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ABB implemented a? __________ system to help staff more effectively locate information about company projects and initiatives
Dynamic knowledge sharing
An antique dealer buying items and hoping to sell them for more than he or she paid for them is the very definition of? a:
The four major functions of a business include? manufacturing/production, sales/marketing,? finance/accounting, and? _________________.
Human resources
Which of the following statements represents a responsibility of the sales and marketing functional? area?
Identifying customers
The order fulfillment process involves which of the following functional areas of the? business?
Sales, accounting, manufacturing, and production
Which of the following is FALSE about the needs for information by different groups in an? organization?
Knowledge workers need access to financial performance information
A secretary assisting management is considered a? _________ worker.
Which of the following entities is NOT a part of the? firm’s environment?
?____________ focus on? day-to-day operations of a business including managing? sales, payroll, and receipts.
Transaction processing systems
?_______________ is an emerging area where data is organized in a meaningful way to help managers make? data-driven business decisions.
Business intelligence
Examining a map that depicts different colors based on flu outbreaks is an example of a digital? ____________
__________________ are designed to capture critical? processes, procedures, and experience to ensure this critical content? isn’t lost when someone leaves the organization.
Knowledge management systems
eBay is an example of? a/n ___________ because it sells products over the Internet
Electronic commerce
Someone visiting a government website to purchase a fishing license is specifically an example? of:
?________________ commonly involves sites like Twitter and Facebook to collaborate with customers.
Social business
Which of the following is NOT a reason that collaboration and teamwork are more important today than? ever?
Growth of outsourcing
A? ______________ is a social website that allows groups to meet together and share knowledge about a specific area like? coins, space, or stamps.
Which of the following is NOT an application used in social? business?
?___________ commerce is a way for individuals to provide feedback and reviews about products and services.
Which of the following is a file storage and synchronization service for cloud? storage, file? sharing, and collaborative? editing?
Google Drive
A key benefit of collaboration is? _______________, which focuses on deriving better and more unique ideas for products and services.
Which capability of social software allows users to use? real-time information? streams, status? updates, and? announcements?
Feeds and notifications
?_________________ are information systems professionals who help bridge the relationships between programmers and end users to identify requirements for improved systems.
Systems analysts
What is the advantage of having a centralized information services? department, which operates as a separate department similar to other? departments?
This is more likely to produce more compatible systems and more coherent? long-term systems development plans.
A? ________ is a senior manager who oversees the use of IT in the firm
What primary goal does the San Francisco? Giants’ “dynamic ticket? pricing” help? accomplish?
It allows ticket prices to fluctuate according to demand
Businesses in America will spend approximately? $600 ____________ on? hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment in 2015.
With new laws requiring the storage of emails and other important? documents, estimates of information systems storage now exceeds? 1.8:
When talking about changes related to information? technology, the text identifies three interrelated changes that are responsible for the bulk of innovations. These include the mobile digital? platform, ________________________, and the growth of cloud computing.
the growing use of big data
?___________________ is a business driver which focuses on ways to achieve better efficiencies to increase profits
Operational excellence
If a competitor to your business introduces an effective product or service? (i.e., when Citibank first introduced the? ATM), your need to follow is considered an example of the business? driver:
A manager upset that he or she is not receiving? forecasts, sales? projections, or appropriate dashboards is expressing frustration for having a poor? ______________ business? driver:
Improved Decision Making
An automobile rental company interested in learning and adapting to the needs of its customers is focusing on the business? driver:
Customer and Supplier Intimacy
Which is an example of a business using information systems for customer? intimacy?
Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s customer-preference tracking system
In its simplest? form, ___________ represents streams of raw facts with limited usefulness until organized
An information system can be defined technically as a set of interrelated components that collect? (or retrieve),? process, store, and distribute information to support which of the? following?
Decision making and control in an organization
What is the name for the process of converting raw data into a more meaningful? form?
What is the name for the field that deals with behavioral issues as well as technical issues surrounding the? development, use, and impact of information systems used by managers and employees in the? firm?
