(literature) The Pearl Chapter 4

What can happen to a town or community if no one steps beyond the limits of expectations?
The unit can disappear & never be heard of
What can happen to a town or community if one man steps beyond the limits of expectations?
The nerves of the townspeople ring with nervousness & communication travels over the nerve lines of the town
Along the gulf shore of what town does Kino live?
La Paz in Lower Baja California, Mexico
Why did no one go fishing this day?
Everyone knew that Kino was going to sell his pearl that day and they wanted to join in the procession
What reason did the beggars have for being there when Kino went to sell his pearl?
They wanted to be the first to get some money from Kino when he sold his pearl
What seemed to be a wasteful method for the pearl buyers & in what way did they solve this?
When the pearl buyers acted alone, they would get so excited bidding for the pearl that they would overpay the fisherman no the agents worked separately, but for one buyer. This gave a semblance of competition. However, they knew each others method for bargaining.
Explain the significance to Steinbeck’s sentence that includes “? no one does less than his best”?
The sentence talks about the pearl buyers and that they would never get more or less than their salary, but for them it was the thrill of the hunt. It was about who could talk the fisherman into selling his pearl
What became exciting for a pearl buyer, and what made a pearl buyer happiest?
The thrill of the hunt was their excitement. The best & happiers buyer was the one who bought it for the lowest price.
How distant were the vision of the mountains?
200 miles away
What did some of Kino’s neighbors consider doing had the found the pearl?
One said he would give it as a present to the Holy Father in Rome, one said he would have masses said for his dead relatives, one said he would take the money and distribute to the poor in La Paz and the other one thought about all the good he could do with it like give it to charities
What had Kino’s neighbors hoped would not happen to Kino?
they hoped that sudden wealth wouldn’t turn him evil, cold, hatred and evil
What seemed expected of the neighbors?
To go with Kino & Juana to sell the pearl.
If they hadn’t followed through on that expectation, how would that be regarded?
As a sign of unfriendship
How did Kino wear his hat, and what could be said of his character for that donning?
He wore it tilted a little to the front to show a sign of aggressiveness and seriousness and vigor. A hat tilted slightly back or to the side showed irresponsibility
Who walked beside Kino?
Juan Tomas
What story did Juan Tomas tell about how pearls were once stolen?
He told him the story of how the old ones got men (agents) to go to the capital and sell their pearls. But the men stole the pearls and were never heard from again.
What message did the Father relay in his annual sermon?
That each man and woman was a soldier sent by God to guard some part of the castle of the universe.
What defense did native Mexican Indians have against the Hispanic people?
They slitted their eyes a little and tightened their lips a little because of their deep hatred for the hispanic people
Why did the pearl buyers remove all other pearls from their desks?
it is not good to have an inferior pearl sit beside one of beauty
What game did the pearl buyer play with his coin, and describe it
He practiced Legerdemain. He rolled the coin back and forth over his knuckles making it appear and disappear
What happened to the pearl buyer’s face when he saw the pearl?
Nothing, he made no sign or movement with his face. No facial change
What indicated he saw value in the pearl?
The coin he was playing with slipped silently into his lap and his hand curled into a fist.
To Kino, how did the buyer compare the pearl?
He compared it to fool’s gold
What did the first buyer offer Kino for the pearl
1000 pesos
What did the buyer do in good faith to Kino?
He sent for the other buyers to come look at the pearl to show that there is no collusion
Why did the crowd become silent?
So that they would not miss a word or gesture
How did the first visitor describe the pearl?
As a monstrostity
What did the second visitor say about the pearl, and how did he try to prove it to Kino?
He said that better pearls are made of paste and that this one would lose it’s color and die in a few months because it is soft and chalky. He offered Kino his glass to look at the pearl magnified. Maybe a museum would want it
What did the third offer Kino and why?
He offered 500 pesos because he has a client that likes such things
How did the original buyer counter that offer?
He said that he was a fool but his original offer of 100 pesos was still good. However when Kino decided not to sell and he said he would sell the pearl at the capital himself he went up to 1500 pesos because he knew they played their game too hard and he would be disciplined for not getting the pearl
What was the highest offer Kino received?
1500 pesos
What did Kino’s neighbors say about Kino’s decision to not sell the pearl
Some said he was a pigheaded fool and some said that he was a brave man
To where did Kino plan to take the pearl, and how far was that place?
He planned to take the pearl to the capital city, Mexico City. It lay over the water and through the mountains over a thousand miles
Who was older: Kino or Juan Tomas?
Juan Tomas
What did Juan Tomas tell Kino that he defied? Explain this
He told Kino “you have defied not the pearl buyer, but the whole structure and way of life. Kino challenged the entire way they conducted business which would cause ramifications to all fishermen.
What did Kino seem only to fear?
How far will friends help Kino?
As long as they are not in danger or discomfort from it
What did Juana think was best for her to do in support of Kino’s decision?
To be silent and be near him
What music came upon Kino and Juana, and how did they combat it?
The Song of Evil. she combat it by singing softly the melody of the family
What happened To Kino when he stepped outside the hut?
he was attacked in the darkenss and there was a struggle. blood was oozing from his scalp and there was a long deep cut in his cheek in his cheek from ear to chin. He was only half conscious
What did Juan think they should then do with the pearl?
She wanted to destroy the pearl before it destroyed them. She wanted to crush it between 2 stones and throw it back into the sea.
What did Kino say they would do and why?
He said they will leave in the morning because Coyotito must have a chance to learn