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which of the following factors can assist in establishing time of death
rigor mortis

the type of “Lust murderer” who is usually of above-average intelligence, methodical and cunning, and socially skilled and who tricks victims into situations in which he can torture and then murder them is called
organized offender

which of the following statements is not true with regard to death investigation
maximum lividity occurs within 15-20 after death

premeditation would be a requirement in which case
first-degree murder

rigor mortis is at its maximum at about __________ hours after death
12 to 24 hours

deaths are classified by type as
natural, accidental, noncriminal, suicide, homicide (noncriminal and criminal)

a dead body that sinks in water usually remains immersed for
8 to 10 days in warm water and 2

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to 3 weeks in cold water

the first priority in a preliminary homicide investigation is to
secure the safety of the scene

A common indicator of suicide using a knife is
hesitation wounds

most medical examinations of a deceased person are conducted primarily to
determine the time and cause of death

noncriminal homicide includes
justifiable homicide

a stiffening of portions of the body after death is referred to as
rigor mortis

what may occur if a body is exposed to extremely hot and dry climate

premeditation would be a requirement in which case
first degree murder

it can be assumed that a victim has died on land if
half of the victim’s eye looks dry when the body is brought out of the water

if death is caused by carbon monoxide poisoning lividity is
cherry red or strong pink

which of the following is not an indication of suicide
defense wounds

murder is classified as
criminal homicide

most cases of hanging are

shotgun wounds produce ___________ than single bullets
neither smaller exit nor smaller entry wounds

the postmortem cooling process of the body is called
algor mortis

a study of 800 homicide cases found that investigators are more likely to clear a homicide if
they arrive at the scene within 30 minutes of being notified

The criminal or noncriminal, felonious or nonfelonious taking of life by another human or by an agency, such as a government, is called

what type of murder usually includes the killing of three or more separate victims with a “cooling off” period between the killings
serial murder

the study of poisons can determine the type of poison, the amount ingested, the approximate time ingested and the effect on the body…. This field is referred to as?

the poison known as the King of Poisons and the Poison of Kings is

in assessing victim-offender relationships (VOR,), violence that is goal-directed predatory behavior used to exert control such as a carjacker who shoots his victim before stealing the vehicle – is referred to as what type of violence
Instrumental violence

staging refers to
both the positioning of the victim’s body and the manipulation of the scene around the victim’s body

researchers have identified more than 100 compounds that are linked to decomposition in buried bodies

investigators are more likely to clear a homicide if they arrive within 30 minutes of being notified

a lust murder is a sex-related homicide involving sadistic, deviant assault

the key element distinguishing manslaughter from murder is premeditation

examples of involuntary manslaughter include handling a firearm negligently; leaving poison where children may take it; and operating an automobile, boat or aircraft in a criminally negligent manner

two of the more difficult kinds of cases for criminal investigator to handle are those related to missing persons and those involving unidentified human remains

in Flippo vs. West Virginia the supreme court determined that there is a general “murder scene exception” to the search warrant requirements of the fourth amendment

more americans die by suicide than homicide

a person who is addicted to or uses crack cocaine regulary may have what is called a “crack thumb”

first-degree murder requires premeditation and the intent to cause death

more officers lose their lives to suicides than homicide

profiles of serial killers show they are usually sane; they know right from wrong but simply do not care

equivocal death investigations are those inquiries that are open to interpretation as to the cause of death

lack of a note generally precludes the possibility of suicide

in general, decomposition is increased by lower temperatures and decreased by higher temperatures

the cornea clouds more rapidly if the eyes remain closed after death

all murders are homicides

it is not common procedure to exhume a body for medical examination

insects can offer valuable clues as to the time a body was left or buried

unlike workplace violence, school violence usually occurs without warning

unfortunately, U.S. justice department does not have a national program to help law enforcement agencies, medical examiners and others identify missing persons who have been murdered or have died of other causes

a forensic paleontologist can examine various types of insects to assist in estimating the time of death

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