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Why I chose this reading …. is because it seemed relatable.

It seemed like an interesting book, one that I could relate to myself, I think that all teenagers could relate to this. The book explains about respect, and how adults don’t really understand teens. And talks allot about anger and how to control it. My reading was about …. a 17 year old named Bo who has anger issues. He uses his anger to push himself to the physical limits of sports.

He calls his English teacher, Mr. Redmond a name. He has already got 2 suspensions, and its only October.And after calling him a name, he will get expelled. Unless, he attends anger management classes. Throughout the novel he’s training for Yukon Jack’s, a big triathlon or race near his home.

If he wins he will win the title of an “Ironman” which is everything to him. He meets a girl, named Shelly, in Anger Management and they date. She bets 500 dollars that Bo will beat Ian Wyrack, a university swimming student to the triathlon. Ian assembles a team, and in the end Bo learns how to control his anger and beats Ian’s team.Something new from my reading that I learned about life…. was that when an adult says “It’s for your own good.

” It’s really not for your own good. For example, say your mom grounds you to teach you a lesson about respect. She would say it’s for your own good. But when you’re grounded for not being allowed to play with your electronics, from the kid’s perspective it’s really not for their own good.

3 significant quotes from the story 1. “’What happened to your face? ’ Bo touches it tenderly and smiles. ‘Nothing….

. ’ ‘This wasn’t your Dad, right? Bo smiles again. ‘No. My dad leaves bruises on the inside. ’” This quote is important because it explains how people like Bo’s father, doesn’t physically hurt him, he mentally hurts him.

When he says Lucas leaves bruises on the inside, Lucas says things to him that hurt his feelings, make him angry mostly. It’s what he says that hurts him, not what he does. 2. “‘I’d let it go, but you have got to know the value of a dollar. ’ I turned around and screamed ‘What about the value of pain? ’ Dad’s expression didn’t change. I’ll teach you that too, you just doubled it, friend.

You’ll earn two hundred dollars. ’” This quote is important because it is explaining the value of money. Bo saved 100 dollars, but gave it all away to some homeless guy because he felt sorry for him. His dad said he needed to pay himself back, and that guy was just pretending to be homeless so he could get money. This quote is showing how cold Bo’s father can be, he didn’t care that Bo was being extremely generous and had a good heart.

He thought he was just wasting his money on a guy who didn’t really need it. 3. ’I know I have made some mistakes with Bo, no parent is perfect-but I don’t need some self-righteous Zen-thinking outsider to give me advice about the relationship with my son. ’” This quote is important because it simply explains that Bo’s father doesn’t want Mr. Nakatani, who is in charge of the school’s anger management group to interfere with Bo, his son.

This proves that even though Bo’s father is mean, he still cares about him and who he speaks to and is around. He belives that Mr. Nak is meddling with Bo, and also belives that he doesn’t understand what it’s like to have children, to take care of them and deal with their problems.

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