________ are comprised of members from different geographic areas assembled as needed to collaborate on a certain project.
A) Work groups
B) Virtual teams
C) Non-core teams
D) Task forces
E) Command groups
Which of the following is an example of synchronous communication?
A) online reviews
B) work flow automation systems
C) bulletin board systems
D) videoconferencing
E) e-mail
Which of the following is an example of asynchronous communication?
A) e-mail
B) videoconferencing
C) online chat
D) shared whiteboards
E) electronic meeting support systems
Many ________ systems used by organizations combine a variety of tools supporting both synchronous and asynchronous communication and collaboration.
A) groupware
B) firmware
C) spyware
D) malware
E) mashup
The term ________ refers to a class of software that enables people to work together more effectively.
A) groupware
B) firmware
C) spyware
D) malware
E) mashup
Which of the following is a collaboration management tool that is used to facilitate virtual or collocated meetings?
A) Internet forums
B) video conferencing
C) blogs
D) fax
E) intranets
________ is an example of an electronic conferencing tool.
A) MS Outlook
B) Apple FaceTime
C) Wikipedia
D) Google Docs
E) MS SharePoint
________ is an example of a collaboration management tool.
A) MS Outlook
B) MS SharePoint
C) Google Talk
D) Apple FaceTime
E) Wikipedia
________ is an example of an electronic communication tool.
A) Microsoft Outlook
B) Google Docs
C) Apple FaceTime
D) MS SharePoint
E) Google Talk
_______ emulate traditional bulletin boards and allow for threaded discussions between participants.
A) Instant messages
B) Online document systems
C) Blogs
D) Discussion forums
E) Wikis
Which of the following statements is true about a discussion forum?
A) It started out as a novice’s way of expressing themselves using very simple Web pages.
B) It is the process of creating an online text diary made up of chronological entries that comment on everything.
C) It is a widely used synchronous groupware tool.
D) It is dedicated to a specific topic, and users can start new threads.
E) It enables a person to voice his or her thoughts through short “status updates.”
In addition to being used for communication and collaboration, organizational intranets are widely used for enabling employee self-service for administering benefits, managing retirement plans, or other human resources-based applications through employee ________.
A) plans
B) portals
C) tools
D) entities
E) channels
Membership on virtual teams is fluid, with teams forming and disbanding as needed, with team size fluctuating as necessary, and with team members coming and going as they are needed.
Virtual meetings can only be held synchronously by using technologies such as online discussion boards.
Virtual teams are commonly used for tasks such as developing systems and software.
A work flow automation system is an example of a synchronous groupware tool.
E-mail is an example of synchronous communication.
Desktop videoconferencing has been enabled by the growing power of processors powering personal computers and faster Internet connections.
Enterprise search engines such as Microsoft’s Enterprise Search or the Google Search Appliance are designed to retrieve content from various internal data sources, including documents, databases, or applications linked to the company’s intranet.
Which of the following is a basic concept associated with Web 2.0?
A) shift in users’ preference from online sites to encyclopedias as sources of unbiased information
B) shift in users’ role from the passive consumer of content to its creator
C) shift in users’ interest from sharing information to finding information
D) shift in users’ lifestyle due to increased purchasing power
E) shift in users’ preference to environment-oriented products
Dynamic Web applications are often referred to as ________ applications.
A) user
B) Web 2.0
C) service
D) static interaction
E) Web blog
Which of the following is a shifting perspective from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0?
A) Web 1.0 – Read, Web 2.0 – Read, write
B) Web 1.0 – Read, Web 2.0 – Write
C) Web 1.0 – Me, Web 2.0 – You
D) Web 1.0 – Write, Web 2.0 – Read
E) Web 1.0 – You, Web 2.0 – Me
Which of the following statements is true about a mashup?
A) It is a small interactive tool used for a single purpose.
B) It is used to increase brand awareness through the network effect.
