Love of God and neighbour

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Chapter 1

Practical Love of God and Neighbor in Charity in the Bible and Church’s Teachings

God is love and he loves his full creative activity because it is really good ( californium. Gen 1:31 ) . That is why any human being created in the image and similitude of God has the inclination of loving. In both Old Testament and New Testament we find that God has made himself known to humanity through disclosure because of his love. It is God’s merciful love that he takes enterprises to do humanity cognizant and know that every human being is a evildoer after the autumn and s/he has to atone and make penance so as to be reconciled with him ( God ) . [ 1 ] Down through the centuries we have read from the bible and Church instructions that humanity has offended God in many ways and turned away from his will. It is God’s enterprise to convey back the doomed humanity to him-self. That is why we believe that it is the grace of God that we are justified. The major inquiry to every individual is: how has God ‘s enterprise to uncover himself to people from the beginning to today transform me every bit far as redemption is concerned?

1.1 Bible

1.1.1 Old Testament

The messages of Old Testament in the Pentateuch, the Historical books, Wisdom and Poetic Books, and the Prophetic Books is clear informant of practical love of God and neighbour. Every faithful human being is ought to trust that God will salvage him or her because of his love.


In Gen 3 the autumn of world is recorded. The Satan tempted world to interrupt the good relationship which existed between world and God. [ 2 ] It means that humanity disobeyed God. The animal became disobedient to the Creator. That is why up to today all human existences are inclined to disobedience ( wickedness ) , because Adam and Eve, our first parents, disobeyed God. In naming Abraham to be the male parent of all states it shows that God still loves humanity as whole even if they sinned and were chased from the Garden of Eden ( Paradise ) .

Abraham obeyed God by go forthing his state to travel where God had commanded him and on top of that to give his ain boy in, Isaac ( Gen 12 and 22 ) . [ 3 ]

Genesis opens the history of creative activity and the earliest human societies told in fabulous signifiers. The patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph receive God’s promises and fix rescue of Hebrewss from Egypt and giving of his compact at Mount Sinai/Horeb. Exodus tells the narrative of how Moses was chosen by God to present Hebrewss from Egypt and led them to accept the compact of God so that they become God’s people ( californium. Ex 6:7 ) . To demo the presence of God with Israel they built the collapsible shelter of meeting and the arch of the compact. In Leviticus there are the Torahs and commandments about forfeit, banquets, priesthood, and ritual duties of worthiness and sanctity that God gave to his freshly sanctified people to obey as their portion in the compact relationship. Numbers adds more Torahs and ordinances and ordinances about the 12 folks and their organisation. In Num 10-20 is the narrative of Israel’s inquiring in the desert for 40 old ages penalty because of arising against God and their leader Moses. Deuteronomy which means 2nd jurisprudence ( californium. Dt 17:18 ) in Greek is a later brooding addresss of Moses. The decease of Moses in Dt 34 Markss the terminal of one epoch and the beginning of new epoch. [ 4 ]

The Historical Books

Historical books include: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2Kings, 1 and 2Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Tobit, Judith, Esther, and 1 and 2 Maccabees. It is about the emended history of Hebrewss from the yearss of Moses down to the Babylonian Exile and suppressing their promised land. There is the sermon of the great Prophetss of the 8Thursdayand 7Thursdaycenturies. These historical books are sometimes called Deuteronomistic History. [ 5 ]

Wisdom and Poetic Books

The Wisdom and Poetic Books are: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclessiastes, Song of Songs, Wisdom, Sirach ( Ecclesiaticus ) . The Egyptian wisdom and Israelite Wisdom is parallel because they influence each other. Their wisdom is both found in the direction of Amen-em-opet and the aggregation of Proverbs in Prv 17-24:22. Both day of the month to the same period of history, sometime between 1000 and 600 B.C. Some of the closer analogues are as follows: [ 6 ]

“Amen – em – opet Chapter 1

Give your ear and hear what is said, Give your bosom to understand it. Puting them in your bosom is worthwhile.

Proverbs 22:17-18

Bend your ear and hear the words of the wise ; use your head to my cognition, for it will be a delectation if you guard them with you.

