Marketing Midterm Chapter 3

At what point does a brand stop developing personas?

A. When the company has identified 8-10 personas

B. When the cost of finding information about a new subset of a persona is greater than the benefit of marketing to that subset.

C. When it feels like it has enough

D. It should not stop, for it should always look to further refine its marketing efforts.

E. Once it has exhausted the Social Technographics Ladder

Why are messaging objectives important?

A. They ensure a company knows where to find their personas.

B. They help provide the persona with the information they need to make a purchase or other conversion.

C. They help determine the optimal target audience.

D. They ensure specificity within personas.

E. They allow for the adjustment of messaging goals.

Which is a false statement?

A. Wahoo shifted to social media because it was unsuccessful with traditional media.

B. Wahoo’s objective was to make its food part of the lifestyle of its target audience.

C. Wahoo succeeded in social media because its personas were considered authentic and its target audiences identified with it

D. Wahoo created content for its target audience, but it also used content created by its target audience.

E. Social media was an efficient way for Wahoo to communicate to its target audience.

Colgate Palmolive

A. Illustrates that social media only works with a younger target audience.

B. Is an example of how a company used persona development to successfully determine what its potential consumers are doing on social media.
C. Confirms that online video appeals to a wide audience.

D. Is an example of a brand applying the Social Technographics Profile Tool to its social media strategy.

E. Confirms the need for social media savvy creative agencies.

Developing personas is an ongoing process that often requires that messages and content be adjusted as customer feedback is provided.

True or False

The Social Technographics Ladder identifies personas based on both what they are doing on social media sites along with where they are doing it.

True or False

Which group on the Social Technographics Ladder is identified as those that subscribe to RSS feeds?

A. Collectors

B. Critics

C. Creators

D. Spectators

E. Joiners

A persona can be defined as

A. It is another way of describing a target audience.

B. The demographics and psychographics of a target audience.

C. A detailed profile of a particular subset of people within the broad target audience.

D. The personality and behavior of a target audience.

E. Behavioral patterns of a specific subset of a target audience.

Which statement is true?

A. Personas are not required to identify the optimal target audience.

B. The secondary optimal target audience is that segment that is has only one of the three attributes described in the text.

C. There is less competition for the optimal target audience than for other personas.

D. The optimal target audience represents a very small segment of the overall target audience.

E. It is easier to identify the optimal target audience on traditional marketing channels.

A skilled social media marketer can adapt messages to created specific messages to reach secondary (and even tertiary) optimal target audiences.

True or False

Why is the Social Technographics Ladder useful?

A. It helps identify what social sites are most useful for a company.

B. It provides a set of persona profiles for a company to reference.

C. It allows a company to identify why people are using social media.

D. It replaces other more time consuming persona development processes.

E. It confirms that social media is used primarily by Generation Y.

The Persona Development Cycle does not include:

A. Listing the needs of all personas

B. Identifying all personas by role

C. Determining the situational triggers of the persona

D. Mass messaging

E. Developing purpose oriented goals for communication with each persona

Targeting a wider section of a target audience means a company can reach more people.

True or False

A target audience will be less likely to relate to a brand if the brand does not speak in the language and tone of the audience.

True or False

Which rung on the Social Technographics Ladder represents the largest segment?

A. Inactives

B. Spectators

C. Joiners

D. Critics

E. Collectors

Why is it considered important to focus on the buyer persona?

A. They spend the most time on social media

B. They react differently to messaging objectives than other persona profiles

C. They are the ones who make the purchasing decisions

D. They reflect the ideal demographic profile

E. They spend the least time on social media.

What is a common issue with social media marketing plans?

A. Incorrectly identifying the target audience.

B. Developing strategies before identifying the target audience.

C. Defining the target audience too broadly.

D. Not understanding marketing goals and objectives.

E. Relying too heavily on Facebook as a social media strategy.

When developing personas it is important to identify constraints right away, as those are a sign to avoid a particular persona.

True or False

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