Marketing Exam 2 Market Challenger

Market Challenger
A firm that is just a notch below the market leader and is a leadership contender in its own rights, when comes up with strategies to uproot the dominance of the leader
5 Market Challenger Strategies
Frontal Attack
Flanking Attack
Encirclement Attack
Bypass Attack
Guerilla Attack
Frontal Attack
the attacker matches its opponent’s product, advertising, pricing, and distribution.

Pepsi v/s Coke, P&G v/s HUL, Hero motor corp. v/s Bajaj, Maruti V/s Hyundai

Flanking Attack
Identifying shifts that are causing gaps to develop, then rushing to fill the gaps. Make strategies in such a way that focuses on the weak part of the opponents. Attackers find that weaknesses and attack on the same to acquire more market.

Titan v/s Timex, Apple v/s Micromax, Hp v/s Dell

Encirclement Attack
Launching a new product in the market that is very similar to the opponents to capture the wide area of market. Or doing a grand offensive of opponents in many fronts via blitz

Examples: Fashion Industry.

Bypass Attack
Attackers attack where opponents are not looking and by finding a new market segment

Colgate V/s P&G, Honda V/c Hero motor corp

Guerilla atack
consist of small, intermittent attacks, conventional and unconventional, including selective price cuts, intense promotional blitzes, and occasional legal action, to harass the opponent and eventually secure permanent footholds.

Example: Cloth Industry, Food Industry

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