ITE 221 Chapter 11 Study Guide

The ____ plays a dual role as a high-level manager and a tireless low-level worker.
operating system
Operating systems are organized internally into layers.
Memory allocation is less complex when the OS supports multitasking.
Resource allocation in a single-tasking OS involves only two running programs an application and the OS.
Because page size is fixed, memory references can easily be converted to the corresponding page number and offset in the page.
Noncontiguous memory allocation is more flexible than contiguous memory allocation, but flexibility comes at a price.
Virtual memory management responsibility is split between the CPU and the OS.
Intel Core CPUs implement virtual memory management tables in ____.
Multitasking operating systems are not the norm for general-purpose computers
____ uses memory address operands that refer to actual physical memory locations.
Absolute addressing
A ____ is an OS that enables dividing a single physical computer or cluster into multiple virtual machines.
Data values and instructions generally occupy multiple bytes of storage.
Contiguous program loading, coupled with fixed-size memory partitions, usually results in efficient use of memory space.
A blocked thread is waiting for an event to occur, such as allocation of a requested resource or correction of an error condition.
The only portion of a process that must be in memory at any point during execution is the next instruction to be fetched.
A ____ can execute instructions to process a single transaction, retrieve and store data from an I/O device, or retrieve and analyze one set of process variables.
thread cycle
A page table entry includes the page s physical memory address if it s loaded into memory.
____ occurs when memory partitions allocated to a single process or purpose are scattered throughout physical memory.
The process of determining the physical memory address that corresponds to a memory reference is called ____.
address mapping
In ____ memory allocation, each process partition has its own offset value.
Through the ____ layer, a user or system administrator can run application and OS utility programs and manage system resources, such as files, folders, and I/O devices.
Multitasking operating systems are not the norm for general-purpose computers.
A CPU s or computer s ____ is the highest numbered storage byte that can be represented.
addressable memory
The OS maintains a ____ and updates it each time a partition is allocated or freed.
memory partition table
____ store information about page locations, allocated page frames, and secondary storage space
Page tables
The ____ is the OS portion that manages resources and interacts directly with computer hardware.
The ____ is the user interface to the OS.
A secondary storage region, called the ____, is reserved for the task of storing pages not held in memory.
swap space
A thread s current priority level is called its local priority.
A hypervisor can make the sum of physical resources allocated to all virtual machines appear greater than the underlying physical resources.
When considered as a byte sequence, the rightmost byte is called the most significant byte.

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