Measurements, Atoms, Bonding, and Naming

What are three things that all measurements have?
Magnitude, Uncertainty, Units
Math is based on…
Exact numbers in measurements are obtained by:
Counting, Definition
What does “SI” stand for?
Le Sesteme Internationl d’Unites
What is the base unit based on?
The number 10
Name three units.
Any of the following : meter, gram, liter, second, kelvin, mole, Celsius, mole.
What is the “SI” system?
The international system of units that the world uses to share information.
What are dervied units ?
Units built from base SI units
Name the seven prefixes.
Kilo, hecto, deka, base, deci, centi, milli
What is the FLM?
A quantity described by a number and a unit
What is quantitive data?
The amount of something
What is qualitative data?
Descriptive data that explains how something is
When converting a unit to a greater unit, which way does the decimal point move?
Ex: deci –> Kilo ; to the left.
Convert 56mm to cm.
Which measurement has the greatest quantity ? a)o.o49L b)49mL c)49000mL d)all are equal
Isotopes are atoms of the same element that have different : a)principal chemical properies b)masses c)# of protons d)# of electons
Chlorine has atomic number 17 and mass number 35. It has : a)17P, 17E, 18N b)35P, 35E, 17N c)18P, 18E, 17N
Carbon 14 (atomic number 6) has a) 6 neutrons, b)8 neutrons, c)10 neutrons, d)14 neutrons
What is the region outside the nucleus where an electron can be found ?
electron cloud
All atoms of the same element have the same : a)atomic mass b)number of neutrons c)mass number d)atomic number
How many orbitals are in the f sublevel ? a)5 b)7 c)9 d)18
Rutherford concluded that a)atoms are mostly empty space b)atoms contain no charged particles c)electrons formed the nucleus d)atoms were indivisible.
What is the mass number?
The number of protons minus the number of neutrons
What are the three parts of an atom?
Neutrons, electrons and protons.
What is the charge of an electron?
What is radioactivity?
Breakdown of elements
What is half-life ?
Time it takes for 1/2 of an element to decompose
Write the electron configuration for silver
1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 or [Kr]5s^2 4d^9
What is an atom ?
The smallest part of something
What is the nucleus made of?
Protons and Neutrons.
Multiple covalent bonds may occur in atoms that contain carbon, nitrogen or… a)chlorine b)hydrogen c)oxygen d) helium
To draw a Lewis Structure, one must know the…
Number of valence electrons
In a covalent bond, _____ are shared.
If two covalently bonded atoms are identical, the bond is: a) nonpolar covalent b)polar covalent
The electron configuration of nitrogen is 1s2 2s2 2p3. How many more electrons does nitrogen need to satisfy the octet rule?
Atoms are ____ when they are combined.
a)more stable b)less stable
What element has the highest electronegativity?
Where can you find the number of valence electrons on a periodic table? a)period b)group c)family
How many bonds can nitrogen form?
How many bonds can carbon form
How many bonds can sulfur form?
How many bonds can hydrogen form?
How many valence electrons are in alkaline-earth metals ?
Bonds that are more than 50% ionic are considered a)polar covalent b)nonpolar covalent c)ionic
In drawing a Lewis structure, each nonmetal atom except hydrogen should be surrounded by
a)2 electrons b)8 electrons c)4 electrons
How many elements do Ternary Ionic Compounds contain?
At least three elements
When are Roman numerals used?
When transitional metals are involved
Whare are three exceptions for using Roman Numerals?
Ag (silver), Zn (zinc) , Al (auminum)
How do you know when a formula is an acid?
Hydrogen is the first element listed
When naming elements, when do you use prefixes?
In covalent (nonmetal+nonmetal) bonds
What is the prefix for 7 ?
What does (ag) stand for?
Which contains oxygen?
a)hydrochloric acid b)carbonic acid
Is K2O ionic or covalent?
Name SF4
Sulfur Tetrafluoride
What is the formula for ammonium carbonate?
Name the Ionic compound CO3N2
nitrogen carbonate
What is the formula for nitric acid?
Name K2S
potassium sulfide
What is Fe+2 + CO3-2 ?
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