level d unit 7 sentences

is there anything more unpleasant than to go to a store and find yourself in that hands of a BLANK salesperson?

the difficult choice between going to college and getting a job is indeed a BLANK one for a young person.

the record player certainly looked impressive, but its construction was so BLANK that within a few months it began to fall apart.

Shakespeare’s wicked characters often assume the guise of kindness to cloak their BLANK natures

in the BLANK between Donna’s resignation and the election of a new president, i offered to serve in that office

after that BLANK charge for a simple motor tune-up, i will never deal with parson’s garage again

not until the band struck up a BLANK tune did the wedding guests begin to laugh, dance, and have fun

it takes many long hours of study to BLANK all the technical information you need to become a compute programmer

kings highway, an old Indian trail, BLANK through Brooklyn, crossing many important streets and almost retracing its path at some points

in the streets of all our great cities, you will find BLANK wander about without home, jobs, or friends

baby-sitters often find that children described by their parents as will behaved become BLANK brats as soon as those parents leave

Los Angeles, like every great BLANK, has much to offer the visitor, as well as may difficulties and problems

how can you criticize me for the way i behaved during the holdup when you yourself have never been in so BLANK a position

jill interrupted my BLANK mood with the quip, ” A penny for your thoughts.”

the appearance of many main street has been transformed with the BLANK of fast-food restaurants

we have evidence that th BLANK ” English nobleman:”is really elmer flick, a plumber from Muncie, Indiana

the people living in the valley will have to leave their home because th are will be BLANK when anew dam is constructed across the lake

it is sad to have to bid BLANK to friends who have treated us so will

when the head of your gold club has reached the BLANK the wing, pause for a second before you begin the downward motion

the senator departed from his prepared remarks to deliver an intemperate BLANK attacking the administrations foreign policy

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