Management information systems
Information? systems, management information? systems, information? technology, information? management, and computer information systems are often confused with one another. Which of these focuses primarily on hardware and? software?
information technology
Which of the following is NOT an element of critical? thinking?
Providing iterative feedback
Which of the following business problems is NOT a problem in the technology? dimension?
Complexity of task
Which of the following is NOT a step in the? problem-solving process?
Solution analysis
Which of the following is NOT considered to be a typical people? problem?
Political conflict
The problem solving model consists of problem? identification, solution? design, ________________, and implementation.
solution evaluation and choice
If you are solving a problem using the problem solving? model, the phase where you identify as many possible solutions as possible would represent the? ___________ phase
solution design
The final phase of the problem solving model is the? ___________ phase
Accountants rely heavily on information systems to do all of the following EXCEPT? ________
manage financial investments
Which of the following is FALSE about the information systems occupations through? 2022?
Offshore outsourcing will decrease demand in the U.S. for managerial IS positions.
_____________ is the largest single group in the U.S. business labor force and this group dramatically benefits from information to help with the decision making process.
Among fields such as? accounting, finance,? marketing, and? others, which has undergone the most change because of technology in the past 5? years?
Which of? Porter’s competitive forces model would describe an organization that loses customers due to its product prices being too? high?
Substitute products and services
Which of the following is NOT an impact of the Internet on competitive forces and industry? structure?
Reduces the price of products and services
Which type of activity within the value chain model is directly related to the production and distribution for a? firm’s products and? services?
Primary activities
Which of the following is NOT an example of a primary activity in the value? chain?
Human resources management
Which of the following is NOT a way that information systems provide a competitive? advantage?
Collecting and storing large amounts of data
Porter’s Five Forces Model states that the intensity of the competitive forces determines all of the following EXCEPT industry? ________.
Which of the following is NOT part of the description of a value? web?
They promote communication among units
Which of the following is NOT an example of disruptive? technologies?
Digital television
When a firm does something in which they are a? world-class leader, that activity would be considered to be a? _____________ for the company.
Core competency
If? Koa’s Puppy Food Corporation maintains a highly centralized operation with all corporate operations taking place in its home? country, it is said to have a? ___________ global strategy
Domestic exporter
A networked system configuration supports which of the following international business? strategies?
Multinational and transnational
If? Koa’s Puppy Food Corporation maintains a highly centralized operation with financial? management, but decentralizes production and marketing to other? countries, is said to have a? ___________ global strategy.
If? Koa’s Puppy Food Corporation maintains a strategy to take advantage of local competitive advantages and avoids the notion of national? boarders, it is said to have a? ___________ global strategy.
Companies often use information systems to improve quality by? ______________ as a way to set standards for products and services against predefined standards.
To help improve? quality, Delta Airlines installed customer care systems at some of its airport gates. The goal of this information system is to improve? ______________________.
customer service and the quality of the product
Automobiles have the opportunity to use? computer-aided design? (CAD) to create virtual models of parts and even prototype vehicles. This use of information systems to improve quality is related to? ______________________.
improving design quality and precision
The acronym related to organizational? improvements, TQM, stands for? ____________________.
total quality management
The popular quality management technique that specifically calls for 3.4 defects per million opportunities is called? ______________
Six sigma
______________ is a? term, when described from a customer? perspective, that involves demanding? durability, safety, ease of? use, as well as service effectiveness and responsiveness
______________ is the total time it takes a child to purchase lemonade? ingredients, create the? lemonade, and set up operations for a neighborhood lemonade stand
Cycle time
______ is the acronym related to a leading model for improving business processes to enhance competitiveness.
?____________ is the final and ongoing step of the business process management model.
Continuous measurement
Which of the following is FALSE regarding the description of business process management? (BPM)?
It works on increasing process throughput and quality
In the Datacard? Case, the company decided on a complete business process transformation. An example of a successful business process redesign described in the case included? ________________.
the distribution of pricing to Datacard’s partners
?____________ is a business process improvement model which is most known and used when dramatic change is needed to gain improvements in productivity and efficiency.
Business process reengineering

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