Kinesiology Test 2

Goals of P.A. history
teach us about the changes as well as stability in the past to help us make good decisions now
Title IX
approved equal rights for men and women
set norms/expectations about how we should behave
do what you want without being stopped by other
Goals of Sociology of P.A.
look at P.A. differently, analyze patterns of change, and critique P.A. programs
Socioeconomic relations
main areas of research in ethnic & racial relation
Franklin Henry
father of motor behavior and memory drum theory
Motor behavior Experiment designs
between group, within group, descriptive
Boys vs. Girls motor skills
boys continue to increase while girls decrease
Focus of Motor behavior today
early stages, measuring learning & transition
Motor behaviorist study
motor learning,motor control, & motor development
Motor control programs
proposed memory mechanisms that allow movement to be controlled
figure 8.4
Feedback Sandwich
positive-> constructive-> positive
Stages of burnout
feeling of emotional/ physical exhaustion, negative moods, the feeling lack of accomplishment
Coleman Griffith
pioneer of sports psychology
Exercise psychologist
focus on fitness & health
Sport psychologist
focus on competitive sport
Affect emotions, Behaviors, Cognitions
Social Loafing
decreases individual performance in a group
Socialization patterens
differences between men and women in sports
Social Isolation
the elderly are less active because of this
P.A. activity in children
social environment & exposure
Group Cohesion
tendency for groups to stick together to achieve a goal
Early known scientist
biomechanics old name
tendency of a force to rotate an object