Marketing Test 3 Chapter 18

a paid form of marketing comm
the difference between advertising and publicity is that advertising is
identify the target audience
first step in beginning an advertising campaign is
consumers whom its research designates as its target market
for an advertiser the target audience is
persuade consumers to take action
slogans like don’t text and drive and buy flood insurance are examples of ads designed to
getting consumers attention
in simple words advertising is really about
many people think of marketing and averting as synonymous
because advertising is the most visible form of marketing
get our attention
to get us to remember their ad and the product or brand in the ad, advertisers must first
how well he can identify his target audience
greg’s ad campaign for his tour company success depends on
set explicit and measurable objectives for the campaign
after identifying a target market, jorge will
inform, persuade or remind customers
generally speaking, all advertising messages are designed to
will later be used to measure the success or failure of the campaign
the advertising plan is crucial to a campaign because
pull strategy- to get the product into stories by having consumers demand it
when advertising to consumers the object is
pull the product into retail stores through consumer demand
when beverage companies develop a new product they heavily advertising in order to
a free all-expense paid trip to vegas for dealers that sell at least 24 units this year. this strategy is
offering free point of purchase displays for ordering their product. this is what strategy
create and build brand awareness
informative advertising is used to
now available, rabbits. is an example of what strategy
when a product has gained a certain level of brand awareness, firms use what type of advertising to motivate consumers to take action
buy now, pay later
which of the following is the best example of persuasive message
pg has repositioned tide within the laundry detergent many times over to motivated the consumer to use the product. the product is in a later product life cycle and this is an example of
is most intense
persuasive advertising is often used when competition
prompt repurchase of a product
reminder advertising is primarily used to
the bud wiser commercials with the horses wishing a good holiday season is an example of what type of message
institutional advertising
the california raisins ad band of dancing raisins, huge popular and resulted in merch
ad that focuses on public welfare issues
broadcasters to devote a specific amount of free time to them
because PSA are a special class FCC requires
smokey the bear, you can prevent wildfires
specific and measurable
regardless of the objective, the objectives must be
b2b marketing is usually involves more personal selling
generally less money is spent on advertising in b2b markets
the budgeting method used
which of the following is not a major consideration in determining an advertising budget
tout the products key benefits as perceived by target market
what is a starting point for an ad message
solving problems for consumers
when developing an ad message the message should focus on
trying to explain how his cell company is different from others offered. trying to establish
meaningful to the consumer
walmarts low prices USP is effective because
appeals help consumers make purchase decisions by offering facts and strong arguments about relevant issues explaining key benefits of the products and services
emotional appeal
message designed to focus on consumer fear of robbery this is
create a bond between the consumer and the brand
the key to a successful emotional advertising appeal is to use the emotion to
personal desires
an emotional appeal aims to satisfy
utilitarian needs
informational appeal speaks to consumers
which of the following is least common emotional appeal
the characteristics of the media selected to carry the message
the content of an advertising message is closely tied to
media mix
combination of media used and frequency of advertising in each medium
media mix
the magazine, internet and direct main advertising is microsoft’s
most expensive media buy
in addition to spanish language media, which of following mediums are experience growth
usa today
example of a mass media advertising channel
change and personalized messages for different audiences
advantages of niche media is that it often allows marketers to
particularly good advertising medium for groceries and fast food
the total GRP
advertising can determine how effective their media mix has been by calculating
advertising in which medium relies on mix of visual and auditory tech
advertising schedule uses heavy advertising during some periods followed periods of no advertising
schedule uses a base level of advertising during some periods followed by periods of increased advertising
for products purchased throughout the year, advertisers use which schedule
creation of the advertisement
once the message, type of ad and appeal are decided the advertiser focuses on
dictate the type of medium used to deliver the message
the execution style for the ad will
consistent and compelling message
when using different media, advertisers need to deliver
should not overshadow the message
the creative aspect of advertising design
match the medium and the objectives
the execution style of an advertising message must
be short and use simple words
writing copy one should
photo credits
which isn’t part a key part of an advertisement
the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is assessed during the campaign
to ensure that various elements of the campaign will work in an integrated fashion and do what they are intended
the daily and weekly sales volume
monitoring the ad campaign jami will keep track of
monitoring sales volumes on a daily basis will be part of his
to determine whether objectives have been met, the marketer will
additional sales that can be attributed to an advertising campaign are known as
protect consumers from deceptive practices
advertising regulation involves a complex mix of laws designed to
fda, fcc, ftc
three major regulating advertising agencies
primary enforcement agency for mass media advertising
better business bureau on children’s advertising review unit guidelines
a guide for ethically advertising to children
EU advertising laws are more restrictive than those in the US
US global marketers have found that
you have tried the rest, now try the best
best example of puffery
supports promotional efforts by generating free media attention
unlike advertising public relations
public relations
identifying events where celebs would wear the fashions was part of an activity related to
is the internet helping or hurting PR
cause-related marketing
commercial activity in which businesses and charities form partnerships to market for their mutual benefit
coupons and rebates
not a PR tool but a sales promotion tool
sales promotions
special incentives or excitement building programs that encourage consumers to purchase a particular product, often used in conjunction with advertising or personal selling programs
does not require entrant to complete a task other than buying a ticket or filling out a form
buy one, get one free is what type of sales promotion
offering an item at free or at bargain price to reward sampling, buying or testing behavior
rebates increase sales, but few customers actually apply for the rebate
firms are willing to offer generous rebates because
near the check-out counter
special in store displays for magazines and chewing gum are most effective located
when two or more firms join forces to reach a target audience in a short term effort
sales promotion, advertising
traditionally marketers have seen the role of ____ as generating short term results and ____ as long term results
the two products appeal to the same target market
cross promotion is most successful when

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