Amen-em-opet chapter 6

Better is the staff of life when the bosom is happy, than wealths with sorrow.

Proverbs 15:16

Better is small with fright of the Lord, than great wealth and problem along with it.

Amen-em-opet chapter 18

One thing are the words said by work forces, Another thing is what the God does.

Proverbs 19:21

The programs in the head of a adult male are many, But it is God’s will that will prevail.” [ 7 ]

There are two major beginnings of wisdom viz. household and the other is formal eduction. Parents and instructors influence wisdom of a individual, society and universe at big. [ 8 ]

The Prophetic Books

The Prophetic Books are: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Baruch, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephania, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. The rise and Hagiographas of Prophetss shows that God speaks his will to humanity because of his practical love. The usage of ‘spirit of God and therefore says the Lord/The Word of the Lord came to me’ by classical Prophetss is the grounds of prophetic messages ( californium. Is 6, Ez 37, 2Sam 7 ) . [ 9 ]

1.1.2 New Testament

God’s love for humanity is revealed in the Old Testament through a series of events. Through the Israelites the Godhead enterprises and human failings, agony of rejected love, sad surplus of rejecting the grace of God is recorded. The practical Godhead love is explicitly presented in a alone fact of Jesus Christ. This is the clearest duologue of practical love between God and world. [ 10 ] Jesus Christ is the greatest gift of God the Father to humankind. This is so because Jesus Christ is God and no any other human being who had two natures except Christ ( californium. Jn 1:18 ) [ 11 ] , “No 1 has of all time seen God. The lone Son, God, who is at the Father’s side, has revealed him, ” ( Jn 1:18 ) .

The full life of Jesus is a informant that he has the message of God the Father, he lived the life of supplication and Thanksgiving ( californium. Mk 1:35 ; Mt 11:25 ) . “Rising really early before morning, he ( Jesus Christ ) left and went off to a abandoned topographic point, where he prayed” ( Mk 1:35 ) ; “ Jesus said, … ‘I give congratulations to you Father, Lord of Eden and Earth, for although you have hidden these from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike.” ( Mt 11:25 ) . On the cross the love of Christ to humanity was to the full revealed. Jesus Christ suffers yieldingly on a cross up to decease. [ 12 ] Indeed there is no 1 who of all time gave his life for redemption of humanity except Christ ( californium. Mk 14:1-15:47 ) . In Mk 14:10 we see that one of the 12 apostles betrays Jesus. This is really lurid because an apostle is a really close friend of Jesus but that is what inordinate love of money can take us to. [ 13 ]

The Beginning of Christianity

The universe of the first Christians is more founded in the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Christianity in the first centuries remained a religious order within Judaism. Other religious orders were Pharisees, Sadducees, Essens, and Zealots. The apostles preached to Jews and to Gentiles and won many adherents. They prayed in private and communally and baptized many people in the name of Christ. ( californium. Acts 5:3 ; 23:9 ; Lk 7:36 ; 13:31 ; 18:1-13 ; Jn 3 ) . [ 14 ]

The journey of religion of the Israelites in the Old Testament is really cardinal particularly when we connect the Passover at the sea of reeds and the Easter Event. After the Resurrection of Christ the adherents proclaimed, celebrated, and told their religion in Jesus Christ ( californium. Acts 2:14-41 ; 20:17-35 ; Lk 24:19-27 ) . [ 15 ]

The Letters of Paul

Paul ( 5 – 67 A.D. , likely ) , composing to Philippians, Thessalonians, Corinthians, Galatians, Romans, Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon, Timothy, and Titus seemed to be a saint with infinite weaknesss. He needed to hold faithful friends. For 30 old ages Paul was a Pharisee and for 30 old ages he was a Christian. He was a indefatigable missionary who founded Christian communities and wrote to them. When reading Pauline missive we see that he truly loved God and neighbour for the interest of redemption ( californium. 22:3 ; 5:37 ; 1Cor 9:16 ; Phil 3:12 ) . [ 16 ]

