MRI in Practice Ch. 10

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What is the name of the effect that causes elevation of the T wave in cardiac gating?
Magneto-hemodynamic effect
What velocity does a paper clip have at 1.5 T?
40 mph
What is the FDA limit for SAR for the head in the USA?
3 W/kg
What effects do gradients have on patients using EPI?
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Mild cutaneous sensations, involuntary muscle contractions, magneto-phosphenes
What is the name of the most up-to-date MRI safety website?
What is the FDA limit for field strength for clinical imaging in adults?
8.0 T
All cardiac pacemakers are contraindicated
True generally (although a MR conditional pacer was recently approved by the FDA).
Long-term biological effects associated with exposure to MRI include:
Formal standards on MRI safety were published in:
have never been written
(d). Although there are no ‘formal’ standards for MRI safety, the ACR White Paper offers guidelines for safe and effective operation of the MR imaging facility.
The accepted terms for defining devices in MRI include all of the following EXCEPT:
*a)MR compatible
b)MR safe
c)MR unsafe
d)MR conditional
The biological effects associated with the time varied magnetic gradient field include all of the following EXCEPT:
a)peripheral nerve stimulation
b)acoustic noise
*c)heating of tissues
All intracranial vascular clips are MR safe T/F
False. Many intracranial vascular clips are considered to be ‘MR conditional’. IMRSER recommend that MR imaging in patients with intracranial clips is unsafe unless the clip is ‘known to be safe’.
The ACR White Paper on MRI Safety recommends that every MRI facility:
*a)establish, implement, and maintain current MR safety policies and procedures
b)follow the procedures of ACR
c)follow the procedures of
d)follow the ISMRM procedures
Siting considerations for MRI facilities include all of the following EXCEPT:
a)structural reinforcement
b)spatial dimensions
c)mechanical and electrical capabilities
*d)radio frequency
Testing for implanted devices includes all of the following EXCEPT:
a)torque and heating
b)functionality of the device
c)device interference with image quality
*d)frequency of use

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