My Story Daylight Essay Example
My Story Daylight Essay Example

My Story Daylight Essay Example

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  • Published: October 1, 2017
  • Type: Diary
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My alarm explodes at 6:30 am in the morning.

I slung my left arm across my face and searched for the snooze button. The sun's beam brightens up my room and my desk glows. I stretched my cramped up arms and legs and was able to open my eyes after a few wet blinks. I got out of my bed and the chilly marble floor tickled my feet which sent ripples from my ankles until my head.

As soon as I open my door, a blast of cool air from the air-conditioning strikes me in the face making me shiver all over. After washing up, I scurried down a long 20 steps downstairs.The strong smell of fresh waffles waiting to be devoured filled the air and surrounded me. The distinctive smell pleased my nose and it allured me into the cushioned seat in front of



Red succulent evenly sliced strawberries bordered the dozen batches of waffles with a thin portion of butter on the centre. I pierced a slice of strawberry then placed it on the soft belly of a piece of waffle. My mind froze for a second as my taste buds tickled with its sweet taste. After stuffing myself, I headed out for my usual morning stroll. It was a chilly winter morning.The smell of the damp earth and wet leaves stuffed my nose.

I tasted the snow which landed on my wet tongue. Some snow trickled down my spine. The palm trees sway gently as they dripped last night's rain on the voyagers under them. The doves, robins, bluejays and mockingbirds soared past the trees circling around the breezy sky.

It was quite foggy and th

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air was thick but I could see it through the vapour in my breath. A colourful hummingbird sat on a red flower which whistled beautifully and played its tune in the wind whilst the cry of babies echoed down the street and sounded as if it were a cat screeching.My neighbor's crystal clear pool reflected the sun's rays until the end of the crescent which I was heading towards. The park filled with delicate, pleasant young children who are ready to enjoy another week-end of fun.

The sound of the tweaked swing moving up and down reminded me of my uncle's jammed records. As I am walking down the vacant road, a woman whose back is only visible and seems to be in her mid twenties, catches my eye as I notice her dazzling grey coat. I don't know why or how but I felt love. Love cannot be stopped when it enters a man's heart.It suddenly made me powerless.

She turned around and her hair frolicked with her, and I moved with it. I finally had a look at her face. It was my mum. I waved my hand in discomfort then painfully strolled along.

From the narrow road I was walking down, I followed a slow march of vehicles which led me to a building. It was a tired old building with its outer surface being peeled away. I couldn't help but notice a strange rusty haired man peeking through the small dusted window of the building which bounded him.I could tell by his dark gloomy eyes how miserable he was. The sacs below his eyes indicated his feelings and my compassion built for him. I

hoped in a couple of long years this would not be me.

I searched for my home which I found overshadowing the hill. I opened the door and the powerful breeze silenced the flames of the lavender scented candles which my mum put out to cover the smell of the onions which she was slicing up. I ran upstairs and went into my room; I opened a book, sat down and studied.

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