MKT 4233 Ch 14

Which of the following statements is true?
Direct marketing is an aspect of total marketing.
Direct marketing:
is a valuable tool in the integrated communications program.
________is a system of marketing by which organizations communicate directly with target customers to generate a response or transaction
Direct marketing
Which of the following is an example of direct-response media?
a. Direct mail b. Telemarketing
c. The Internet *d. All of the above.
One of the reasons for the recent, rapid growth of direct marketing in American society is the:
increased use of consumer credit cards.
Jay receives print ads from Beryl, Inc., a manufacturer of computer printers, marketing its ink cartridges to his as he is a regular buyer of Beryl ink cartridges. Which of the following combinations of promotional media is Beryl using?
Direct marketing and advertising.
The most common direct marketing objective that is typically expected by companies is to:
seek a behavioral response.
Under the two-step approach of direct marketing, the first effort is designed to screen, or qualify potential buyers and the second effort:
generates the response.
Which of the following is true of direct mail?
Keys to the success of direct mail are the mailing list.
Which of the following statements is true of the use of catalogs in the direct-marketing industry?
The emotional appeal of a traditional catalog exceeds that of online catalogs.
Which of the following statements is true of the use of direct mail on the Internet (e-mail) in the direct-marketing industry?
It attempts to reach consumers with specific needs through targeted messages.
Direct marketing in the broadcast industry involves:
direct-response advertising and support advertising.
Which of the following statements best defines an infomercial?
It is a long commercial that is designed to fit into a 30-minute or 1-hour time slot.
Which of the following factors has led to a dramatic increase in home shopping?
The development of toll-free telephone numbers combined with the widespread use of
credit cards.
Due to clutter and relatively high costs, the use of _____by direct marketers does not result in returns as high as those for other forms of direct marketing media.
magazines and newspapers
Problems associated with telemarking include its potential for:
a. fraud. b. deception.
c. annoyance. *d. All of the above.
__________is the personal presentation, demonstration, and sales of products to consumers in their homes.
Direct selling
A form of direct selling is_________________.
a. repetitive person-to-person selling
b. nonrepetitive person-to-person selling
c. party plans
*d. All of the above.
Which of the following measures aids direct marketers in evaluating the relative effectiveness of an ad based on the number of calls generated.
Cost per new prospect (PNP)
An advantage of direct marketing is __________and a disadvantage is___________.
personalization of messages; rising costs

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