C) It is the process of allowing companies to use everyday people as a cheap labor force.
D) It is used to disseminate information to a narrow audience.
E) It is an application or a Web site that uses data from one or more service providers
Which of the following is a consequence of the use of social software?
A) People are using encyclopedias as sources of unbiased information.
B) People are using environmental-friendly products.
C) People have increased purchasing power.
D) People are sharing more personal information online.
E) People have become passive consumers of content
The ________ Web, originally envisioned by Tim Berners-Lee, one of the founders of the Internet, is a set of design principles that will allow computers to be able to better index Web sites, topics, and subjects.
A) semantic
B) affiliate
C) folksonomy
D) collaborative
E) phishing
Which of the following is a reason for the development of the semantic Web?
A) Web pages were designed to be understood by people but not by computers.
B) Users are able to use any device in any network for any service.
C) Users provide a lot of unnecessary personal information on social networking sites.
D) Widgets cannot be integrated into Web pages.
E) Users are skeptical while making purchases online due to the fear of getting cheated.
Some people see ________ as the “contextual Web,” where the immense amounts of content available to users will be filtered by contextual factors such as time, location, social activities, and so on.
A) Web 3.0
B) Web 2.0
C) Web 4.0
D) Web 5.0
E) Web 1.0
The use of ________ within a company’s boundaries or between a company and its customers or stakeholders is referred to as Enterprise 2.0.
A) Web 1.0 techniques
B) extranet
C) social media
D) extranet and Web 1.0 techniques
E) Web 3.0 techniques and extranet
The network effect refers to the notion that the value of a network is dependent on ________.
A) the speed of the network
B) the number of other users
C) the knowledge of the users
D) the commitment of the users
E) the technical expertise of the moderators
In a Web 2.0 application, there is a relatively strict distinction between content creators and content consumers.
Web 1.0 applications allow people to collaborate and share information online.
Web 2.0 applications allow people to collaborate and share information online.
The idea of mashups came from popular music where many songs are produced by mixing two or more existing songs together.
A widget could combine geospatial data, photos, reference information, hotel prices, and weather information to provide a comprehensive overview of travel destinations.
Social media is a classification of Web 2.0 applications
Social software can enhance communication within organizations as well as between an organization and its stakeholders.
When Web pages are designed using semantic principles, computers will be able to read the pages, and search engines will be able to give richer and more accurate answers.
Social sharing and collaboration are two of the core Web 1.0 values.
According to the network effect, if some users of a network lack knowledge, the network has little or no value.
A major benefit of social software is the ability to harness the “wisdom of crowds” that is also referred to as ________.
A) collaborative filtering
B) preference elicitation
C) creative commons
D) consensus democracy
E) collective intelligence
The concept of ________ is based on the notion that distributed groups of people with a divergent range of information and expertise will be able to outperform the capabilities of individual experts.
A) cognitive dissonance
B) creative commons
C) collective intelligence
D) consensus democracy
E) preference elicitation
An electronic ________ is essentially a collection of personal computers networked together with sophisticated software tools to help group members solve problems and make decisions through interactive electronic idea generation, evaluation, and voting.
A) folksonomy
B) fund transfer
C) data interchange
D) meeting system
E) tag cloud
________ is the process of creating an online text diary made up of chronological entries that comment on everything from one’s everyday life to wine and food, or even computer problems.
A) Crowdsourcing
B) Keylogging
C) Pharming
D) Phishing
E) Blogging
Which of the following Web 2.0 applications has been classified by noted technology journalist Nicholas Carr as the “amateurization” of journalism?
A) blogs
B) discussion forums
C) message boards
D) instant messaging
E) chat rooms
People who maintain blogs are called ________.
A) analysts
B) testers
C) developers
D) readers
E) bloggers
Social presence tools are also known as ________ tools.
A) social bookmarking
B) instant chatting
C) microblogging
D) videoconferencing
E) geotagging
Which of the following facilitate(s) real-time written conversations?
