MAH Chapter 9

Why did the prohibition movement appeal to so many women?
Women wouldn’t get beat by their husbands. Most guys were all ways drunk.
What contribution did muckrakers make to the reform movement?
Showed the people how bad things were.
Contrast the goals of scientific management with other progressive reforms
To make things better
How did government change during the Progressive Era?
elected not by party bosses
Why did reformers seek to end Child labor?
Children couldn’t be free and live plus it killing children
Summarize the impact of the direct election of senators
Senators selected by the people not by “party bosses”
Progressive movement
aimed to restore economic opportunities and correct injustices in American life
Florence Kelley
improved the lives of women and children
banning of alcoholic beverages (WCTU)
journalists who wrote about the corrupt side of business and public life
scientific management
studies to see just how quickly each task could be performed
Robert M. La Follette
” fighting Bob” led the way in regulating big business. served 3 terms as governor, target railroad industry
bill originated by people rather than lawmakers on the ballot
vote on the initiative
enable voters to remove public officials from elected positions by forcing them to face another election before the end of their term voters asked for it
Seventeenth Amendment
direct election of senators
What kinds of job opportunities prompted more women to complete high school?
Got better jobs
What social and economic effects did higher education have one women?
kept independents and applied skills to reform
Why did suffragist leaders employ a three-parts strategy for gaining the right to vote?
Go after 3 different ways then they might gain it
National Association of colored Women merging two earlier organizations, moral education of race with which we are identified
right to vote
Susan B. Anthony
leader of proponent of woman suffrage
National American Woman Suffrage Association, faced the liquor industry feared that women would vote, men simply feared the changing role
What actions and characteristics of Teddy Roosevelt contributed to his reputation as the first modern president?
youngest president ever at 42 years old, leadership, he says he will help he people, but won’t help if its bad things.
What was significant about the way the 1902 coal strike was settled?
10% pay hike, nine-hour work days
What similarities did the Meat Inspection Act and Pure Food and Drug Act share?
have to label the meat, without the acts meat in harmful
Summarize Roosevelt’s approach to environmental problems
Roosevelt try to solve them only and he made it fair for everyone
Upton Sinclair
research for a novel in 1904, human conditions in the stockyard of Chicago. wrote “The Jungle”
The Jungle
wrote about Sinclair (1906) labor of men and women for profits
Theodore Roosevelt
nauseated by Sinclair’s account. President invited the author to visit him
Square Deal
see to it that the common people received
Meat Inspection Act
dictated strict cleanliness requirements for meat packer and created the program of federal meat inspection (1990’s)
Pure Food and Drug Act
halted the sale of contaminated food and medicines and called for truth in labeling
them meant that some wilderness areas would be preserved while others would be developed for the common good
National Association for the Advancement of colored people
How did Taft’s appointee Richard Ballinger anger conservationists?
Ballinger, who disapproved of conservationist controls on western lands, removed 1 million acres of forest and mining lands from the reserved list and returned it to the public domain
What were the differences between Taft’s and Roosevelt’s campaign platforms?
Taft- lowering tariffs, staple of the progressive agenda, Republican
Roosevelt- 42 years old, people get want they want
What might be one of Wilson’s first issues as president?
Women are fighting about the right to vote
Gifford Pinchot
head of the U.S Forest Service under President Roosevelt, took a middle ground
William Howard Taft
run against William Jennings Bryan, by the Democrats for the third time
Payne-Aldrich Tariff
compromise that only moderated the high rates of the Aldrich Bill, believed Taft had abandoned progressiveness (the best Tariff bill the Republican party ever passed)
Bull Moose Party
after Roosevelt’s boast that he was “as strong as a bull moose” The party platform for the direct election of senators, and adoption in all stated
Woodrow Wilson
In the 1912 presidential election, they put forward as their candidate a reform governor of New Jersey. Gave Women the right to vote
What was the impact of the 2 antitrust measures?
Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914, Sherman Antitrust Act of 1990
Why were tariff reform and the Federal Reserve System important?
They both had to do with money and banks
Why do you think women won the right to vote in 1920, after earlier efforts had failed?
They never gave up. They went back to jail several times. They were not going to let this go
What actions of Wilson disappointed civil rights advocates?
established a precedent as delivering the Sate of the Union message in person, block tariff reductions
Carrie Chapman Catt
NAWSA’s president, saw victor on the horizon
Clayton Antitrust Act
1914, specified that labor unions and farm organizations, sticks, picketing, boycotts all became legal
Federal Trade Commission
1914, “watchdog”, power to investigate possible violations of regulatory statutes, to require periodic reports from corporations, and to put an end to number of unfair business practices
Federal Reserve System
1923, roughly 70% of the nation’s banking resources were part, system still serves as the basis of the nation’s banking system
Nineteenth Amendment
1919, women the right to vote

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