NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Elementary – Practice Test Part 1/4

In the process of determining the rationale of an objective, the teacher should ask all of the following EXCEPT:
Will this lesson fit my planned activity

Which of the following is the strongest signal for getting students’ attention before starting a lesson?
Ring a bell

Besides signaling for attention, a teacher should set-up and open a lesson by:
Stating behavioral expectations during the lesson, Helping students to stay focused by explaining the objective of the lesson, and Discussing ways the students can connect to the lesson through their personal experiences

Which of the following is NOT part of the process of closing a lesson?
Extended practice

All of the following statements are true about the evaluation component of a lesson EXCEPT:
Evaluation may be group-wide instead of individual

In regard to the process of writing a lesson plan, which of the following is true?
Experienced teachers won’t need to write down as much as new teachers because some actions become automatic with time

There are differences between planned activities that are necessary classroom routines, activities that are fun and provide a break, and activities that are directly related to the curriculum. Of the following, which is an activity for taking a break?
Singing a song

Activity planning and lesson planning are the same in which of the following?
The plans can be designed for a whole unit

For teachers to be comfortable with student diversity and to help students be comfortable with diversity, teachers should:
Review stereotypes they have learned and find ways to bring reality to the views, Study the cultures they encounter among their students, and Encourage students and their parents to share about their cultures

Ms. Brown has a diverse set of family situations and cultures in her classroom. Which of the following actions would NOT be sensitive to the families?
On the class information form, ask for information using the labels “mother”, “father”, and “siblings”

A teacher wanting to show items from various cultures to the children in her classroom asks a child of Chinese heritage to bring in a coolie hat to school. The family is insulted by the teacher’s assumption that all Chinese are/were coolies. What is the best response for the teacher once she has realized her mistake?
Ask that family to send whatever feels appropriate

Of the following, which is often the resolution to parent/teacher cultural conflict?
The conflict is not resolved and parents/teachers continue their own practices

When teaching children from non-English speaking families, it is correct to assume that:
Proficiency in one language can help in learning a second language, so language skills will improve if the children are encouraged to be bilingual

For classroom teachers, awareness of issues in the family situations of their students is important. Which of the following is NOT true about children of divorce?
Children from non-divorce parents have no fewer problems than children from divorced parents

Which of the following is a correct way for classroom teachers to give understanding and support to a child whose family is in turmoil?
Provide classroom activities and materials, such as clay and paint, that might enable the child to work through feelings

Which of the following statements about objectives is NOT true?
An objective describes how to get the outcome

Which one of the following statements about objectives is NOT true?
Objectives are a communications tool aimed specifically at he students, not other audiences

Which of the following s a good example of appropriate content for an objective?
Compare and contrast science fiction and fantasy.

Which of the following is NOT a good example of the type of verb one should use to express the desired behavior component in an objective?

Which of the following is NOT a good example of a learning condition given in an objective?
After completing the unit on WWI

Which of the following is NOT a good example of a criterion in an objective?
As assessed by the teacher

Which of the following would be a MISTAKE when writing criterion for an objective?
Setting no limit to time or amount so that students are not pressured

Which of the following statements is true?
Write objectives that represent important learning outcomes

Objectives should be designed to teach something that is worth learning. Practicing skills is a good learning objective if the practice is embedded within application opportunities. Which of the following, however, may be a POINTLESS practice?
Copying definitions of words to improve vocabulary

Higher-level objectives include all of the following, EXCEPT?
Memorizing important dates

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