Marketing Test 2 Ch 8-15

To assess products through the eyes of the consumer, managers should:
-think about what kind of benefits while I get
– how will my life improve
– what will satisfy my needs
Which of the following is a benefit of branding form the perspective of the manufacturer?
all of these
Branding is good for some consumers because it:
all of the above
Beth Sahadi usually buys Sassoon shampoo because she likes its smell. But this morning her local drugstore was out of Sassoon, so she decided to buy another brand that was on sale.
Brand preference
Darrell Aversive read a review about a new computer program that appealed to him very much. He decided to try to find the program. However, the new program was in short supply– although other brands with similar features were available. Darrell had to try seven shops before he finally found the program.
Brand Insistence
Which of the following would be most likely to use individual brands rather than a family brand for its products?
Manufacturer of canned pet food & Sandwich spread
Good packaging:
-protects the product
-enhances use of product
-conveys info
– can reduce distribution cost
Lisa Campos was interested in buying a coffee pot to use at college and a cassette player for her sister’s birthday present. At the local discount store, she compared prices on coffee pots and chose the cheapest. She read the product information on each cassette player and finally chose one with stereo headphones and a rechargeable battery.
A homogeneous shopping product but the cassette player was a heterogeneous shopping product
Bonafide Electric produces electric motors that power refrigerators, air condition units, washing machines, and many other electric appliances produced by various manufacturers. Bonafide Electric is selling:
component parts
Consumer product classes are based on ________, while business product classes are based on _______.
How consumers shop for the product, how the product is to be used.
Industry profits decline during the market maturity stage due to:
split of customer market between multiple producers
Which of the following gives the correct order of the steps in the new-product development process?
Idea generation, screening, idea evaluation, development, commercialization
An ROI or financial estimate is needed during the ______ step of the new-product development process.
All steps BUT idea generation
Which of the following is NOT within the power of the Consumer Product Safety Commission?
Safety of the product
can sent people to jail
In which stage of the product life cycle is WIRE LOCKER?
Sales Decline
In which stage of the product life cycle is WIRE WINDOW
Market MAturity
In which stage of the product life cycle is OIL WIRE?
Market Introduction
In which stage of the Product Life cycle is WIRE FOLD FENCE
Market Maturity
For which product does WPI need to build primary demand?
OIL Wire
In which step of the new-product development process is OIL WIRE
A channel of distribution:
any series of firms or individuals who participate in the flow of products from producer to final user or consumer
A publisher of photography books finds that it is const-effective to print 10,000 or more at a time. but a bookstore orders only a few copies of each book since its customers want to select from a wide variety. This shows…
Why both discrepancies of quantity & assortment occur
Every morning, sycamore Dairy picks up milk which farmers have “milked” that morning. The dairy processes the milk and separates the cream from the milk. Some of the cream is made into butter and package in variouss sizes. The milk and remaining cream are blended into various products, sealed in pint, quart, and half-gallon containers, and delivered to supermarkets in the quantities and assortments they want.
All of these regrouping activities are being provided by sycamore dairy: assorting, accumulating, sorting, bulk-braking
A good reason for developing or joining a vertical marketing system…
is that the whole channel focuses on the same target market at the end of the channel & seems to be more effective
If a universal computer monitor breaks while is it still under warranty, someone needs to get it to the repair center. In this case, Universal will need:
reverse channels
Which of the following describes WTB;s channel arrangements?
Intensive distribution
Which of the following appears to best describe ATB’s channel arrangements?
selective distribution
National Tennis Ball’s channel arrangement:
relies on exclusive distribution
In a firm that fully implements the physical distribution concept:
The firm seeks to minimize the cost of distribution for a given customer service level
Physical distribution decisions interact with which other marketing mix decisions?
All of the above (price promotion & product decisions)
Which physical distribution system is best suited for Ralston Supply
Air freight
Which physical distribution system should Harter choose for Ricotta Tool Co?