The Synoptic Gospels

One Gospel of Christ attributed to four authors is about Jesus Christ, the 2nd individual in the Trinity, who reveals the God, the Father, the first individual in the Trinity, and sends the Holy Spirit, the 3rd individual in the Trinity, to the Church. It is impossible to cognize Jesus Christ without reading, hearing, and understanding the message of the Gospel. The four authors: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John write what Jesus did and said ( during his life clip on Earth ) even if other books of the New Testament and other Judaic wrtings negotiations about him, they say really small. Jesus Christ loves humanity by conveying and doing present the Kingdom of God here on Earth. Bing obedient to God, the Father, and Christ fulfilled all the prognostications and godly promises of the Old Testament. Jesus Christ is the promised Jesus, the Messiah – Son of David and the Son of God who imparts the gift of the Holy Spirit to the Church. [ 17 ]

1.2 Magisterium

The magisterium has taught rather a batch in connexion with the practical love of God and neighbour in justness. In this subdivision, we will see instructions of Vatican II Council, John XXIII, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis I.

1.2.1 Vatican Council II

InGravissimus Educationis, the Vatican Council II emphasizes such facets like cosmopolitan rights of instruction, importance of schools, responsibilities and rights of parents ( californium.GE2-6 ) . The Fathers of the council has seen the importance of instruction to all people of God every bit far as Christian instruction and cosmopolitan instruction is concerned. That is why up to today the Catholic schools produce many professionals in Africa and all over the universe. Actually, this is besides apparent that Vatican council II is a water parting of human civilisation. “A true instruction aims the formation of the human individual in the chase of his ultimate terminal and of the good of the societies of which, as adult male, he is a member, and in whose duties, as grownup, he will share” (GE1 ) . Education should be driven by love. This besides may intend that that the instruction we get should assist to transform the society so that that it may be better topographic point of life.

1.2.2 Pope John XXIII

In his encyclical,Pacem in Terris, to Patriarchs, Primates, Archbishops, local ordinaries who are at peace and in Communion with the Apostolic See, and to the Clergy and Faithful of the full Catholic World, and to all Men of Good Will, on set uping cosmopolitan truth, justness, charity, and autonomy, April 11, 1963, pope John XXIII explains human rights and responsibilities. We are convinced that if there is practical love of God and neighbour in charity and justness at that place will be peace on Earth which people of all ages have longed for and sought after, ne’er has it been established, guaranteed except by deduction of cardinal homo rights which are in conformity with the observation of the divinely established order ( californium.Platinum1 ) . The suppression of human rights manifests deficiency of love of neighbour. The mission of the Church is that all people may be taught that human self-respect must be taken into history in all facets of life.

Every individual has been created in the image and similitude of God. So whatever you do to any individual it is like you have done it to God ( californium.Platinum3 & A ; Mt 25:40, 45 ) . “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me ( Mt 25:40 ) , “What you did non make for one of these least 1s, you did non make to me” ( Mt 20:45 ) .

In this universe disunity abounds because some people think mistakenly that they are more human than others due to difference in some cultural facets of life and so they suppress others by denying them their cardinal rights. Doest it intend that the message of the Gospel, ( californium. Mt 25:40.45 ) has non yet been reached them? The Catholic Pope reminds everybody that no organic structure can state that s/he does non cognize human rights because the jurisprudence of God is written in everybody’s scruples. It has to be understood that unfairnesss are caused by erroneous sentiments which are passed to be unfair Torahs in states but the Godhead is merely and ageless. Every rational being knows what is to be done and what is non to be done ( californium.Platinum4-7 ) .

By utilizing intelligence and free will one is able to cognize and take what to make to others every bit far as human rights and responsibilities are concerned. Fundamental human rights are natural so they are unalienable. They can merely be denied or suppressed. For those who consider human rights and responsibilities obtain God’s grace and they become boies and girls of God, hence they will inherit the land of God ( californium.Platinum9-10 ) .

The cardinal rights of human existences include: right to life, rights refering to moral and cultural values, right to idolize God harmonizing to one’s scruples, right to take freely one’s province of life, economic rights, the right of meeting and association, the right to emigrate and immigrate, political rights, ( californium.Platinum11-27-36 ) . Taking into consideration all these cardinal homo rights is to carry through the practical love of neighbour in charity and justness.

