Lab 1: Density – A Phyiscal Property of Matter

__________ is a physical property which represents the relationship between the mass of a substance and its volume.
1) Density
Density = __________ / __________
1) Mass
2) Volume
Density is commonly expressed in the following units for the following substances:
Solids = __________ / __________
Liquids = __________ / __________
Gases = __________ / __________
1) g / cm^3
2) g / mL
3) g / L
Volume is proportional to __________ x __________ x __________
1) Length
2) Width
3) Height
Normally the volume of an object can be found by the displacement of __________: __________ is added to a graduated cylinder and the volume is read.
After the initial volume has been obtained, an object can be dropped into the graduated cylinder, further displacing the __________.
The volume is simply the difference between the new volume with the object and that of the original volume.
1) Water
2) Water
3) Water
A third method for determining volume is by __________ method.
Objects in water are lighter (__________ less but have the same __________) than in air.
This is because the displaced liquid pushes back on the object with a force equal to the __________ of the liquid displaced.
The object will have an apparent loss of __________ equal to the mass of the __________ displaced.
1) Archimedes
2) Weigh
3) Mass
4) Mass
5) Mass
6) Liquid
In making laboratory experiments, experimental errors occur because of:
1. The __________ being used, or
2. __________ error.
1) Equipment
2) Human
__________ refers to how close a measurement is to the accepted value or theoretical value.
Errors related to this are called “percentage error” are calculated by the equation:
(|__________ value – __________ value| / __________ value) x100%
1) Accuracy
2) (|Actual value – Theoretical value| / Theoretical value) x100%
__________ refers to the repeatability of a measurement.
1) Precision
__________ refers to the scale used to measure something.
1) Sensitivity
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