MA 180 Chapter 13

an adjective describes a verb

a declarative sentence asks a question

mail is classified according to type, weight, and destination

one of the most common types of written communication in the medical office is the telephone

email is classified as only casual communication

annotating incoming letters for physicians can help them
draw attention to the most important part of the letter

not an appropriate responsibility of the medical assistant regarding office copiers and printers
memorize the service contracts

appropriate letterhead size for most business correspondence
8 1/2 X 11 inches

general and medical spelling and dictionaries are
essential tools for every medical office

serious negative result of misspelling a word on a patients chart and in correspondence
a negative impression of the physician

the best style to use when composing letters in the medical office is
that is preferred by the physician

principal of a well organized portfolio
save time

letter style combines efficiency with an attractive page layout

letter style most appropriate to use when writing a fast business letter to someone

how would you write the date in the inclusion in the heading of a letter
May 1, 2007

correct way to write the first line of an inside address in a letter to a pediatrician
John Kidwell, MD

what is the purpose of noting “c: Alice Adams, MD” at the bottom of a letter
to advise the receiver that duplicate letter has been sent to Dr. Adams

number of characters allowed for a state code is

special postal services that you would use for heavy, expensive piece of medical equipment being returned to manufacture for a refund

what procedure should the medical assistant perform when opening mail
for any enclosures mentioned in letters

marking in paper, difference in thickness, projecting design mold is called a

words that replace nouns so that they do not have to be repeated

which is not a basic sentence structure pattern

measurement around a body or item

group of words containing a subject and predicate

this type of mail would not be included
physicians monthly statement

usual business envelope size
No. 10

how any characters are allowed for a city name on an envelope

the best way and for proof of mailing what may the medical assistant ask the post office
certificate of mailing

setting even with the edge of a typed page or column or having no indentation is

the substance number represents the
number based on the weight of a ream of

which of the following letters should the physician sign personally
referral and consultation report

the medical facility can save mailing costs by
all – using correct ZIP code, presorting and using correct postage

the bottom margin of a letter should be ____
1 inch

normally a business letter is _______ spaced

reference initials identify the _____ of a letter

all documents that leave the medical office should reflex a professional

good____ is essential to writing effective, professional business letters

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