MKT 201 CH.11 Integrated Marketing Communications and the Changing Media Landscape

Mobile marketing:
Utilizes cell phones and forms of transportation.
Interaction between the buyer and the seller are very limited in the case of professional selling.
____ is a budgeting method whereby companies make sure their promotion budgets are comparable to the competitors.
Competitive parity method
PR (public relations) is often perceived to be more objective than other forms of promotion.
Humor, fear, and informative are all types of advertising ____ used by organizations when structuring messages.
in business-to-business marketing sales promotions are typically called.
Trade promotions
A toy provided with a meal by food joints is an ideal example of a(n)____.
Personal selling is used more in B2C markets than in B2B markets.
Advertising is a form of free promotion.
Promotions typically do not have to be adapted for different cultures.
Advertisers must try to present consistent messages, and must also try to ensure that consumers interpret the message as they intended.
The number of people exposed to a promotion message is referred to as ____.
____ includes any distractions receivers and senders face during the transmission of a message.
Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter are examples of ____ media.
Short term incentives such as coupons, contests, games, rebates, and mail-in offers are typically examples of:
Sales promotion
Sales promotions are activities that supplement a company’s advertising, public relations, and personal selling efforts.
The internet and social media:
Have changed company promotional strategies.
A unique selling proposition is:
A specific benefit consumers will remember.
When the economy is weak sales promotions are not usually offered by most organizations.
Purchasing a product provides the sender with ____.
A simplistic method of determining the promotion budget is using a percentage of last year’s sales.
Choice of promotional media is independent of environmental factors.
The money organizations spend on different types of communication changes as the media landscape changes.
In terms of readership and advertising dollars, magazines and newspapers have remained unaffected by the internet.
Consumers tend to purchase products and remember information that has some relevance to their personal situation or beliefs.
The percent-of-sales method refers to:
A budgeting technique based on a set percentage of current or projected sales.
Which of the following is true of direct marketing?
It makes it possible to measure the return on investment.
The different types of marketing communications an organization uses comprise its _____.
Promotional mix
Advertising is a form of paid promotion that involves an identified sponsor and reaches many people at one time.
When determining the communication mix, a company must determine which media provides the “biggest bang for the buck” given a product’s characteristics and target market.
Sales promotions include promotions that are part of the other components of the communication mix.
PR is often perceived to be less objective than other forms of promotion.
In B2C marketing, sales promotions are typically called trade promotions.
Delivering consistent information about a brand helps establish the brand in the minds of consumers.
Not only must advertisers try to present consistent messages, they must also try to ensure that consumers interpret the message as they intended.
Traditional media is not in competition with social media because they are each targeting a different market.
A company’s message should vary based on the medium.
As we find new sources of information, the media and message strategies businesses use must remain consistent.
Examples of out-of-home advertising include:
Bathroom stalls
Product placement and sponsorships are forms of:
Public relations
_____ is utilized to get potential customers to act quickly, make larger purchases, and make repeat purchases
A sales promotion
_____typically refer to financial support for events, venues, or experiences and provide the opportunity to target specific .
Products in the introductory stage of the product life cycle tend to utilize more promotional dollars.
Very expensive and very technical products rely heavily on advertising.
The budget affects a promotion’s reach but not its frequency.
Early adopters tend to purchase new products as soon as they come out.
The sender determines how the message is interpreted.
For effective communication to occur, the receiver must interpret the message as the sender intended.
As a part of Ford’s sponsorship package, the company received a commercial between every other commercial break during a televised baseball game. The number of times the commercial was shown refers to its _____.
Senders _____ messages while receivers _____ messages.
Encode; decode
The company’s budget affects a promotion’s reach but not its frequency.
Sarah has created an advertisement promoting her company’s car brand. This is an example of building primary demand.
Companies must be careful when it comes to word translation, actions, and actors when creating an international promotion.
Commercials for perfume or cologne are typical examples of an open-ended message.
The beginning and the end of a message should be strong in comparison to the middle.
The “Got Milk?” campaign is an example of:
Primary demand
_____ refers to demand for a specific brand while ____ refers to demand for a product category.
Selective demand; primary demand
Direct marketing leaves little scope for organizations to target a specific set of customers.
Direct marketing is very intrusive and many consumers may ignore attempts to reach them.
Telemarketing can be very effective for charitable organizations.
In an attempt to promote gymnastic products among teenagers, Metal. Inc ,uses the series Make It or Break It, on CW. In this case Make It or Break It is being used as a(n) _____.
Telemarketing is an example of:
Direct marketing
Offering special incentives to restaurant owners who sell a particular brand of beverages is an example of a(n):
Push Strategy
A(n) _____ involves promoting a product to final consumers.
Pull strategy
The percent-of-sales method takes into account the changes in the market.
The objective and task method involves conducting research to determine the cost of necessary promotional activities.
A free sample is not preferred by consumers.
Trade shows and conventions are examples of trade promotions.
Companies use a push strategy when they target final consumers with promotions.
Samples, coupons, premiums, contests, and rebates are examples of:
Consumer sales promotions.
The objective and task method takes objectives into consideration and the costs of the tasks necessary to accomplish objectives in order to determine the promotion budget.
Anticipated promotion costs are a key factor when using the _____.
Affordable method
_____ is a budgeting method designed to keep a brand in the minds of consumers.
Competitive parity method
Objectives are utilized to determine promotional activities in _____.
objective and task method
A(n) _____ draws a logical conclusion.
Closed end
The _____ process is how a person decides what to pay attention to and how to interpret and remember different things.
can distort marketing messages.
Amy focuses on cultivating relationships in her communication efforts, hoping that the one-on-one interaction will provide revenue for her company. Amy engages in: ****
Personal selling
Direct marketing can be very intrusive and many consumers may ignore or tune ****
A _____ refers to financial support for events, venues, or experiences and provide the opportunity to target specific groups. ****
Traditional Advertising is a form of paid promotion that involves an identified sponsor that reaches many people at one time and can be repeated many times ****`

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