MIS ch 2 quiz

growth in team capability
According to Hackman, which of teh following is a primary criterion for judging team success?
deciding to open a cetralized distribution system
Which of the following is an example of a strategic decision?
able to give negative feedback
Being ____ is one of the most important characteristics of an effective collaborator.
Using a standarized procedure to calculate the incentives of employees is an example of a(n) ____ decission.
design document
Which of the following is an example of project data?
managerial decisions concerns allocation and utilization or resources, whereas strategic decisions concerns organizational issues.
Which of the following is a key difference between strategic decissions and mangerial decisions?
A project manager has to manage tasks and budget and solve problems during the ____ phase of project management.
The decision about team members role and authroities is made during the ___ phase of a project.
utilizing to manage the project
Project metadata is data that is _____.
The directors of a company meet to decide if they should start a new product line or not. This is an example of a(n) _____ decision.
discussion forum
Which of the following tools facilitates asynchronous communication?
the higher levels of deision making are associated with unstructured decision processes
Which of the following observations about the relationship between decision type and decision process is true?
A student team, which is assigned a term project, meets and divides the work into sections and then team members work independently on their individual pieces. An hour before the project is due the team members meet again to assemble their independent pieces into a whole. Which of the following is lacking in this activity?
The use of a conference call is an example of ____ communication.
_____ decisions are the most structured and have very little need for collaboration.
The need for collaboration is greatest for ____ decisions.
determine who will do what and by when
The main purpose of the planning phase in a project is to _____.
version control
_____ is a process that occurs when the collaboration tool limits, and sometimes even directs user activity.
track changes to shared documents
Version-management systems _____.
should we continue to outsource our bookkeeping processes?
Which of the following questions is the best answered through unstructured decision making?
_____ communication occurs within a team when all team members meet at the same time.
part of the collaboration work project
Project data is data that is ____.
being an experienced business person
Identify the least important characteristic for an effective collaborator.
they keep the discussion from getting off track
WHich of teh following is a reason why discussion forums are better that emails in asynchronus communication?
work together to acheive a common goal
Collaboration occurs when a number of people _____.
tracking versions of many documents
Which fo the following information system requirements falls into the content sharing category?
setting the groud rules for the collaboration
THe fundamental purpose of teh starting phase of a project is ____.
team surveys
The term ____ refers to a collaboration tool where team members can easily respond and the management can easily identify the people who have not responded to a request.
With version-control systems, shared documents are placed into sharing directories called _____.
Identify the project management phase in which the task of a project are preformed.
An organization defines the rules that govern a project that it needs to undertalk and the people who should perform the tasks. The project is in the ____ phase of project management.
members of a team who work in defferent time zones
Who is most likely to use asynchronous communication?
An organization uses a formula to compute the reorder quality of an item in inventory. THis is an example of a(n) _____ decision process.
becoming informed
Which of teh following is a primary purpose of collaboration?
How much of product A should be ordered from vendor B?
Which of teh following decisions is least likely to involve collaboration?
ONe of the procedures of a collaboration project is task status reporting. This is performed in the ____ phase of the project.
A company’s top managers meet to decide on a potential merger with one of its competitors. They discuss various aspects of the merger, such as business valuations and conducting due dillgence. This is an example of ____ decision making.
____ is a popular commercial webinar prodcut used in virtual sales presentations.
____ decisions are decisions that support day-to-day activies.
multi-party text chat
Which of the following is a feature of Microsoft Lync?
Project leaders have to take decisions on the allocation and utilization of materials and labor. Such decisions are called ____ decisions.
google tracks document revisions with breif summaries of changes made.
Which of the following statements is true about working with Google Drive?
Bryan needs to learn to recieve feedback
Andrea, the floor supervisor at a call center, calls Bryan, a call attendent, to her office. She reports oberving a few critical omissions in his calls, a finding supported by recent customer surveys. Bryan feels that Andrea is just throwing her weight around. Which of the following is a valid obervation of his scenario?

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