Marketing 190 chapters 1-7

Which of the following is true of firms at the international marketing stage of marketing involvement?
Planning generally entails production of goods outside the home market.
Understanding one’s own culture requires additional study as:
much of the cultural influence on market behavior is at the subconscious level.
Which of the following is the most effective way to achieve organizational global awareness?
Having a culturally diverse senior executive staff or board of directors.
Which of the following is an essential requirement for companies to succeed in international markets?
Committing themselves completely to foreign markets.
_____ is a controllable element in both domestic and international marketing environments.
Price of products
The primary obstacles to success in international marketing are a person’s _____ and an associated ethnocentrism.
self-reference criterion
Which of the following best describes the stage of development where the company’s products reach a foreign market without any conscious effort on the part of the marketer?
No direct foreign marketing
Maria Peron’s company treats the world, including the home market in Spain, as one market. Market segmentation decisions no longer focus on national borders. Instead, market segments are defined by income levels, usage patterns, and other factors that span countries and regions. Which of the following stages best characterizes the stage of international marketing involvement for Ms. Peron’s company?
global marketing
In which of the following stages of international marketing involvement, companies primarily focus all their operations and production to service domestic market needs, even though they have a permanent productive capacity devoted to the production of goods to be marketed in foreign markets?
Regular foreign marketing
The most effective way to control the influence of ethnocentrism and the SRC is to:
recognize their effects on our behavior.
Which of the following views is consistent with normative U.S. cultural concepts?
Independent enterprise is an instrument for social action.
As businesses grow and professional management develops, there is a shift toward:
decentralized management decision making.
Which of the following ethical principles tries to optimize the “common good” or benefits of all constituencies?
Utilitarian ethics
Research has shown that commitment of workers to their companies tended to be higher in countries:
higher in individualism and lower in power distance.
Which of the following would most likely be characterized as being an imperative business custom in many cultures?
Establishing friendships.
Which of the following is true of adaptation in international marketing?
Willingness to adapt is a crucial attitude in international marketing.
When compared to people operating on P-time, people operating on M-time:
tend to concentrate on one thing at a time.
Which of the following is true of the findings of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index?
Higher levels of bribery have been found in low-income nations.
Western cultures like most North Americans, Swiss, Germans, and Scandinavians tend to concentrate on one thing at a time and are typified by _____ time.
_____ are the business customs and expectations that must be met and conformed to or avoided if relationships are to be successful.
cultural imperatives
Which of the following is the major reason behind the failure of America MNCs to completely dominate the European markets as predicted by Sercan-Schriber?
The resurgence of competition worldwids
When the US refuses to sell goods to Iran because for the perception that the country harbors radicals and terrorists, the refusal is most accurately to as a(n):
By the year 1971, the US was witnessing:
a huge trade deficit
The exchange permit can stipulate
the number of times one party can avail of exchange permits.
____is a new nontariff barrier that was designed to prevent foreign producers from using predatory pricing.
Antidumping law
Post WWII, it was noticed that here was worldwide economic growth and countries once classified as less developed were reclassified as ___
Newly industrialized countries
Which of the following is a criticism associated with the global financial institutions?
They failed to foresee and counter the unintended of globalization like pollution, exploitation, and cultural exploitation
Which of the following is a defining characteristic of VERs?
The exporting country sets the limits on the quantity it will export.
As an outcome of the Uruguay Round of intergovernmental tariff negotiations on the GATT platform, the first multilateral, legally enforceable agreement covering trade and investment in the services sector was formulated, termed the _____.
General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
The _____ account of the balance-of-payments statement is most likely to record all exports and imports of gold, increases or decreases in foreign exchange, and increases or decreases in liabilities to foreign central banks.
The idea of Manifest Destiny was used to justify the US annexation of____
___ is the study of earth’s surfaces, climate, continents, countries, peoples, industries, and resources.
_____ development is a joint approach among those who seek economic growth with “wise resource management, equitable distribution of benefits and reduction of negative effects on people and the environment from the process of economic growth.”
Which of the following events caused the Chinese to cede Hong Kong to the British?
The first opium war
Which of the following U.S. foreign policies was applied in 1905 when the Dominican Republic was forced to accept the appointment of an American economic adviser?
The Roosevelt Corollary
Which of the following countries has an inefficient oil usage pattern chiefly due to outdated technology?
