Marketing Research Quiz 1-4 questions

In which country did Proctor and Gamble conduct extensive research to find new uses for its Ambi Pur product?
Which of the following companies discovered through marketing research that the demographics of its customers didn’t match what most managers thought was true?
Rib Crib
The Nielsen Company conducts research in two major areas. One of these is “what customers watch” and the other is…
“What consumers buy”
What are the reasons business students should study marketing research?
1) Every manager needs to understand what marketing research can and cannot do
2)Some students eventually become marketing researchers
3)Everyone needs to be a smarter consumer of marketing research
Job opportunities in marketing research are projected to _________ over the coming years?
For example, some managers may not be critical enough of the research process and assume that research results are always valid. This kind of manager might be referred to as
The information lover
In the marketing research process, the collection of primary data comes before a search for existing data
Which method of ethical reasoning does NOT consider the consequences of actions or the costs and benefits to society?
The rights approach
Which of the following is NOT generally regarded as a “right” of research respondents under the rights approach to ethical reasoning?
The right to reasonable payment
To get a certain result, you carefully worded the survey questions so that respondents were more likely to support your position. This is ______ research
Exploratory research is uses in the process of problem definition
Which of the following outcomes should we NOT expect from exploratory research?
Final answers for the managers decision problem
What kind of statement is this “Using a new promotional campaign will increase awareness of our brand by 25%”
Compared with other types of research, exploratory research is much more flexible.
Which of the following is NOT a type of exploratory research?
Experimental research
Which of the following characteristics separates data mining from other types of exploratory research?
Data mining is quantitative form of exploratory research, while the other types are usually qualitative in nature
Ethnography is a form of case analysis that involved observing individuals during their ordinary lives.
Most focus groups take at least two hours to complete
A good focus group moderator is….
Personable, well organized, excellent short term auditory memory, smart
After defining the problem, the next step is to
look inside the organization for existing data
Which of the following is an example of the use of secondary data?
using transaction data to determine the times of the business day during which most purchases occur
__________ refers to information collected specifically for the investigation at hand
Primary data
A company has a database that includes internal transaction data and customer relationship data, plus competitive market info. When needed, employees can quickly access and manipulate the data within it. What type of data system is this?
A decision support system
Which of the following is NOT a component of a decision support system?
Systems management
One of the key limitations of the systems approach is data availability: the analysis is limited to the data that are in the database.
Which of the following companies used big data to target female customers who were expecting babies?
Which of the following is NOT one of the “Three V’s” of Big data?
What are the “Three V’s” of Big Data?
There are several different types or sources of unstructured data. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
Transactional data
______________ is designed to aid both explanatory and forecasting abilities for the betterment of the firm.
Predictive analysis
Which of the following companies offers a standardized marketing information service that measures advertising exposure and effectiveness?
Nielsen and Prizm
Standardized marketing information can be used to obtain info about a companies product sales.
James has designed a survey that will go online to customers to assess the degree of satisfaction with the company latest product. Which type of research is James conducting?
Descriptive research
Which of the following is NOT an example of causal research?
Mark has designed a survey to measure respondents opinions and preferences for five different hotel brands.
Exploratory research can be effectively employed at two different stages in the marketing research process
It is possible to prove that one version of an advertising campaign causes a change in sales for the product being advertised.
In an experiment, the researchers manipulates one or more _________ variables and measures the degree to which some other variable changes as a result
Field experiments generally have higher levels of _________ compared to laboratory experiments.
External Validity
___________ generally produce the most accurate results.
Standard Test markets
Definition of Marketing Research
The process of gathering and interpreting data for use in developing, implanting, and monitoring the firms marketing plans
Who does marketing research?
Producers of products and services, advertising agencies, marketing research companies
What are marketing ethics?
the principles, values, and standards of conduct followed by marketers.
3 ways of ethical reasoning
Utility: do the benefits outweigh the consequence?
Rights: Are human rights respected?
Justice: Are the benefits and costs distributed fairly?
Exploratory Research
Research conducted to gain ideas and insights to better define the problem or opportunity confronting a manager
Types of exploratory research
Literature search, depth interview, focus groups, data mining, case analyses, projective methods
Strategy oriented research
A decision problem that typically seeks to answer how questions about a problem or opportunity
Discover oriented research
A problem that typically seeks to answer what or why questions about a problem or opporunity
Problem Definition
the marketing research process used to correctly define the problem
Key steps in Problem Formulation
Meet with client
Clarify problem or app
State managers decision problem
develop full range of possible research problems
select research problems
prepare Research request agreement
What is Secondary data?
Data that have already been collected, often for some other purpose or by some other organization
What is primary data?
Information collected specifically for the investigation at hand
Marketing Information Stystems
A set of procedures and methods for the regular, planned collection, analysis, and presentation of information for use in making marketing decisions
Decision Support System
A system that combines data, models for guiding decision, and a user interface that allows users to interact with the system to produce customized info
Big Data
The process of capturing, merging, and analyzing large and varied data sets for the purpose of understanding current business practicesand seeking new opportunities to enhance future performance
Sources of problems
Unplanned change-what has happened and why? what can we do about it?
Planned change- what can happen and why? how should we implement the change?
a statement that describes how two or more variables are related
Develope hypothesis
Better formulate the managers decision problem
Increase the researchers familiarity with the problem
Clarify concepts
Case Analyses
intensive study of selected examples of the phenomenon of interest
Descriptive Research
Research in which the major emphasis is on describing characteristics of a group to the extent to which variables are related
Causal Research
type of research in which the major emphasis is on determining the cause and effect relationships

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