Mktg 453-4

buzz marketing
the alternative marketing program that emphasizes consumers passing along information about a product to other consumers is:
vanessa truly likes guess jeans and tells others about how great they are.
which of the following consumers creates the most ideal form of buzz marketing for guess jeans?
guerrilla marketing
a paintball cat shoot designed to raise funds for the local humane society while attracting attention and customers is an example of:
lifestyle marketing
contacting consumers at places such as farmers markets, bluegrass festivals, city-wide garage sales, flea markets, craft shows, stock car races is:
lifestyle marketing
setting up a booth at a minor league baseball game or at a july 4th street celebration to provide free samples/coupons is:
guerrilla marketing
experiential marketing combines all of the following EXCEPT:
branded entertainment
the integration of the entertainment and advertising by embedding brads into the storyline of a movie, television show or entertainment medium is:
the ads are being show to a captive audience
an advantage to cinema advertising is:
all of the following would be considered alternative media EXCEPT:
in the retail store
the majority of purchase decisions are made:
POP stands for:
customer transactions and follows accounting principles
an operational database contains:
by providing an incentive, such as a free gift or coupon
with a permission marketing program, customer permission is normally obtained:
frequency programs
frequent flier miles in airline travel is:
lifetime value of customers and share of customer
the two primary metrics in customer relationship
direct marketing or direct-response marketing
selling products to customers without the use of other channel members is:
strives to discover a customers needs during the first part of the sales call and then provide solutions to those needs
mission-sharing sales approach is:
in handling objections during a sales call, brandon normally answers the objection directly, an approach called the _____ method.
feel, felt, found
in handling objections during sales calls, jasmine will let the customer talk about his worries or fears and then relate experience to someone else, this method is:
instant redemption
a package of oreos has $1 coupon attached to the package that can easily be removed. this is an example of a _____ coupon.
when a cash register triggers a coupon for a product, it is called a _____ coupon
a coupon on a 2-liter bottle of pepsi, offering $1 off on a bag of potato chips, is a ____ coupon
bonus pack
Adding an extra bar of soap to a three pack and offering it at a special price is a:
CCU has ____ social media channels:

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