Jurassic Park Study Guide

Why is Bob Morris asking questions about John Hammond?
Because he works for the EPA and is worried about Hammond’s suspicious purchases

What has Hammond been stockpiling? What’s he using it for?
Amber. To get Dino DNA from mMosquitos’ blood. Then Hammond’s men could create Dino’s.

What is the island where the park is located called?
Isla Nublar (cloud island)

Name two reasons Nedry is willing to steal the dinosaur embryos.
He’s mad at the way he gets treated at Jurassic Park (no respect) & he wants the money he will get for the Dino embryos

Why can Tim see the T-Rex when Grant can’t?
Because only Tim is wearing night vision goggles.

Why does Hammond think helping humanity is a bad way to use technology?
The government limits how much money you could make & it takes too long

List two reasons that show Muldoon knows Tim is still alive.
Muldoon sees Tim’s fresh vomit, his cracked watch & the footprints

Why doesn’t the t-Rex attack Grant when Grant first gets close to it?
The t-Rex is sleeping.

Why does the t-Rex abandon the attack on the raft?
The younger/juvenile t-Rex is taking its prey

Why aren’t the motion detectors finding Grant, Tim & Lex?
They don’t cover all of the park, only 92% of it.

Why isn’t the aviary on the tour?
Because the dactyls are very territorial and will attack anyone who comes in.

How does Lex escape the Dactyl?
Grant gets on top of it & Lex throws her gloves at it.

The t-Rex knows Grant, Tim & Lex are on the raft in the river. What unexpected thing does he do?
He cuts them off at the waterfall.

Muldoon wonders what the t-Rex is looking for as it looks through the trees. Muldoon thinks it’s hunting other Dino’s, but the reader knows it’s really what?
Hunting Grant, Tim & Lex.

The t-Rex demonstrates problem-solving intelligence when it does what?
He cuts Grant, Tim & Lex off at the waterfalls & they know how to open doors.

What important thing (not the flashlight) does Grant discover in storage?
The car

Why does the t-Rex break off its attack on Tim & Lex?
Muldoon had shot him with a tranquilizer & it finally started working.

Just as Arnold thinks all of the systems are working as they should, what happens to the computer monitors and why?
They shut down because they are running on back-up power.

Malcolm scolds Hammond and scientists ’cause they do what?’
Attain power without discipline, Hammond and his cronies aren’t safe in how they’ve done everything.

Everyone thinks the main building is impregnable (safe) until the raptors start doing what?
Biting the steel bars on the roof

What does Tim use to distract and trap a raptor?
He puts steaks on the floor.

How does Ellie escape the raptors?
She runs away while they’re eating Wu.

Who distracts and kills several raptors? How?
Grant, he puts some poison on the raptors eggs

Do they call from the island for help? If so, who?
Yes, they call the Costa Rican government for help.

Who convinces the ship’s captain to return to the island? How?
Gennaro convinces the captain with his lawyer talk, he tells him that he’s breaking the law.

Aside from Hammond, who else does Grant hold responsible?

How do they find where all the raptors are?
They put a tracking collar on a juvenile raptor and they Follow it to its nest.

What is Hammond’s reasoning for the failure of the park?
He has bad employees

What odd raptor behavior do the people notice in the nest?
The raptors hear the boat and they all lineup like they’re going to get on.

What causes Hammond to fall?
Tim & Lex put on a recorded roar, Hammond gets scared, glass & hurts his leg.

Grant realizes the raptors are interested in something specific. What is it?

How does the government of Costa Rica treat the group?
Like criminals

Alan Grant
Paleontologist; lives

Ellie Sattler
Paleobotanist; lives

Ian Malcolm
Mathematician; dies in the end

Donald Gennaro
Jurassic Park Lawyer; he lives

Denis Nedry
Computers expert; dies

Ed Regis
Head of Public Relations for Jurassic Park; dies

John Arnold
Chief Engineer; gets killed

Robert Muldoon
Park Warden; lives

Henry Wu
Chief Geneticist; dies

Park Veterinarian ; survives

Mastermind behind whole idea & creation of Jurassic Park; he dies; owner of Jurassic Park

Was supposed to get the embryos from Nedry; survives

Lex (Alexis) & Tim
Hammond’s grand kids ; they survive

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