Minnesota Driver’s Manual Study Guide- 2016

To legally drive on Minnesota roads, what must you carry with you?
License or permit

What three tests must you pass before getting your license to drive in Minnesota?
Knowledge, vision, and road tests

If your license has been expired for more than one year, but less than 5 years, what must you do before applying for a new license?
You must pass a knowledge and vision test

If moving to Minnesota from another state, what tests must you pass to get your license?
Knowledge and vision tests

If you move to Minnesota from another state, how many days can you legally drive on your license from that state before applying for a Minnesota license?
60 days

Name two primary I.D. documents.
Birth certificate, passport

Name two secondary I.D. documents.
School transcript, social security card

If you are under 19 years of age, for how long must you have a permit before applying for a license?
6 months

If you are over 19 years of age, for how long must you have a permit before applying for a license?
3 months

What 3 documents must you bring to take a knowledge test?
Primary, secondary, and blue card

Your normal or corrected vision must be at least ____ / ____ in either one or both eyes together.

Your peripheral vision must be at least ____ degrees.
105 degrees

What nighttime and passenger restrictions apply on a provisional driver’s license?
Not during midnight-5AM & 1 passenger

How many hours of driving are required on your permit before you apply for a license? With an instructor ____? With a parent or licensed adult over 21 ____?
6 hours with an instructor, 40-50 hours with a parent or licensed adult over 21 years.

Teenagers convicted under Vanessa’s Law cannot get their permit or provisional license until what age?
18 years of age

What class license will you get and what vehicles can you legally drive on that license?
Class D license; cars, pickups, & small trucks

If you change your name or your Minnesota address, how many days do you have to apply for a duplicate license?
30 days

If you are on active duty with the U.S. Armed Forces, you do not need to renew your license until when?
1 year after discharge

All license endorsements require you pass what type of test?
Knowledge test

How much does your permit cost and provisional license cost?
Permit- $14.25 Provisional- $17.25

How often are you allowed to take a knowledge test?
Once a day

What documents do you bring to take a road test?
Permit, white card, valid insurance, drivers log

Name the 3 ways a 15-year-old is able to receive a license to drive?
Farm, medical, motorized license

What law states that you must never drive faster than reasonable under existing conditions?
Minnesota Basic Speed Law

What are the statutory speed limits in Minnesota for alleys, cities, and rural areas?
Alleys- 10 mph Cities- 30 mph Rural- 55 mph

What do you usually do when approaching a school or work zone?
Slow down if children or workers are present

What must you do when passing an emergency vehicle that is stopped on the shoulder of the road?
Slow down if emergency lights are on

Why is it important to reduce your speed as you approach an intersection?
In case the light turns red

All signals must be given at least how many feet before making an actual move or turn?
100 feet

What are the hand and arm signals and when is it not legal to use them?
⬅️ Left, ⬆️ Right, ⬇️ Stop. Cannot be used at night.

What three things must you do before making a land change?
Signal, check mirror, check blind spot, move

When waiting to make a left turn, what position should your wheels be in?

If the vehicle ahead of you is making a left turn, what do you need to do?
Slow down and prepare to stop

True or False: When making a turn, I must have the clutch pedal pushed down.

When is it legal to make a right turn after stopping for a red light?
Turning off/into a one way

When is it legal to make a left turn after stopping for a red light?
Pedestrians or cars coming

When are U-turns not allowed? (3 answers)
Place with signs, interstate intersections, freeways, & tops of hills

When are you allowed to pass on the right side of a vehicle?
Bypass lane

When preparing to pass another vehicle, the road ahead must be visible and clear for at least how many feet?
500 ft

What is the proper procedure for passing another vehicle?
Signal, mirror, blind spot, move

Is it ever legal to use the shoulder to pass another vehicle?

When backing up, where must you focus your eyes?
Road behind you

When parallel parked by a curb, your wheels need to be within ____ inches of the curb.
12 inches

Where is it illegal to make a U-turn?

Is double parking legal?

When parked alongside a road with no curb, in what direction should your wheels be turned in?
To the right

When parked alongside a road with no curb, in what direction should your wheels be turned?

If parked on level ground or a downgrade with a curb, in what direction should your wheels be turned in?

