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Management: Business & Society. Ethics

question Managers in the same company are likely to be at the same stages of moral reasoning at any given time. answer False question Only in the last few years have scholars found a positive relationship between an organization’s economic performance and attention to spiritual values. answer False question The Sarbanes-Oxley Act: answer Requires executives […]

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Chapter 8: Buying Process & Buyer Behavior

question Customer Strategy answer carefully conceived plan that results in understanding the customer’s perceptions and maximizing customer satisfactions and responsiveness question 3 Prescriptions of Customer Strategy answer – Understand buying process – Understand buyer behavior – Develop prospect base question Consumer Buyer Behavior answer Buying behavior of individuals and household who buy goods and services […]

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question Most important part of five-component framework answer people question 5 components in 5 component model answer Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, People question The number of components in an information system increases in proportion to its complexity. (t or f) answer False question In order for data to be considered timely it must be delivered […]

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US History- Progressive Era

question The triangle shirtwaist fire answer was the worst fire in U.S. History question The word “Progressivism” came into common use around 1910 answer as a way of describing a loosely defined political movement question During the progressive Era answer urban development highlighting social inequalities question During the progressive Era answer new immigration from southern […]

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Understanding Business Chapter 18: Financial Management

question Q – What shows a firm’s spending plans on fixed assets such as large equipment? answer Capital budget question Q – An effective budget requires: answer accurate forecasts question Q – As a finance manager at AllSports Communication, Charlie worries about the firm’s borrowing requirements for the upcoming year. He knows the benefits of […]

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question 1. Data and information are essentially the same thing. answer F question 2. Data processing can be as simple as organizing data to reveal patterns. answer T question 3. Data is the result of processing raw facts to reveal its meaning. answer F question 4. When data are entered into a form and saved, […]

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Systems Analysis and Design Chapter 1

question Information Technology answer a combination of hardware, software, and telecommunications systems that support business operations, improve productivity, and help managers make decisions. question systems analysis and design answer the process of developing information systems that effectively use hardware, software, data, processes, and people to support the company’s business objectives. question information system answer system […]

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SPM Chapter 3

question Decisions and actions taken in one knowledge area at a certain time rarely affect other knowledge areas. answer False question Initiating processes take place during each phase of a project. answer True question Initiating processes are not required to end a project. answer False question The level of activity and length of each process […]

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Secruity + ( ALL QUIZ mistake)

question The Authorize step of the NIST six-step approach to the risk management framework involves all but which of the following tasks? determine if the cost/benefit ratio is acceptable assemble the security authorization package prepare the plan of action and develop milestones determine the risk to organizational operations answer determine if the cost/benefit ratio is […]

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Quiz 3

question Which of the following is an enterprise business system (EBS) backbone application? A. Order history B. Managing online bidding sessions C. Product cataloging D. Managing EDI with suppliers answer A EBS backbone applications focus on gathering, storing, and reporting information that is necessary to perform other functions in the SRM system, such as data […]

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Principles of management: Chapter 12 Motivating employees

question What is Motivation answer -Indicates, directs, sustains, behavior, inferred, not observed -may be defined as the psychological process that arouse and direct goal-directed behavior question Intrinsic Reward(Within self) answer Satisfaction in performing the task itself, such as a feeling of accomplishment question Extrinsic Rewards(Outside pay, rate, promotion) answer satisfaction in the payoff from others, […]

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question Two branches of ethics? answer Normative ethics and Meta-ethics question 3 areas of normative ethics answer Theory of moral obligation, theory of moral worth, theory of non moral worth question What does meta-ethics deal with answer … is a branch of analytic philosophy that explores the status, foundations, and scope of moral values, properties, […]

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Operations Management Chapter 4

question An organization’s supply chain is facilitated by: answer an information system question Which of the following typically represents the beginning of a supply chain? answer External suppliers question Supply chain management is the vital business function which does not coordinate and manage: answer human resource interviews question Typically a manufacturer will have more direct […]

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Multiple Choice Marketing Final

question A service answer The owner of a miniature golf business provides her customers with? question Possession utility answer Which economic utility increased when fast food restaurants began accepting credit cards? question Market research answer At the end of her one-week stay at a luxury hotel, Jennifer completed a form rating the hotel’s service, food, […]

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MKT 3830 Chapter 2 Gur

question The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PepsiCo, Indra Nooyi, subscribes to a triple-bottom-line approach to competitive advantage—considering not only economic, but also social and environmental performance. Identify the phrase that represents the vision of PepsiCo as described by Ms. Nooyi. A. Human sustainability B. Environmental sustainability C. The whole person at work D. Performance […]

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question what is a business process? answer a standardized set of activities that accomplish a specific task, such as processing a customer’s order question what is a customer facing process? answer result in a product or service that is received by an organization’s external customer question what is a business facing process? answer invisible to […]

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Microeconomics ch1,2,3,4

question In a market system scarce goods are allocated through the operation of answer what must be sacrificed in using a resource for its next best use question Suppose a city block was going to be used for a parking lot. The opportunity cost would be answer greater in New York City because the alternative […]

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MGNT Ch. 1

question One goal of interpersonal communication is to arrive at ______? answer Shared meaning question What are some barriers to shared meaning? answer Individual experiences Noise (physical, semantic, psychological) Emotional hijacking question Emotional hijacking answer React without thinking question Emotional intelligence answer EQ not equal to IQ Importance: 90% of top performers high EQ=$29,000/yr question […]

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MGMT 3211 Chapter 9

question ad hoc coalitions answer the bringing together of diverse groups to organize for or against legislation or regulation question advocacy advertising answer a political tool used by companies to promote their viewpoint through the media question bundling answer the collection of political contributions made by an organization’s stakeholders to increase the organization’s ability to […]

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Flashcards on Marketing Final
14 Aug 2020 Database

question A good, service, or idea answer What are the three different types of products? question The price charged for the product answer The primary value value that a marketer expects to receive from a customer in an exchange relationship is… question The customer is always right answer The H&R Block company wants to adopt […]

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Management Structures

question Management answer Getting work done through others question Vertical organization answer Instruction supports future learning question Top management answer highest level of management, consisting of the president and other key company executives who develop strategic plans question Middle management answer Which level of management includes job titles such as general manager, division manager, or […]

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MAN3065 Final exam practice test

question The first step toward understanding business ethics is to answer develop ethical-issue awareness. question The originator of the idea of the invisible hand, which is a fundamental concept in free market capitalism, was answer Adam Smith. question Through _______________, it is possible to quantify the trade-offs to determine whether to accept or reject environmentally-related […]

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