Midsummer’s Night’s Dream Act 3

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Act 3 Scene 1
Act 3 Scene 1
Why is Bottom worried about the ladies in the audience?
Because they’ll get hanged if the ladies get scared when h egets fake killed.
What solution does Bottom come up with?
What problem worries Snout?
That ladies get scared when he roars
What solution does Bottom come up with?
To do prologue and soft roar.
Why does Bottom propose looking at an almanac?
To check the weather on Theseus’ wedding day
Why does Quince decide to have Starveling carry a Thornbrush?
So the audience knows that he is the moon because the moon of the moon carries sticks.
How does Bottom propose that Snout make the part of the wall more realistic?
carry bricks and mortar
How does Puck play tricks on the actors in the woods?
Turns Bottom’s head into ass
How does Bottom’s friends react when he realizes that he has the head of an ass?
They run away because they are scared.
How does Titania react when she sees Bottom?
She thinks he’s beautiful and has a wonderful voice
What orders does she give her four fairies?
To take care of Bottom
How is Quince’s problem with the lighting of his play similar to Shakespeare’s problem with the lighting
They had to do the plays in the day so people could see them= hard to have moonlight
Act 3 Scene 2
Act 3 Scene 2
How does Oberon learn Titania is in love with Bottom and what are his feelings on it?
Puck tells him and he is happy she fell in love with an ass
How does Oberon realize Puck has made a mistake and bewitched the wrong Athenian youth?
Demetrius and Helena are fighting instead of Demetrius being in love. Then he sees Lysander in love with Helena instead of Hermia.
What does Hermia think happened to Lysander?
That Demetrius killed him
Why does Hermia think Demetrius killed Lysander?
Because she can’t find Lysander and Demetrius hates Lysander= could kill him.
On whom does Oberon press his magic nectar now?
How does Helena react when Demetrius say he loves her?
She thinks he’s mocking her and is sad about it.
Why do Helena and Hermia argue?
1) Helena thinks all three are making fun of her by joking and mocking her
2) Hermia thinks Helena has stolen Lysander from him.
Who challenges who to a duel?
Lysander challenges Demetrius to fight for Helena.
What does Oberon order Puck to do to set things right on Earth?
To lead Demetrius and Lysander away from each other by pretending to be the other. Then, once they are asleep to pour something into Lysander’s eye’s which will lead to him to love Hermia again. Finally, thins makes all our human leads think it was all a Midsummer Night’s dream.
How does Oberon plan to set things right in the fairy world?
He plans to undo the potion on Titania after she gives him the Indian boy.

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