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The term used to describe the speed and intensity with which a pathogen is likely to cause and infection is
When to take transfers Lyme disease from a deer to a human the tick is considered the what in the chain of infection
Which of the following statements regarding bacteria and viruses is false
Verses are able to replicate on their own
Mad cow disease is caused by what type of poorly understood micro organism
Which of the following is not an example from the parasite category
Megan suffers from candidiasis do you vaginal yeast infection which type of micro organism has infected Megan
Tapeworms belong to which category of organisms involved in human infection and disease
Which of the following statements about micro organisms that cause human faction and diseases false
Protozoa are really cause illness in humans
The acute inflammatory response is part of which immune system
Giovanni is not a physical barrier against infection
All of the following are chemical barriers involved in immunity except
The skin
Which type of white blood cell is responsible for the antibody production in the acquired immunity response
B cells
The lymphocytes. That are responsible for monitoring the events that occur inside the body’s cells are which type of cell
T cell
The lymphocytes that Monitor blood and tissue fluids are which type of cell
B cell
In the acquired immune system helper cells do all the following except
Produce antibiotic
After an infection or immunization memory cells develop and can lead to a rapid response it the same organism is encountered by the body again this person is said to have
Which of the following statements regarding hepatitis B and hepatitis C is false
A vaccine is currently available to prevent hepatitis C
Which of the following statements about anabiotic resistance in bacteria is false
Bacteria can only pass resistant jeans on to their progeny
The main factors believe to includes bacterial resistance are
The frequency of resistance genes among bacteria and antibiotic overuse
Which of the following is the pneumonia type illness that surfaced in February 2003 in China and cause an epidemic scare
Acute severe respiratory syndrome
What is the most common infectious disease worldwide
Which of the following statements regarding tuberculosis is false
People with HIV infection have no greater risk than the general population for active tuberculosis
The most common sexual transmitted disease in the United States is
The human papilloma virus
Safe and effective vaccine is available for which of the following sexually transmitted disease is
Hepatitis B
Federico has painful sores on his penis which sexually-transmitted disease does Fredrica most likely have
Herpes simplex
Which of the following statements regarding gonorrhea and chlamydia is false
Most men with chlamydia infection will have symptoms
Which of the following statements about human immunodeficiency virus is false
Infected person remains symptomatic after the viral load setpoint is establish
Which of the following situations has not been shown to transmit HIV between individuals
Cattle contacts that is holding hands or hugging
Which of the following is true regarding perinatal transmission of HIV
The risk of transmission from mother to child can be significantly deduce used of anti-retro viral medication during pregnancy and delivery
Hepatitis C most severely affects which area of the body
Which of the following is not among the steps you should take to protect yourself from infectious disease is
Use antibiotics frequently
Which of the following is one of the ABCD’s of STD prevention
Promote detection of STDs
The right ventricle of the heart
Pumps oxygen poor blood into the lungs
The leading cause of death in the United States is
Cardiovascular disease
What are the following statements about atherosclerosis is false
It is an irreversible process
Bob had a myocardial infarction in other words Bob had a
Heart attack
Which of the following statements regarding symptoms of heart attacks is false
All symptoms occur in all cases they are just not always recognize
A blood clot that develops a distant site and then travels to blood vessel where it becomes larger blocks blood flow is called a
Which of the following conditions with sudden onset is not a signal that a stroke has occurrd
Ringing ears
Which of the following statements about peripheral vascular disease is false
PVD is often fatal in older adults
Kevin woke up and had difficulty speaking he went to the hospital and several hours later his speech is back to normal what medical condition best describes Kevin’s situation
Transient ischemic attack
What is the condition in which the heart because I’m scared after it through infection with the strain of strep to caucus bacteria
Rheumatic heart disease
The optimal range for blood pressure level is
Systolic less than 120 and diastolic less than 80
Which of the following ethnic population groups has the highest rate of hypertension
Perhaps the most important on controllable risk factor for cardiovascular disease is
Which of the following is not a noncontrollable risk factor for cardiovascular disease
Which of the following statements regarding differences between men and women with heart disease is false
If a woman has a heart attack she is less likely than a man to die from it
Which of the following is not one of the major controllable risk factors known to increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease
Vitamin deficiency
Elevated levels of which type of lipoprotein are clearly associated with atherosclerosis
Low density lipoprotein’s
Which type of lipoprotein takes cholesterol from cells or atherosclerotic deposits back to the liver
Higher density lipoprotein
Which of the following statements regarding high density lipoprotein’s is false
HDL levels vary greatly with Age
What is the leading control risk factor for all forms of cardiovascular disease