If parked along a highway at night, what lights should you have on?
One white or amber light

For what distance must your lights be visible if you have parked your vehicle along a highway at night?
500 feet

What color sign do you find handicapped parking spaces?

Of all safety equipment in your vehicle, which is the most effective?

Infants must ride rear-facing until what age and weight?
1 year or 20 lbs

What is the primary safety advantage of seat belts?
Can save your life

If your vehicle has air bags, what hand position would you use on the steering wheel?
8 & 4 o’clock or 9 & 3 o’clock

In a vehicle with air bags, where must children ride?

What is the difference between careless and reckless driving?
Careless is unintentional; reckless is intentional

What is the fine and prison time for fleeing a police officer?
3 years & 1 day, $5,000 fine or both

If you are involved in a traffic crash,what is the first thing you must do?
Stop, pull out of driving lane (if possible)

In what 3 instances must a driver make a written report to the Commission of Public Safety after being involved in a collision?
Injury, death, or property damage $1,000 or more

What two types of insurance must you carry on any vehicle driven or pulled on a public roadway?
No fault & liability

Where must you keep your proof of insurance?
In vehicle at all times

On multiple lane roads, what lane should you drive in?
Right lane

What is the penalty for driving an uninsured vehicle?
$1,000 fine or 90 days in jail

Do not pass within how many feet of an intersection, underpass, tunnel,or railroad crossing?
100 feet

Do not park within how many feet of a crosswalk?
20 feet

Do not park within how many feet of a traffic control signal or stop sign?
30 feet

Do not park within how many feet of a railroad crossing?
50 feet

Do not park within how many feet of a fire hydrant?
10 feet

What is the primary safety advantage of airbags?
Keep you from hitting the dashboard

Which is safer, hand-over-hand turning or shuffle turning?
Shuffle turn

When a sidewalk is located before a stop sign, where do you stop?
Stop before the crosswalk

Name four places you stop, even if there is no stop sign?
Before entering an alley, private drive-way, parking lots

What is the rule for a flashing red light?
Treat it like a stop sign

If a police officer or flag person is directing traffic do you obey them or the traffic signal?
Stop 20 feet away from the officer or flag person

What do the flashing yellow lights on a school bus mean?
100 feet before the bus stops

What is the minimum penalty for failing to stop for a bus when the red lights are flashing?

When a school bus has flashing red lights you must stop before coming within how many feet of the bus?
20 feet

When would you not have to stop for flashing red bus lights?
When it is on the opposite side of a separate roadway

What is the proper procedure when facing a yield sign?
Slow down and prepare to stop

When two vehicles approaching an uncontrolled intersection at the same time which one should go first?
The driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right

What two groups of pedestrians have the right away?
A blind person or anyone on the crosswalk

When making a left turn at an intersection what vehicles must you yield the right away to?
Any emergency vehicle

At a T-shaped intersection which driver should go first if there’s no traffic control?
Whoever isn’t turning

For how long must you stop when a pedestrian is crossing the street ahead of you and is in the crosswalk?
Until they pass the lane

Who has the right-of-way, you or the transit bus?
Transit bus

Whenever emergency vehicle approaches you must do what?
Pull to the right side of the road

When waiting to make a left turn and not moving what should you do if an emergency vehicle approaches?
Stay there

When making a left turn and moving what should you do if an emergency vehicle approaches?
Go through turn and then stop

Is it legal to pass another vehicle that has stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the street?

Is it legal to use the bike lane to pass vehicles that are making left turns?

For what to purposes can you, the driver, use the bike lanes?
Entering / leaving roads or preparing to turn

When passing the bicycle, how many feet must you leave between the side of your vehicle and the bike?
3 feet

When following a bicycle in the road is too narrow to pass, what should you not do?
Do not pass

Is it legal to drive a moped on the freeway?

How much of the traffic lane is a motorcycle entitled to?
Same as or more than the following car distance; the whole lane

What is the most common cause of car/motorcycle accidents?
Drivers don’t stop, don’t see them

Where do most car/motorcycle accidents occur?
Urban intersections/in town

We’re meeting in oncoming semi truck, which portion of the lane should you use?
Keep to the far side, move to the right

If you are following a large truck, you should always stay out of there _______ _______.
Blind spots

If a truck or bus is stopped for a railroad crossing, what is the only time you may legally pass them?
When not at a railroad crossing/separate lanes

Must you always stop at railroad crossings?

