ISOM H210 Chapter 1 Questions

Knowledge workers are professionals who ________.
create, modify, and/or synthesize knowledge as a fundamental part of their jobs
Which of the following is an example of an economic change brought about by globalization?
increases in the outsourcing of labor
Which of the following is true about Globalization 3.0?
Individuals and small groups from virtually every nation joined the globalization movement.
In 1994, a company called ________ released the first mainstream Web browser thereby opening up the possibilities of the Internet for the general public
Which of the following best explains the process of moving business processes or tasks to another company?
Aircraft manufacturer Boeing designed its new 787 Dreamliner aircraft in Russia, making use of the availability of highly skilled aeronautical engineers. Identify this strategy.
TransCorp is a medium-sized IT firm that is looking to outsource its payroll processes. Which of the following statements, if true, would most strengthen the decision to outsource?
Companies in other countries are more efficient in all aspects of work, along with lower cost.
Outsourcing has seen a huge increase because of the ________.
decrease in telecommunication costs
Aortego, a U.S.-based automobile company, has a manufacturing plant in India and has been able to reduce its manufacturing costs significantly because of the country’s highly-skilled yet low cost labor. However, Aortego is forced to shift its plant from India to Canada because of the introduction of a new law which mandates that all companies collaborate with Indian companies before entering into the country. Which of the following best explains Aortego’s shift from India to Canada?
According to Nicholas Carr, cloud computing may contribute to the decline in outsourcing. Which of the following justifies this statement?
An IT outsourcer’s business is built around managing complex internal systems. A shift to a simpler cloud-based IT infrastructure should reduce the need for outsourcers.
Which of the following is a cultural challenge of operating in the digital world?
differences in power distance and uncertainty avoidance
Which of the following statements is true about information systems (IS) and information technology (IT)?
IT programs are more technical in nature, whereas IS programs have a stronger managerial focus.
________ refers to physical computer equipment, such as the computer monitor, central processing unit, or keyboard
Which of the following statements is true about data?
It has no meaning in and of itself.
Which of the following IS personnel is responsible for strategic planning and IS use throughout a firm?
the chief information officer
In information systems management, a systems consultant is responsible for ________.
providing information systems knowledge to external clients
Which of the following is part of an IS personnel’s technical knowledge and skills?
network operating systems
The purpose of a(n) ________ is to support and integrate all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and so on.
enterprise resource planning system
Toyota’s automotive electronics systems and FedEx’s Web site were not developed solely because managers in these organizations wanted to do things faster or because they wanted to have the latest, greatest technology. These organizations developed these systems to help gain or sustain competitive advantage. The choices made in developing the systems at both Toyota and FedEx were ________ in their intent.
Which of the following can be cited as an example of a digital divide?
Lora has access to more information than Frank because she knows how to operate a computer.

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