Tobacco use
Which of the following statements regarding tobacco and cardiovascular risk is false
Tobacco decreases level of LDL-cholesterol
Which of the following statements is true
Secondhand tobacco smoke increases the risk of heart disease
What to the following statements are running cardiovascular health and diabetes is false
People with diabetes are less likely to have silent heart attacks
My blood levels of the amino acid blank have been linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease
Which of the following statements regarding tobacco use and cardiovascular disease is false
Smoking affects appear to decrease about 10 years after tobacco use is stopped
Which of the following statements regarding the treatment of cerebrovascular disease is false
Quad does all the medications can be use for all types of strokes
An EKG is used to visualize what
Electrical activity in the heart
During which surgical procedure is a balloon catheter threaded into the narrow area of a closed vessel and inflated to stretch the vessel open again
A diet that supports cardiovascular health does not empathize which of the following
High-fat dairy
Visceral fat as indicated by Abdominal circumference and lack of physical activity affairs to be a strong indicator of risk for which type of diabetes
Type two
A combination of insulin resistant hypertension high lipids and central obesity represents what medical syndrome
Metabolic syndrome
In the United States blank people are at risk of developing diabetes in the next 10 years
79 million
Type one diabetes is caused bye
The destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreas by the immune system
Which type of obesity not associated with obesity
Type one
Type two diabetes accounts for blank of all creases of diabetes
90 to 95%
The two most common forms of chronic lung disease are asthma and
Ongoing cough shortness of breath wheezing and chest tightness
Asthma bronchitis and emphysema
A person with which of the following is most likely to require supplemental oxygen in later stages
Define statements is not true regarding treatments for asthma
Inhaled steroids are used during asthma attacks
Cells that are capable of unlimited division and retain the ability to become different cell types are called
Stem cells
Which of the following is not a safety mechanism in place to help maintain cell order and decrease the chance of cancer developing in the body
Initiating event
Which of the following does not trigger an initiating event
Stem cell protection
What determines which type of cancer in individuals diagnosed with
The tissue in which a cancer originate or the primary site
The most common form of cancer blank is a large category of cancers originate from epithelial tissue
Cancer that starts in bone marrow
The most significant risk for most cancers is
Which of the following is not a source of ionizing radiation
UVA rays
Certain environmental conditions can increase one’s likelihood of being exposed to carcinogens in developing cancer which of the following is not an environment that increases one expose her to carcinogens
Dense forests
Which of the following statements regarding tobacco use and cancer is false
Smokers are no let more likely to die from lung cancer than non-smokers
What do the following statements about diets affect on cancer is false
Diet high in fiber appear to increase the risk of colon cancer
Which of the following statements about sun exposure is false
Sunburns during adulthood seem to be the most strung associate it with melanoma
Many naturally occurring environmental exposures increased risk for cancer residence in many parts of North America exposed to low levels of the radioactive gas blank and their homes particularly in homes with basements
Which of the following infection to cancer type associations is not correct
Hepatitis B to skin cancer
Which of the following statements about reproductive behaviors effects on cancer rates is false
Pregnancy appears increase the risk for breast and ovarian cancer
Leading cause of cancer death is attributed to what type of cancer
Which of the following statements regarding lung cancer is false
Chest x-rays are recommended as a routine screening test for lung cancer
Of the following is not among the risk factors for breast cancer
Late onset of menstruation
Which of the following is not a factor that decreases the risk of breast cancer
Use of hormone replacement therapy
I’m a replacement therapy reduces the risk for which of the following conditions
Colon cancer
To the following is not a strong risk factor for ovarian cancer
Use of oral contraceptive pill
Which cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in men in the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men
To the following statements regarding prostate cancer is false
Most warning signs occur in the early seasons of cancer
One of the main screening test available for prostate cancer is the blank test
Which of the following statements about colon cancer is false
Postmenopausal women who take estrogen therapy have a higher risk of colon cancer
: Cancer screening test include all the following except
: Specific antigen test
Risk for endometrial cancer is increased by all the following except
Having multiple sex partners
Which of the following statements about ovarian cancer is false
Women with the genetic predisposition for ovarian cancer have about 10% chance of developing ovarian cancer
The common features of a Red, scaley area with the non-healing sore describe which type of skin cancer
Squamous cell
Which of the following statements about cancer screening tests is true
Jag screening is reserved for people whose families have multiple members with cancer
A drug treatment that work to interfere with rapid cell division
Approximately how many people living in the United States have had cancer
12 million
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