If you are crossing the railroad tracks on a two wheeled vehicle, at what angle should you approach the crossing?

What are two advantages of roundabouts compared to a normal four-way stop?
Safer, constantly moving

When using roundabouts, when do you turn your signal on?
You do not use signals in roundabouts

When following a car, you should be how many seconds behind it in good weather?
3 seconds

How many seconds of following distance should there be in bad weather?
4-5 seconds

What identifies an unmarked crosswalk? There are two answers.
Any intersection, sidewalks on both sides

A fully-loaded tractor trailer may require how many feet to come to a complete stop?
400 feet

When driving next to a semi, how do you know your vehicle is in a safe position?
Maintain a safe distance so drivers can see you and you see the driver

How many feet are in then ozone behind a semi?
Up to 200 feet

When stopping for a train, your vehicle must be at least how many feet from the nearest tailor gate?
10 feet

When would it be legal to pass a bus that is stopped at a railroad track with its yellow lights flashing?
If there is 2 or more lanes

What color signs will you find in a highway work zone?

If you get a ticket for speeding in a work zone, what happens to your fine?

What is the only round sign?

What shape is a school zone sign?

What is a yellow traffic light for?
Prepare to stop

What do you do when facing a flashing yellow light?
Treat it like a yield sign

What color highway markings separate traffic moving in the same direction?

What color highway markings separate traffic moving in opposite directions

Regulatory signs are what color?
Red and white

Warning signs are what color?
Yellow, yellow-green, orange

Informational signs are what color?
Green, blue, brown

What type of signs directs drivers to follow certain traffic laws?
Regulatory signs

What does a driver do when facing a yield sign?
Slow down or stop

What vehicles may drive in a restricted lane symbolized by a diamond?
Two or more passengers, a bus, commercial or motorcycles

How many silhouettes are on a school zone sign?
2 people

How many silhouettes are on a pedestrian crossing sign?
1 person

A slow-moving vehicle emblem must be displayed on all vehicles that travel at what speed?
30 mph or less

What does a driver do when approaching a steady, non-flashing yellow light?
Prepare to safely stop

What color are the lines that separate lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction?

What does a double solid white line indicate?
Lane changes are prohibited

What color are the lines that separate traffic moving in opposite directions?

Center turn lanes are marked by what types of lines and arrows?
Parallel solid and dashed yellow lines

Carpool lanes are usually located and what lane of the freeway?
Far left side of the road

In good weather conditions what is considered a safe following distance?
3 seconds

In cooler weather conditions what is considered safe following distance?
4-5 seconds

What is a good way to reduce eye fatigue at night?
Look at the “fog line”

You must do in your headlights when coming within how many feet of an oncoming vehicle?
1000 feet

When following another vehicle, you must in your headlights when you are within how many feet of this vehicle?
200 feet or less

At what times must you have your headlights on?
Sunset until sunrise/rain, snow, hail, sleet, or fog

In rain, snow, sleet, or fog, do you use your headlights on highbeam or low beam?
Low beam

What does over driving your headlights mean?
You should be able to stop within the distance of your headlights

What is the best way to reduce glare from oncoming headlights at night?
Use the white line at the edge of the road

What is the biggest advantage of freeway driving?
Permits long-distance driving

When entering the freeway, at the end of the entry ramp you will find a special ____ lane that allows you to increase speed to match that of the traffic already on the freeway.
Acceleration lane

If driving slower than other traffic on the freeway, you must stay in which lane?
The lane nearest to the right side of the road

I do cloverleaf interchange, all turns are made in which direction?
All right turns

True or false: running out of gas on the freeway is not considered an emergency and you may get a ticket for it.

