Landforms, Regions: 4th Grade

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continental divide This imaginary line runs through the Rocky Mountains. Waters east of it flow to the Atlantic Ocean or Gulf of Mexico. Waters west of it flow to the Pacific Ocean.
Death Valley Lowest point in the USA, it is an extremely hot and dry desert.
Erie Canal A manmade waterway flowing between the Hudson River and Lake Erie in New York State. Boats called barges used to deliver goods using this waterway.
Great Lakes These five bodies of water form the largest group of fresh water bodies in the world. Located in the northern USA and southern Canada.
Gulf of Mexico A large body of warm water between Mexico and Florida.
St. Lawrence River This body of water is in southeastern Canada and is large enough to allow ship travel.
Great Plains A large, flat grassland in the central USA and Canada. It is largely treeless.
Great Basin A large area of different elevations located in Nevada and neighboring states. It is between the Rocky Mountains and the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountains.
Atlantic Coastal Plain A large, low, fairly flat region along the east coast of the USA. Many of our largest cities and most important harbors are in this area.
Hispaniola An island southeast of Florida containing the countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
Panama A Central American country formed by an isthmus.
Piedmont An area stretching from New Jersey through Alabama that is higher than the Atlantic Coastal Plain but lower than the Appalachian Mountains. This area includes Gwinnett County.
isthmus A narrow strip of land joining two larger pieces of land.
peninsula A long narrow strip of land surrounded on three sides by water. Most of the State of Florida is a peninsula.

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