Lesdesma Pre AP Chem Final 2012

1. Which of the following would decrease the rate of solution when dissolving a solid in water?
use a single cube of solid
2.Which type of solution has achieved equilibrium, between solute and solvent, when the solute is still visible after mixing?
a saturated solution
3. If the amount of solute present in a given solution is more than could be dissolved at a given temperature, then the solution is –
4. When the amount of solute cannot remain in solution at a given temperature, then the solution is –
5. Which of the statements below describes a solution in equilibrium?
the rate of crystallization and the rate of dissolution are equal
6. What units are used to describe the solubility of a substance in a given solution?
amount of solute per amount of solvent
7. The expression “like dissolves like” refers to which property of molecules?
polarity of the molecule
8. Which substance would NOT dissolve into a polar solvent?
nonpolar molecule
9. What will happen to the ability of a gas to dissolve in a liquid if the temperature increases?
solubility of the gas decreases
10. What will happen to the ability of a solid to dissolve in a liquid if the temperature increases?
solubility of the solid usually increases
11. Which of the following is the best way to determine if an aqueous solution of sodium acetate (NaC2H3O2) is supersaturated?
Add a crystal of NaC2H3O2 to the solution.
12. What part of a solution is dissolved when a solution is mixed?
the solute
13. Any substance that does NOT conduct electricity when in solution is called a(n) –
14. At a given temperature, a solution that contains all of the solute possible is –
15. What is the process of separating the positive and negative ions of a crystalline solid?
16. Which of the following would be the effect of increasing the surface area of a solid?
increase the rate of dissolving
17. Which of the following would cause a gas to dissolve faster into a solution?
cool the gas and solution
18. A mixture of metals in a solid solution is called a(n) –
19. Any molecule that is positively charged on one side and negatively charged on the other is –
20. Which of the following would increase the solubility of a solid in a solution?
stir the solid and solution
21. Which of the following is NOT a heterogeneous mixture?
22. A homogeneous mixture of substances that is in a single phase is called –
a solution
23. A suspension is when –
particles settle out of solution unless mixed
24. A colloid is a mixture in a dispersed phase where the particles are –
not falling out of solution
25. Which factor effects the solubility of a solution?
the type of solute and the temperature of the solution
26. While stirring, solid table salt is added to a beaker of water until no more salt will dissolve and salt crystals are visible at the bottom of the beaker. When the beaker is heated, the crystals dissolve. The effect of heat in this situation —
weakened the bonds in the salt crystals
27. When does the ideal gas law match the behavior of a real gas?
when the gas particles are far apart
28. Which of the following describes pressure?
the force per unit of surface area
29. Atmospheric pressure is measured with a —
30. A pressure of 350 mm Hg equals —
350 torr
31. Which of the following is the value for Standard Temperature?
32. Which of the following is the value for Standard Pressure?
1 atm
33. If the temperature of a gas changes, but the amount and volume remain constant, which of the following values must also change?
34. When driving, the pressure in the tires increases due to —
air particles increasing temperature due to more collisions
35. Which of the following gas laws is calculated with the pressure and volume variables at a constant temperature?
Boyle’s law
36. What is the new pressure of 150 mL of a gas that is compressed to 50 mL, when the original pressure was 3.0 atm and the temperature is held constant?
37. The average kinetic energy of the particles in a sample of matter is measured as –
the temperature
38. The more kinetic energy there is in a sample of matter, then the —
higher the temperature
39. The heat required to raise the temperature of 1g of a substance by 1 o C is the –
specific heat
40. Which of the following is used to express the measurement of specific heat?
J/g o C
41. What is the term for the amount of energy absorbed or released in a chemical reaction?
heat of reaction
42. Which of the following is a chemical reaction?
Magnesium metal is burned in oxygen.
43. Which of the following would be a physical change?
ice melting
44. Which of the statements is FALSE regarding the products of a chemical reaction?
The states of matter of the products and reactants are the same.
45. Which of the following statements regarding freezing is CORRECT?
All liquids have a freezing point.
46. Which of the following must happen for condensation to occur?
The concentration of the vapor must be above zero.
47. Which of the following would be used to determine the various states in which a substance can exist?
Phase diagram
48. Which of the following causes a change in state from liquid to gas?
high kinetic energy
49. What process takes place when the average energy of a gas’s particles decreases?
50. If melting rate and freezing rate are NOT the same, then the system is –
not in equilibrium
51. If the concentration of the vapor is increasing, then which of the following is the cause?
The rate of evaporation is greater than the rate of condensation.
52. Which of the following describes the process of sublimation?
moving from solid to gas
53. A mixture is?
physically combined
54. In a solution, the substance that does the dissolving is called a/an
a solvent
55. Water is a compound composed of?
2 hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
56. What processes will not increase the rate of dissolving a solid in a liquid?
cooling the solution
57. Particles smaller than the atom are called?
subatomic particles
58. Lithium has an atomic number of 3 and a mass of 7. How many protons and neutrons are present?
3 protons and 4 neutrons
59. The unit of length in the metric system is
61. The prefix kilo means
one thousand
62. Weight is?
the response of mass to the pull of gravity
63. Matter is anything that has?
mass and volume
64. One molecule of H2SO4 contains how many atoms?
2 hydrogen atoms; 1 sulfur atom; 4 oxygen atoms
65. Atoms of the same element that have the same number of protons but different number of neutrons are called?
66. A substance that changes color in the presence of an acid or a base is called a/an
67. The pH of an acid ranges from
less than 7
68. The pH of strong base ranges from
close to 14
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