In an emergency when you must stop along the shoulder of the freeway, what safety measures should you take?
Open trunk and raise hood, use flares or reflectors, and stay in your vehicle

When leaving the freeway, which lane should you use to slow down before entering the off ramp?
Deceleration lane

What are some of the things you need to consider when carrying a load in your vehicle?
It can’t stick out more than 3 feet in front and 4 feet rear; not beyond fenders

What are some things you need to consider when pulling a trailer?
Travel at a slower speed. Some trailers turn at a faster rate than cars

What must you do before driving in winter?
Remove snow and ice from hood, windows, and lights before driving

What color lights will always be flashing on snow removal equipment operated by the government?
Flashing white, yellow, and blue lights

What vehicles are allowed to drive in an HOV lane?
Motorcycles, buses, and vehicles carrying two or more people

If you are snowbound, what can you do to survive?
Stay in your vehicle, keep pipe clear of snow, run engine till warm

When tired or sleepy, you should stop how often to rest?
Stop as much as needed

If your vehicle starts to skid, what should you never do?
Don’t over correct or slam on the brakes

When pulling out of the skid, take your foot off the gas and turn the wheel in which direction
The direction you would like to go

What causes hydroplaning?
Water collects under the tires and lifts them off the road (water/speed)

Is it legal to coast downhill with your transmission in neutral?
No it is illegal

What should you do if your brakes fail?
Try pumping the pedal to build pressure or slowly apply the emergency brake

What must you do to reenter traffic if you’re real stuff off onto the shoulder of the road?
Stay on shoulder until slowed, then speed up again

Is it legal to speed up when a vehicle is trying to pass you?

If your vehicle breaks down on the shoulder of the road, what should you do?
Stay in the vehicle, put on hazard lights and turn wheels to the right

Where do most crashes occur?
Urban intersections

All recreational trailers must have what two things?
Clearly visible plate with current registration and safety chain

You must be at least how old to drive a recreational vehicle combination?
18 years old

In heavy rain, standard cars may begin to hydroplane at what speed?
35 mph

If a vehicle is traveling toward you in your lane of the freeway, what should you do?
Move to the right, do not use left lane

If your vehicle stalls on a railroad or on a lane of the freeway, what should you do?
Keep a safe distance away, walk towards the train

What are the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Sudden fatigue, yawning, ringing in ears, dizziness, headache, and nausea

When a license is suspended, what must you do to reinstate it?
Pay a fee

List three reasons for which your license could be suspended?
Repeatedly violate laws, possess a fake ID, falsely identify to the police

List three reasons for which your license could be revoked?
Refuse to take a test, convicted of driving under influence, convicted felony

When a license is revoked, what must you do to reinstate it?
Meet requirements and pass exams

Your license will be revoked if you get how many violations in a single year?
3 violations

Driving ability becomes impaired after how many drinks?
One drink

At what blood alcohol level are you considered legally intoxicated?

What part of the body is first affected by alcohol?
Central Nervous System

What is considered a standard mixed drink?
1.0 oz alcohol

What is the Implied Consent Law?
You are entitled to submit a blood, breath, or urine test

Alcohol use is involved in what percentage of deaths on Minnesota roads each year?

List the seven effects of alcohol?
Loss of judgement, vision, reaction time,steering, perception, coordination, balance, and attention

100-proof whiskey contains what percentage of alcohol?

Name 8 factors that determine a person’s blood alcohol content?
Age, gender, body weight, mood, food intake, metabolism, and genetics

Most people have to drink how many drinks per hour to register a blood alcohol content?
1 or more

What is the only way to get the alcohol out of your body?

What are three myths that will get the alcohol out of your body?
Drinking coffee, exercising, taking cold showers

You could get a DWI driving what types of vehicles?
Any motorized vehicle

On a first offense DWI, you lose your license for how many days?
90 days

On a first offense DWI, you could could get up to how many days in jail and how much of a fine?
90 days in jail and $1,000 fine

On a second offense DWI, you could lose your license for how many days?
1 year

On a second offense DWI, you could get up to how many days in jail and how much of a fine?
1 year in jail and $3,000 fine

After how many DWI offenses will you vehicle be forfeited?
3rd offense

You will be charged with a felony DWI if you are arrested how many times in a 10-year period?
4 times for a DWI

If you are caught driving while underage with any alcohol in your system, your license will be suspended for how many days?
30 days

A second conviction for underage drinking and driving will result in a suspension of how many days?
180 days

What is the DWI legal limit for a commercial driver’s license?

How long do you lose your license if you are convicted of DWI on a commercial driver’s license?
One year

Where in the vehicle do you have to store an open bottle of alcohol?
Trunk or cargo area

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