Which of the following is true of the industrialized world’s population?
It is in decline and rapidly aging.
Which of the following policies was used in the formation of provisional government in Cuba in 1906?
The Roosevelt Corollary
In 1425, the Hanseatic city of _____ became the first Atlantic seaport to be a major trading center.
In 1531, the _____ stock exchange was the first exchange to move into its own building, signifying its importance in financing commercial enterprises throughout Europe.
In North Korea, foreign investors or producers are required to sell products at prices stated by the North Korean government rather than letting market value and demand, determine the prices. This implies that there is severe application of _____.
Price controls
Which of the following represents a new and powerful tool of PSAs?
The Internet and cell phone combination
“Slammer,” “Melissa,” and “Goner worm” are all examples of:
viruses damaging the Internet
Which of the following is a political cause of instability in international markets?
Trade disputes
If there is a substantial amount of capital leaving a country, which of the following is the country likely to implement to control the situation?
Exchange controls
Why do terrorism experts predict multinational businesses will be targeted by terrorists more frequently?
They are less well defended
Which of the following is true of a sovereign state?
It enjoys full legal equality with other states.
Which of the following strategies to minimize political vulnerability and risk has the advantage of engaging the power of several investors and banks in the host country whenever any kind of government takeover or harassment is threatened?
expanding the investment base
Which of the following is true of domestication?
nowadays, countries often require companies to become domesticated as a condition for investment.
Which of the following agencies is dedicated to helping US businesses compete in a global market?
The international trade administration (ITA)
What was the goal of the April 2009 agreement arrived at by the G20 nations, which required them to cede some sovereignty?
Reject protectionism
Which of the following strategies to minimize political vulnerability and risk has the advantage of engaging the power of several investors and banks in the host country whenever any kind of government takeover or harassment is threatened?
Expanding the investment base
Stopping or refusing to trade with another nation for political reasons is called:
Which of the following is the principle US agency that supports US business abroad?
Department of Commerce
The US required that 50 percent of all parts used in an automobile constructed in the US must contain parts that we manufactured in the US. When Toyota Motor Company built automobile manufacturing parts in Tennessee and Ohio, it faced economic risks associated with____.
Local-content laws
Which of the following countries is the only country to preclude women from voting and appears to be still completely in the dark ages with regard to suffrage?
Saudi Arabia
With respect to political risk that can be faced by a company seeking to invest abroad, which of the following is most severe?
The ideal political climate for a multinational firm is:
a country with a stable and friendly government
The most effective solutions to a situation where a foreign government is demanding local participation in a multinational corporation’s business activities in the host country is:
planned domestication
Meteora Inc. is planning to enter the African market through its mobile phone manufacturing operations in Kenya. Which of the following could favor a positive relation with the host country?
Meteora Inc. using their manufacturing unit as an export base.
Which of the following is the most important reason to encourage foreign investment?
Accelerated the development of an economy
Which of the following is a strategy that multinational corporations use to minimize political vulnerability and risk?
Which of the following is the main reason for corporations being the forerunners of innovations in society?
The access they have to ideas from around the world
Numerous studies indicate a direct link between the literacy rate of a country and its:
capability for rapid economic growth
The first step in bringing about planned change in a society is to:
Determine which cultural factors conflict with an innovation
Mervin is excited about his new home in the Philippines. Though native to LA, he has been given the opportunity to learn about a new culture, form new friendships, and capitalize on opportunities that were available in his previous home or workplace. He will go through what is known as ___as he adjusts to living in the Philippines.
Cultures with high___ scores tend to have a high level of anxiety and stress and concern with security and rule following.
Uncertainty Avoidance Index
The strategy of ___ deliberately sets out to change those aspects of culture offering resistance to predetermined marketing goals.
planned change
New cola alternatives (Mecca Cola) sprang up after the military conflicts in the Middle East in 2001. This is an example of
specific events in history can influence consumer behavior
Which of the following is the most important factor in determining what kind and how much of an innovation will be accepted by a culture?
The degree of interest in the particular subject
Modern medicine has thrived in the US together with the use of herbal remedies from South America. This is an example of:
cultural borrowing
Which of the following is true with respect to Professor Jared Diamond’s ideas regarding the influence of geography on history and cultural values?
Historically, innovations spread faster east to west then north to south.
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