Microsoft Word Chapter 2

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serif font
includes small lines that visually connect letters, making it easier to read print text
sans serif font
much more blocky and distinct, with no small lines, or serifs, to connect letters
material displayed online
because the serifs tend to blur or appear slightly cluttered, a serif font is not a good choice for
printed material
a serif font is best for
large headings, titles or online material
sans serif font is a goof choice for
a feature that modifies text to include special effects, such as color, shadow, gradient, and 3-d appearance
sizing handle
a series of faint dots on the outside border of a selected object; enables the user to adjust the height and width of the object
bulleted list
a list of points that is not sequential
document theme
a unified set of design elements, including font style, color, and special effects, that is applied to an entire document
a type face or complete set of characters
a named collections of formatting characteristics that can be applied to characters or paragraphs
first line indent
marks the location to indent only the first line in the paragraph
alignment guide
the horizontal or vertical green bar that appears as you move an object, assisting with lining up an object
style set
a combination of title, heading, and paragraph styles that can be used to format all of those elements at one time
a format that separates document text into side by side vertical blocks, often used in newsletters
a line that surrounds a paragraph or page
paragraph spacing
the amount of space before or after a paragraph, measured in points
line spacing
the vertical space between the lines in a paragraph
section break
an indicator that divides a document into parts, enabling different formatting in each section
a marker that specifies the position for aligning text, sometimes including a leader
a setting associated with the way a paragraph is distanced from one or more margins
a theme
applies an overall design to a document, with no requirement that any text is selected
a style
applies formatting characteristics too selected text or to a current paragraph
a multilevel list
to identify a series of sequential steps to several levels, you could use a
hanging indent
what kind of indent is often used in preparing a bibliography for a research paper
to divide a document into side by side vertical blocks so that the text flows down one side and then continues at the top of the other side you can us an
character formats are applied, but no paragraph formats
if you select text and apply a linked style, what happens
its streamlines the process of applying heading styles to selected text
which statement is false regarding the outline view
layout options
the feature that simplifies text wrapping around an object is
left alignment
is the most common alignment, often seen in letters, reports, and memos
right alignment
a setting in which text is aligned at the right margin with a ragged left edge
justified alignment
spreads text evenly between left and right margins
first line indent
in which the first line of each paragraph is set off from the left margin
numbered list
use a ______ if the list is a sequence of steps
a character style
formats one or more selected characters within a paragraph, often applying font formats found in the font group on the home tab
a paragraph style
changes the entire paragraph in which the insertion point is located, or changes multiple selected paragraphs
outline view
displays a document in various levels of detail, according to heading styles applied in a document
word art
is a feature that modifies text to include special effects, including colors, shadows, gradients, and 3d effects
in line with text
the image is part of the line of text in which it is inserted, typically text wraps above and below the object
text wraps on all sides of objects, following an invisible square
text follows the shape of the object, but does not overlap the object

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