 connection is, which of the following is an important distinction between the two technologies?
T1 uses point to point, while frame relay makes use of virtual circuits.
Which statement about Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) is true?
MPLS works with any network layer protocol.
Packet switched WANs use virtual circuits to ensure that packets are delivered reliably and at the agreed-on bandwidth level.
Which of the following terms describes the category of cloud computing in which a customer develops applications using development tools and infrastructure provided by the service provider?
hosted platforms
What is the signaling method used to allocate time slots for each channel in a T-carrier line called?
Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)
You’re the network administrator for a large bean-bag chair company. You are presenting to your supervisor several reasons to make use of cloud computing for handling data processing. Which answer would be a valid benefit of using cloud computing?
reduced physical plant costs
Part of SONET’s flexibility comes from its ability to be arranged in several different physical topologies. Which of the following is NOT a possible SONET topology?
fault tolerant bus
The plain old telephone service is a good example of what kind of WAN technology?
circuit switched
You have been asked to install a VPN remote access solution using Windows Server.What do you need to install?
Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS)
What would an Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network be best suited for?
carrying voice data and time-sensitive information
Select the true statement regarding analog and digital signals.
Analog signals vary over time continually and can be represented by a sine wave, while digital signals are binary 1s and 0s using voltage levels.
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) supports both IPv4 and IPv6, as well as other network layer protocols.
You are a network architect for an IT consulting company. One of your clients needs a WAN connection and has asked you about the disadvantage of a packet-switched WAN method. Which of the following is a disadvantage that applies?
shared bandwidth
Which of the following protocols is NOT used for Windows 7 VPN connections?
The company you work for currently has ISDN service in place. Your supervisor wishes to know what sort of ISDN service is being used so that better alternatives can be considered. He tells you that the service has two B-Channels and a D-Channel. What ISDN format do you have?
Basic Rate Interface (BRI)
When would you most likely NOT choose to use a leased line connection?
when a nondedicated link is needed for backups
What is the local loop, or last mile?
the connection between the demarcation point and the CO
Which cloud computing category allows a company to quickly provision additional disk space?
hosted infrastructure
Which cloud computing category refers to the use of software hosted on a service provider’s network, and is usually subscription based?
hosted applications
Which of the following protocols is NOT used for Windows 7 VPN connections?
Which command will display the configured IP address, default gateway, and DNS servers for a Windows workstation?
ipconfig /all
You recently completed a network overhaul over the weekend. Everything seems to be functioning properly until you receive a swarm of help desk support requests, all originating from one specific floor in your building. After a few minutes on the phone with those affected, you determine that no one has indicator lights active on their NICs. What is most likely the problem?
A network switch has not been powered on.
Following a massive infection of your network by a virus, you have been tasked with developing preventive measures for keeping the network infection free. What would be an effective preventive measure?
Install an enterprise-based anti-virus solution.
an industry-standard protocol used for network management and monitoring
Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
specialized software that gathers network data and provides statistics to a network management console
remote monitoring (RMON)
copies all files changed since the last full or incremental backup and marks files as backed up
incremental backup
copies all files changed the day the backup is made; doesn’t mark files as backed up
daily backup
part of the SNMP structure loaded on to each device to be monitored
software agents
a set of objects containing information about a networking device that SNMP uses to manage that device
management information base (MIB)
software that monitors network traffic and gathers information about packet types, errors, and packet traffic to and from each computer
network monitors
a network troubleshooting device that can determine whether there’s a break or short in the cable, and, if so, approximately how far down the cable it’s located
time-domain reflectometer (TDR)
a backup that copies all selected files to the selected media and marks files as backed up; also called a normal backup
full backup
part of an upgrade plan that provides instructions on how to undo the upgrade if problems occur during or after the upgrade
rollback plan
The trial-and-error method should NOT be used under which of the following situations?
The server is your public Web server and is currently hosting all of your business.
If a problem occurs after a successful login, Last Known Good Configuration will fix the issue.
Which of the following is NOT a good practice for performing upgrades?
ignoring updates to new releases
What does the ping message “Destination net unreachable” mean?
A router in the path from the source to the destination determined that the destination network does not exist.
Traceroute would be best suited for which of the following tasks?
locating bottlenecks in a network
Your current backup schedule involves differential backups of all data Monday through Saturday, with a full backup on Sunday. Last Saturday, one of your storage drives failed prior to running the daily backup. What must be done to recover the data on the failed drive?
The last full backup should be restored first, followed by the last successful differential backup prior to the drive failure.
Almost immediately after a server migration project, employees are complaining that they can’t reach the Internet. You sit down at a machine and try to ping a well-known website, which fails. You then try to ping a known-public IP address, which succeeds. What is most likely the issue?
DNS settings are incorrect
Most SNMP managers allow the configuration of thresholds for generating alert messages to network administrators when those thresholds are exceeded.
What does the ping message “Destination host unreachable” message mean?
The pinged IP address is on the same network, but an ARP reply was not received.
A junior network administrator tells you that he can ping a DNS server successfully, but he has not tested domain name lookups. What utility on the command line would you suggest your colleague use next?
You have just connected a brand new workstation to your local network. As per company policy, you have used a static IP configuration. However, all attempts to reach the Internet from the workstation fail. You have verified that you can communicate with servers and other workstations on the local network, and that you are the only one having an issue reaching the Internet. What is most likely the issue?
incorrectly configured gateway address
The ping command is used to determine the path between two devices.
A protocol analyzer, such as Wireshark, gives the ability to listen in on network traffic as it moves through the Application layer to the Data Link layer and vice versa..
In the problem-solving process, you should always devise a solution to the problem you are facing prior to determining the scope of the problem.
Your current backup schedule involves incremental backups of all data Monday through Saturday, with a full backup on Sunday. Last Saturday, one of your storage drives failed prior to running the daily backup. What must be done to recover the data on the failed drive?
The full backup must be restored first, followed by all incremental backups in sequential order leading up to the day of failure.
You are currently troubleshooting a network issue with your ISP’s customer support agent. The agent requests that you open up command prompt and type “ping”. What does this accomplish?
tests that the local IP stack is functioning
Which of the following statistics should a network baseline report include?
hard drive utilization
Which statement is true regarding differential / incremental backups?
Incremental backups copy all files changed since the last full or incremental backup and marks files as backed up.
You receive a phone call from a co-worker telling you that “the network is down.” Just as you are about to look into the issue, you receive several more phone calls from other co-workers. Using the problem-solving process, what must be done first to effectively troubleshoot the issue?
Determine what the problem is, and then figure out who has been affected on your network.
Select the utility inside of Windows that allows the user to recover a previous system state. This utility monitors drives and partitions, as well as registry settings and system files.
System Restore
What kind of software would you use to view and troubleshoot protocol specific problems such as TCP retries caused by missed acknowledgements, or duplicate acknowledgements that cause network slow-down?
protocol analyzer
When using tape backup, what should be done to ensure that the backups are viable?
Verify data can be restored.
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