Medical Terminology Module 21 Exam

severe pain
narcotic analgesics are used to treat

generic name
digoxin is the drugs:

insulin is a kind of:

the study of drug effects in the body is called:

food and drug administration
FDA is the abbreviation for:

anaphylactic reaction
Patient given penicillin develops a life-threatening allergic reaction (hypersensitivity) to the drug. The medical file records this reaction as an:

patient prescribed beta-blocker to help control his:

tissue-type plasminogen activator
the abbreviation for tPA stands for:

an (blank) is a drug that relieves pain

epigastric discompfort
an antacid may be taken for:

angiotensin-converting enzyme
ACE is the abbreviation for:

side effects
after 3 days of treatment with digoxin patient complains of nausea and blurred vision. Both are known occasional and undesirable responses to the drug. such responses are called:

the combining form aer/o means:

MAOI is a kind of

benzodiazepine is a kind of:

the combining form cutane/o means:

an (blank) is an unexpected drug effect in a particularly sensitive person

patient is dependent on the narcotic dilaudid to the degree that cessation causes severe physiologic and emotional reactions; he has an (blank) to dilaudid

tranquilizers are used to treat:

feeling or sensation
the combining form esthes/o means

heparin is an:

slowing the heart rate and helping the heart pump forcefully
digoxin primarily acts by:

a contraindication
a patients anaphylactic reaction to penicillin means future use of the drug is dangerous and ill-advised. the severe allergic reaction that prevents future use of the drug is called:

the abbreviation IV means:

a patient has a grand mal seizure. the physician prescribes dilantin, an (blank)convulsant, to prevent further seizures

chemo drug A gives 15% tumor kill and chemo drug B give 20%; using the two together gives 35% tumor kill. the combination action is:

tetracyclines are (blank) antibiotics that inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi, and parasites

molecular pharmacology
the study of subcellular drug interactions is called:

TB is tested by injection of purified protein derivative of the tubercle bacilli into the upper layer of the skin, or by the (blank) route

amphetamines are a kind of:

the abbreviation for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor is:

an (blank) is a substance given to neutralize unwanted effects of drugs

the combination of two drugs causing an effect greater than the sum of each drug alone is called:

lasix is prescribed to lower blood pressure. since it reduces blood volume by stimulating the kidneys to remove water and salt (excreted in the urine) it is categorized as a:

(blank) is the calculation of drug concentrations (or disposition) in tissues and blood over a period of time

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