A) instant messaging
B) discussion forums
C) status updates
D) blogging
E) tagging
________ take(s) the concept of real-time communication a step further by allowing people to communicate using avatars.
A) Blogging
B) Microblogging
C) Instant messaging
D) Discussion forums
E) Virtual worlds
________ is a cooperative social media application making use of the network effect.
A) Media sharing
B) Rich site summary
C) Media tagging
D) Instant messaging
E) A discussion forum
________ is the distribution of digital media, such as audio or video files, via syndication feeds for on-demand playback on digital media players.
A) Narrowcasting
B) Crowdsourcing
C) Blogging
D) Webcasting
E) Phishing
The term “podcasting” is a misnomer because podcasts ________.
A) are concerned with the dissemination of information to a narrow audience
B) cannot be played on Apple’s iPods
C) are not related to distribution of digital media for digital devices
D) are concerned with outsourcing tasks to a large group of people or community
E) can be played on a variety of devices in addition to Apple’s iPods
Which of the following statements is true about a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed?
A) It is used to increase brand awareness through the network effect.
B) It is used to disseminate information to a narrow audience.
C) It is used to market the product without the audience realizing it.
D) It is used to enable people to work on a variety of Internet related projects in more flexible ways.
E) It is used to access the most current blogs, podcasts, videos, and news stories.
Social bookmarking allows users to share Internet bookmarks and to create categorization systems. These categorization systems are referred to as ________.
A) tag clouds
B) podcasts
C) folksonomies
D) geospatial metadata
E) microblogs
Which of the following statements is true about social bookmarking?
A) It is the distribution of digital media.
B) It allows podcasters to publish and push current shows to the viewers or listeners.
C) It allows people to communicate using avatars.
D) It allows users to create folksonomies.
E) It allows users to post short “status updates.”
________ is the creation of a categorization system by users.
A) Social cataloging
B) Podcasting
C) Social blogging
D) Webcasting
E) Crowdsourcing
________ refers to manually adding metadata to media or other content.
A) Phishing
B) Tagging
C) Crowdsourcing
D) Podcasting
E) Netcasting
________ is data about data.
A) Multi data
B) Data house
C) Metadata
D) Data system
E) Pointer data
________ can be used to visualize user-generated content on a site.
A) Crowdsourcing
B) Tag clouds
C) Phishing
D) Podcasts
E) Pharming
Which of the following statements is a use of geotagging?
A) to use avatars while chatting online
B) to create categorization systems for social cataloging
C) to know the location of a person sending out a breaking news update on Twitter
D) to create folksonomies for social bookmarking
E) to use syndicated feeds while sharing media
Cloud-based collaboration tools ________.
A) allow for easy transferability of documents from one person to another
B) have well-documented procedures for system complexities
C) reduce the risk of exposing sensitive corporate data
D) require users to frequently upgrade their software
E) are complex and time-consuming
The WhatsApp application was created in 2009, and has quickly risen to broad popularity. WhatsApp is a(n) ________ application.
A) blogging
B) social networking
C) instant messaging
D) microblogging
E) e-commerce
________ is an example of an online office suite comprised of a spreadsheet application, a word processor, and a presentation application.
A) Google Mail
B) Google Talk
C) Google Maps
D) Google Calendar
E) Google Docs
Twitter is a(n) ________.
A) microblog
B) retail Web site
C) advertising Web site
D) e-commerce site
E) online store
A(n) ________ system allows users to publish, edit, version track, and retrieve digital content, such as documents, images, audio files, videos, or anything else that can be digitized.
A) social presence
B) collective intelligence
C) application sharing
D) content management
E) peer production
WordPress is a(n) ________.
A) social networking Web site
B) microblog
C) content management system
D) instant messaging application
E) e-commerce Web site
________ is the creation of goods or services by self-organizing communities.
A) Peer production
B) A folksonomy
C) A journal
D) Groupware
E) Crowdsourcing
Which of the following statements is true about peer production?
