ITIL Service Design Availability Management

The purpose of availability management is to?
• To be the focal point for management of
availability-related issues
• Ensure that availability targets are set, measured,
and achieved
The objectives of availability management are to?
• Produce and maintain availability plans reflecting the
current and future needs of the business
• Ensure that service availability achievements meet or
exceed agreed targets
• Assist with diagnosis and resolution of
availability-related incidents and problems
• Assess the impact of changes on the availability plan
and availability of services
• Advise and guide other areas of the business and IT
• Implement cost-justifiable measures to improve the
availability of services
Availability management process should be applied to which 4 services?
• All operational services and technology, particularly
those covered by SLAs
• All new IT services and to existing services where
SLRs or SLAs have been established
• All supporting services and the partners and
suppliers (both internal and external) that form the IT
support organization as a precursor to the creation of
formal agreements
•IT services deemed to be business critical with or
without an SLA
What is the Scope of Availability Management? (7)
• Design, implementation, measurement,
management, and improvement of IT service and
component availability
• Ensures that services and components are designed
and delivered in line with business needs
• Includes the availability of business processes
• Availability drivers of future business plans and
• Service availability targets agreed in SLAs
• Performance and availability of the IT infrastructure,
data, applications, and the environment
• Business impacts and priorities for services
What is Availability?
Ability of am IT service or other configuration item to
perform its agreed function when required.
Is Availability Management Proactive or Reactive?
Both, Reactive activities feed into Proactive activates
Define Availability Management?
To ensure that all operational services meet their agreed availability targets, and that new or changed services are designed appropriately to meet their intended targets.
At what two interconnected levels does Availability Management operate at?
Service and Component Availability, which includes all aspects of their availability AND unavailability.
4 aspects of availability?
1. Availability
2. Reliability
3. Maintainability
4. Serviceability
Measures how long a configuration item or service can perform its agreed function without interruption
A measure of how quickly and effectively a
configuration item or service can be restored
The ability of a third-party supplier to meet the terms of its contract, which includes Availability, Reliability and Maintainability
vital business function (VBF)?
• Parts of the business process that are critical to
• Influence availability design and cost-effectiveness
• The more vital the function, the higher level of
resilience required
• Availability requirements determined by the
business, not IT
• Special VBFs may require 4 things?
• High availability
• Fault tolerance
• Continuous operation
• Continuous availability
What is The Role of Measurement?
– lf you don’t measure it, you can’t manage it.
– lf you don’t measure it, you can’t improve it.
– lf you don’t measure it, you probably don’t care.
– lf you can’t influence or control it, then don’t
measure it.
Business must define these particular aspects of the SLA?
• What is the minimum available level of functionality
of the service?
• At what point is the service considered unavailable?
• Where will a service be measured?
• What are the relative weightings for partial service
• If one location or office is impacted, is the whole
service considered unavailable, or is this considered
to be partial unavailability?
Three factors of service availability?
– Frequency
– Duration
– Scope of impact
Three factors to IT service and component availability?
– Availability
– Reliability
– Maintainability
Process that Interface with Availability Management?
Design, Transaction, Operation

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