MGMT Chapter 8

Job Characteristics Model
the way elements of a job are structured LED to increases or decreases in employee effort
Skill Variety, Task Identity, Task Significance, Autonomy, Feedback
Jobs are described in these five core dimensions
Job Rotation
the periodic shifting of an employee from one task to another
Job Enrichment
increasing the degree to which the worker controls the planning, execution and evaluation of the work
some discretion over when worker starts and leaves
Job Sharing
two or more individuals split a traditional job
Work remotely at least two days per week
Interdependence, Social support, interactions with people outside the workplace
Social characteristics that improve job performance
Employee Involvement
a participative process that uses employee input to increase their commitment to the organization’s success
Participative Management
subordinates share a significant degree of decision-making power with superiors
Representative Participation
workers are represented by a small group of employees who participate in decisions affecting the personnel
Internal Equity
Worth of the job to the organization
External Equity
The external competitiveness of an organization’s pay relative to competitor’s pay
Piece-Rate Pay
-Workers are paid a fixed sum for each unit of production completed
-Usually found in the manufacturing function
Merit-Based Pay Increases
Pay is based on individual performance appraisal rating. Higher performers get bigger raises/slugs stagnate
Skill-Based PAy
Pay is based on skills acquired instead of job title or rank
Profit-Sharing Plans
-Organization-Wide programs that distribute compensation based on an established formula designed around profitability
-Stock options
-Compensation based on sharing of gains from improved productivity
-One period to the next
-Ties rewarded to productivity gains not profit gains
Employee Stock Ownership Plans
-Plans in which employees acquire stock, often at below-market prices
-Potential to increase job satisfaction, and motivation
-Skill variety
-Task Identity
-Task Significance
In the job characteristics model, which three core job dimensions combine to create meaningful work?
subordinates share a significant degree of decision making power with their immediate superiors
Participative management is a method of management where ___________.
Employees are rewarded for recent performance of a company
What is an advantage of bonuses over a merit-based pay?
According to research findings, which of the following is more likely to be motivating for the employees in the long run?

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