A) The creator is responsible for publishing new information.
B) Only editors have the right to develop new content.
C) It is also known as an enterprise content system.
D) Anyone can help in producing or improving the final outcome.
E) A guest is a person who can only view the digital information.
Which of the following occurs during wiki wars?
A) Editors do not agree with the creators of the content.
B) Editors agree with the creators of the content.
C) Administrators refuse to publish a creator’s content.
D) Guests edit a creator’s content without permission.
E) Contributors continuously edit or delete each other’s posts.
________ is a phenomenon in which companies use everyday people as a cheap labor force.
A) Nearshoring
B) Phishing
C) Crowdsourcing
D) Narrowcasting
E) Pharming
Amazon.com took crowdsourcing mainstream with its micro-task marketplace called ________.
A) Mechanical Turk
B) Citizen Science
C) Smart Mob
D) Click Workers
E) Crowd Fixing
________ refers to the process of integrating external stakeholders into the innovation process.
A) Nearshoring
B) Open innovation
C) Media sharing
D) Crowdsourcing
E) Social cataloging
________ sites create social online communities where individuals with a broad and diverse set of interests meet and collaborate.
A) Crowdsourcing
B) Social cataloging
C) Social networking
D) Social bookmarking
E) Media sharing
________ attempts to increase the relevance of search results by including content from blogs and microblogging services.
A) Social search
B) OpenSearch
C) Enterprise search
D) Metasearch
E) Netsearch
Which of the following statements is true about viral marketing?
A) It uses the network effect to increase brand awareness.
B) It uses everyday people as a cheap labor force.
C) It is the dissemination of information to a narrow audience.
D) It enables people to work on a variety of Internet related projects in more flexible ways.
E) It is used to market a product without the audience realizing it.
According to Thomas Baekdal, which of the following is a critical factor for the success of a viral marketing campaign?
A) restricting access to viral content
B) doing what the audience expects
C) making sequels
D) restricting easy distribution
E) distributing products for free
The term ________ was coined by Harvard business professor Jeffrey Rayport to describe how good business techniques can be driven by word-of-mouth or person-to-person communication.
A) viral marketing
B) e-business
C) stealth market
D) affiliate business
E) blog marketing
Open source software is an example of the power of collective intelligence.
Hashtags are used to add metadata to messages posted on social media applications, allowing users to search for content related to a certain topic.
Social presence tools are designed for lengthy posts.
Asynchronous discussion forums emulate real-time written conversations.
The size of a word in a tag cloud represents its importance or frequency, so that it is easy to spot the most important or frequent words or tags.
Typically, shared content is hosted on media sharing sites; however, the content can also be embedded into other sites.
Adding text to media is referred to as geotagging.
Cloud-based collaboration tools allow for easy access and easy transferability of documents or other files from one person to another. The tools can run on any computer with a Web browser and Internet connectivity.
google Docs is a Web-based e-mail client allowing users to send large attachments and offering large storage space and superior filing and search capabilities.
Google Talk is an enterprise-level collaboration tool that allows users to create group Web sites and share team information.
Content management systems are also known as digital asset management systems.
A wiki is a Web site allowing people to post, add, edit, comment, and access information.
Advertisers use viral marketing to promote their Web sites, products, or services.
Which of the following conditions is essential for successful Enterprise 2.0 implementation?
A) Enterprise 2.0 should avoid involvement of senior management members of an organization.
B) Enterprise 2.0 should be driven by a specific usage context.
C) Enterprise 2.0 should appeal to future end users of the application and not the organization’s members.
D) Enterprise 2.0 should be independent of the organization’s workforce.
E) Enterprise 2.0 should be independent of the organization’s culture.
Many companies have not been able to realize the full potential of a virtual world environment beyond just providing virtual showcases for their products.

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