NCO Creed

When was the NCO Creed officially formalized?
November 1986

When SFC earl Brigham and his team began to brainstorm the NCO Creed, what was the first action taken that lead to the format of the creed?
On a blank sheet of white paper they spelled out the letters N-C-O.

What was the idea behind developing the NCO Creed?
To give noncommissioned officers a “yardstick by which to measure themselves”

According to the NCO Creed, NCO’s are members of a time honored corps known as what?
The Backbone of the Army.

According to the NCO Creed what are your two basic responsibilities?
Accomplishment of my mission and the welfare of my soldiers.

In the last paragraph of the NCO Creed, what two values must you not compromise?
My integrity, nor my moral courage

What types of actions will you not use your grade or position for?
I will not use my grade or position to obtain pleasure, profit or personal safety.

In addition to the NCO Creed to guide us, we also have a vision of what we as a NCO Corps should be. What is that Vision
An NCO corps, grounded in heritage, values and tradition, that embodies the warrior ethos; values perpetual learning; and is capable of leading, training and motivating solders.

As an NCO Corps, what 5 things must we always do?
1. Leads by Example
2. Trains from Experience
3. Maintains and Enforces Standards
4. Takes care of Soldiers
5. Adapts to a Changing World

NCO Creed
FM 7-22.7

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