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Have you ever been the first lady of the white house? Michelle Obama. I wanted to know more about her. Michelle Obama was born in Chicago. Her fathers name is Fraser Robinson. Her moms name is Marian shields. Her dad was a janitor, and got diagnosed with a serous illness; she learned a lesson witch was she could achieve the wishes she had made in her whole life if she just tried. She went to Chicago University to get where she is today. The first lady. She got married on October 3, 1992 they have 2 kids, Sasha and Mia.

She grew a staff of 23-person team that carries out of a threefold mission based on health care. She got an award for young poets, Art youth program and National Design awards. For being the first lady. She changed the world by being the first lady president. She inspired her fans. She improved the world by making a big speech. “You can’t make decisions based on fear and possibility of what might happen we just weren’t raised that way. ” She did not die yet. Her name was Michelle Robinson before she got married.

Michelle Obama was born in Chicago on January17,1964. Michelle Obama has an older brother. Michelle Obama’s hobby’s are gardening, reading, cooking and being a wife. She went to Princeton University and Havary law school for college. In September 2010 she was in five magazines to fight childhood obesity. Her father worked the swing shift in the boiler room in Chicago. Michelle Obama and her brother both skipped second grade. If you want to know her better read about her or go online.

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