Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. Marketing Simulation Essay Example
Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. Marketing Simulation Essay Example

Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. Marketing Simulation Essay Example

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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During the ongoing simulation, I am gaining a better understanding of what it takes to be a successful sales manager. It is crucial for me to consider both the needs of Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. and our clients when making decisions. Our success relies on keeping our customers satisfied and loyal. To achieve this, we must focus on incorporating the key factors that matter most to them.

For the 2015 Q2 simulation game, I have maintained a similar strategy as previous quarters for Minnesota Micromotors, Inc. My decisions are based on overall customer satisfaction with the product and pricing, as well as reviewing past income statements for adjustments in my favor. However, I still face challenges in identifying necessary changes to improve weak areas and finding solutions for unresolved issues.



n 2015 Q2, I made some specific choices to address these challenges. For Sections A and B, I decreased the sales force percentage from 26% to 25%, while increasing it from 24% to 25% for Segments C and D. This adjustment aims to create better balance among all sections.

Additionally, I decided to increase the power-to-size ratio from $47K to $100K and the thermic opposition characteristic from $48K to $100K at an annual cost ranging between $100K - $500K. By doing so over time, it is possible that we may see improvements in both power-to-size ratio and thermic opposition.

I firmly believe that implementing these modifications is essential for improving profitability at Minnesota Micromotors.IncIn the forthcoming periods, it is crucial toand unify the text without altering the and their content.

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