The main difference between retailing and wholesaling is that:
Retailers: sell to individuals/ the public
Wholesalers: sells pallet items to the retailer
Which of the following is NOT relevant regarding why some consumers prefer one retailer over another?
All of the above can be relevant (convenience, social image, assortment carried, service)
Some differences between online and in-store customers include:
All of the above
(instore: insptect & use, get better service
Online: younger, better educated, better access to comparative info)
A producer has a few territories where many big customers are concentrated but most of its target customers are spread all over the country
the company should use its own sales branches in the concentrated territories & agents, probable manufacturers agents, in others– assuming the concentrated territories
which of these businesses is a franchise?
Games unlimited
Which of these businesses uses scrambled merchandising as a big part of its strategy?
Which of these businesses best fits the definition of a service merchant wholesaler?
Johnson’s Health & Beauty supply
Promotion includes:
All of the above:
Personal selling
mass selling
sales penetration
Promotion is concerned with:
-making sure customers know we have the right product at the right time and the right place
– communicate info to direct buyers to …
– how we will communicate
which of the following is not one of the basic promotion objectives discussed in the text
to manipulate
American Tourister. Inc. — a producer of luggage is planning to introduce a new product line. The marketing manager is having her sales force call on retailers to explain American Tourister’s consumer advertising plans, the unique features of the new luggage, how the distributors can best promote it, and what sales volume and profit margins they can reasonably expect. This is an example of:
a pushing policy
A producer of disposable diapers is planning to introduce a new brand of diapers that is specially designed for large babies who are hard to fit with regular diapers…
pulling by customers
The EARLY MAJORITY have a lot of contact with:
the mass media, sales people, & early adopter opinion leader
During the market growth stage of the product life cycle, a producer would focus promotional efforts on creating ______ demand for its own brand
a firm with a product in the market maturity stage of the product life cycle is likely to focus on which basic promotion objective?
A document archiving company develops its promotional budget based on detailed plans from the tasks to be accomplished by its marketing campaign. The company is most likely to be using which of the follow?
task method budget
If Yummy relies on a sales contest to stimulate sales of CHERRY WALRUS, this would be an example of
sales promotion
for a new product like PlanteSavers, which of the following would you expect to be a primary objective of the promotion that is planned?
Informing consumers
Which of the following illustrates customer-initiated interactive communication?
A customer goes to Yummy’s Website to see if Yummy has an ice cream shop nearby
Marketing managers should make specific strategy decisions about:
all of the above:
selection, training, sales compensation
Ali Muhammed has been working for a producer of video games that sell through toy wholesalers to retailers. He knows all about games sold by his company and by competitors. He goes into his wholesalers’ territories and tries to get local retailer customers interested in the company’s line
he is a sales missionary
Planning for mass selling involves strategy decisions about:
All of the above
– what is to be said to the target customers
– how target customers are to be reached
-who is the target audience
-what kind of ads will be used
Which of the following is the worst example of an advertising objective?
we want our advertising to create favorable word of mouth promotion for our product
which of the following types of advertising would most likely be used by an oil company that wished to improve its reputation after an oil spill?
institutional advertising
When personal computers were in the market introduction stage of their product life cycle, advertising had to help consumers understand why they needed to own a computer and what a computer could do. Now that personal computers are mature products and have wide acceptance among business and home users, the advertising is focused more on trying to get consumers to purchase a particular brand of computer. So, Personal computer advt used to be ______ advertising in market intro, but is now ____ advt in market maturity.
pioneering, and competitive
In its ads, general mills highlights the advantages of its milk n cereal breakfast bars over kellogg’s breakfast bars. This is:
comparative advertising
This advertising type may be useful when the product has achieved brand preference or insistence, perhaps in the market maturity or sales decline stages.
Reminder advertising
In making her decision about media, Jurgenson has to:
all of the above:
-Decide which target market should be reached
-know the costs of alternative media
-decide on promotion objectives
-decide what must b said

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