Love Theme in Pride and Prejudice Essay Example
Love Theme in Pride and Prejudice Essay Example

Love Theme in Pride and Prejudice Essay Example

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  • Published: September 28, 2017
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Love is the suppressing subject in Pride and Prejudice. The love narrative between Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy gives rise to the subject that love can suppress over pride. bias. and even societal hierarchies. Jane Austen uses the novel in order to suggest that true love is cherished and can suppress all things. Initially. Austen develops the subject by holding love conquer Mr. Darcy’s pride. Mr. Darcy is at first cold and uninterested in the hapless. socially inferior Ms. Bennet. He says. “She is tolerable. but non fine-looking plenty to allure me” ( Austen 31 ) . He scorns the ball at Meryton. and says it’s a waste of his clip ( Austen 32 ) . Mr. Darcy’s fondnesss though Begin to alter after Elizabeth comes to Netherfield Park in order to take attention of her sister


. Jane.

The storyteller states at this clip. “He truly believed. that were it non for the lower status of her connexions. he should be in some danger” ( Austen 159 ) . Mr. Darcy. surprisingly though. extends an offer of matrimony to Elizabeth ; He merely proposes with the changeless reference of how he is of higher standing. in so many ways. and how that this lucifer is against his better judgement. Even while humbling himself to the point of inquiring a in-between category adult female to get married him. pride still exudes from his oral cavity. Ms. Bennet. acerate leaf to state. diminutions. This spurning of his proposal humbles him to the point where he one time once more asks for her manus. and this clip meekly.

Austen shows love and fondness repressing the proud Mr. Darcy humblin

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him to the point where he would merrily get married a in-between category miss of greatly inferior societal standing. repute. and wealth. Second. Jane Austen shows love suppressing over Elizabeth’s bias. For the full first half of the book. Elizabeth loathes Darcy and his societal category. She finds him and his category snobbish. pretentious. and disdainful. Elizabeth unrightfully believes rumours about him coming from the untruthful Wickham. and does non allow Darcy support himself against them. Elizabeth’s bias starts to lessen though after Darcy’s matrimony proposal and she bit by bit starts to swear and look up to him. particularly after Mr. Darcy’s servant Mrs. Reynolds’s speaks so kindly of him ( Austen 755 ) .

Elizabeth Bennet’s love for Darcy grew greatly the more cognition she gained about him. which coincidently destroyed Elizabeth’s bias. Last. Elizabeth and Darcy break down immense societal barriers in their matrimony. This is seen in no greater of a manner than in the confrontation between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine de Bourgh. The old lady can non stand the fact that her well-dressed nephew wants to get married a hapless pauper miss. She warns Elizabeth that if she were to get married Darcy that he would shortly go the “contempt of the world” ( Austen 1108 ) .

And non merely does Mr. Darcy’s category object to the coupling. but Elizabeth’s own female parent and male parent do non believe it is possible that their girl to get married that high into the societal order ( Austen 1173 ) . The lone ground this twosome would hold gotten together is love. and Austen is demoing that love can get the better of

social barriers. In decision. Jane Austen used the characters of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. to demo that true love outshines societal acceptableness. and overcomes pride and bias.

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