The cardinal rights which are natural bring about the so called responsibilities. So in every right there are responsibilities to be fulfilled. The right to life, for illustration, brings the responsibility to protect life by non killing human existences. Every human being has such responsibilities to common coaction, an attitude of duty, societal life in truth, justness, and charity, and freedom, to advance rights of persons, engagement of public life, ( californium.Platinum28-74 ) .

1.2.3 John Paul II

In hisSolicitudo Rei Sicialis, to the Bishops, Priests, Religious Families, boies and girls of the Church and all the people of good will for the 20th day of remembrance ofPopulorum Prigressio, John Paul II writes: “Selfishness … myopia … mistaken political computations and imprudent economic determinations are structural sins” ( SRS 36 ) . Rigid political orientations like crude communalism, socialism, feudal system, capitalist economy, and imperialism are the causes of selfishness, myopia, misidentify political computations, and imprudent economic determinations. If these political orientations are forced to be present everlastingly in the society they become societal or structural wickednesss. ( californium. SRS 36 ) . So if one political orientation is good someplace it may be non applicable to other topographic points.

In his Post-Synodal Apostilic Exhortation,Ecclesia in Africa, Pope John Paul II quotes prophet Isaiah: “He shall judge between the states, and enforce footings on many peoples. They shall crush their blades into ploughshares and their lances into sniping maulerss ; one state shall non raise a blade against another nor shall they develop for war once more. ( californium. EIA 117 ) . It means that if all the unfairnesss will be eradicated there will be no demand of arms.

The synod was cognizant of wars in many African states which separate cultural groups, small towns, territories, parts, states, counties, states and continents. Peoples hurt and kill each other, destructing and looting belongingss or wealth of other people which is really unfair. This state of affairs is non human. It is the work of the Satan. Such societal and structural wickednesss bring many unfairnesss in the society. That is why the synod male parents call for the obliteration of this state of affairs and convey approximately peaceable society where people do non even think of aching or killing one another but live in peace and harmoniousness, in practical love of God and neighbour in justness ( californium. EIA 117 ) .

1.2.4 Pope Benedict XVI

In the Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation,Africae Munus, of his sanctity Pope Benedict XVI to the Bishops, Clergy, consecrated individuals, and the ballad faithful on the Church in Africa in service to rapprochement, justness, and peace he explains deeply about the importance life in harmoniousness among the members of the household, the aged, work forces, adult females, immature people, and kids. He so goes a measure farther, and relates the life in harmoniousness in the society with the Church. The members of the church besides have to populate in harmoniousness: Bishops, priests, missionaries, lasting deacons, consecrated individuals, seminarists, catechists, and the ballad people ( californium.Americium42-62 ) .

1.2.5 Pope Francis

In hisEvangelii Gaudium, the Holy Father Francis suggests that it is really good to come back to God whenever we sin because he ne’er tires of forgiving us ; we are the 1s who tire of seeking his clemency through repentance and rapprochement. Christ, who told us to forgive 70 times seven ( californium. Mt 18:22 ) , has given us illustration for he has forgiven us our wickednesss by his decease on the cross. ( californium.EG3 ) . By loving God and neighbour there will be peace and joy in the universe ( californium.EG5 ) . It means that even the enemies are our neighbours and so we have to happen a manner to be reconciled with them, there is no Lent without Easter. There is clip of sorrow ( hostility ) and joy ( after ) being reconciled ( californium. EG 6 ) . When we are in the province of wickedness we have to be cognizant that God is waiting thirstily for our penitence and repentance of as to be reconciled with him. So we should non despair that we are evildoers. Whenever we turn off from our wickednesss and face God with perfect attrition he will forgive us, hence we become his lovely boies and girls.

Love of God and neighbour in the Bible and Church instructions is non utopia but practical because we see God taking inaugural to do himself known to us because he love us. It is everyone ‘s duty to be transformed and unrecorded harmonizing to the will of God in all facets of life. Every member of African household or any continent is responsible to carry through his/her duties in human manner so that at the terminal of clip we may all hold done human workss as they are expected in the will of God.

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