Introduction to the Theatre

In Elinor Fuchs article, “EF’s Visit to a Small Planet: Some questions to ask a play,” Fuchs asserts that “before making judgements, we must _________”
Ask Questions
According to Krutch, “It is impossible to write tragedy today in modern times because we consider human being too petty to be capable of tragic action.” (T/F)
According to Fuchs, “the study of art _____”
Shows us how to live
Possibly no one has exterted grater influence on ideas about the nature of drama and the dramatic form other than ___. His work, the Poetics recommends organizing dramatic action by ____.
Aristotle; cause-to-effect
The two basic and earliest forms of drama are:
Comedy; Tragedy
The shape give to something for a particular purpose:
When revealing ___ anlaysis is done through stage directions, what the is said, what others say and what is done.
The four levels of characterization are:
Biological, societal, psychological, and ethical
The ___ in the plot structure leads to the major dramatic question
Inciting Incident
The two most common plot structures/ sources of unity are: comedy and tragedy (T/F)
A summary of the play’s incidents, organization of all elements into a meaningful pattern and the overall structure of the play describes:
According to Aristotle, characrteristics of effective ___ are complete and selcontained, deliberate in organization, has variety, engages and maintains interest and is internally consistent
Dramatic Action
The playscript may serve as the basis for numerous productions wwhich may or may nor be similar in style (T/F)
Brightness, angle, distribution, color, movement, time of day, mood focus and instruments are details that would mostly concern:
Lighting designer
Thin, transperent sheets of colored plastic used to color the beams form stage lighing instruments are called:
Gelatins or gels
When the stage is tilted, or the an angle, is referred to as:
Locale, time and place, text analysis, building materials, flats, drops, and paint are details that would mostly concern:
Set Designer
A simple theatrical space able to adapt to a variety of staging/ technical styles called:
a black box
The sound designer should use music and sound effects to:
Support the artistic vision of the play
Turntablel, elevators, hoists, rolling carts and wagons are examples of:
Stage Machinery
What are ordinarily used to create walls or framing for a play’s set design?
A wireless microphone attached to a performer is called a ___ mic:
Time, period, place, coclors, fabrics, station in life, and occasion are details that would mostly concern:
Costume designer
Audiences arrive at their own interpretation:
Regardless of what the playwright, director, actor, designer intended
Film requires more collaboration between the director and the audience (T/F)
The key similarity when comparing theatre and film is:
Audience are public, forming a temporary community
There are no rules on how to experience theatre, however, willingness to give full attention and engage ___ helps embrace the experienve.
In film, the director can/can’t focus audience attention on what she wants us to see. In theatre the director can/can’t focus attention, moments are happening as the whole experience is happening. Put another way in film the director chooses what is seen and in theatre the ___ choose what to look at.
What is the three step process for evaluating performence with regard to individual elements and the overall experience?
one has the experience; one analyzes the experience; one communicates the experience to others
Basic Problems of Criticism deal with which three:
Understanding, effectiveness and ultimate worth
Every audience member is a “critic” but there are experts. Criteria for experts include:
Typically see a great deal of theatre; have a background and understand its elements and have an audience to speak to
Audience response is:
Spontaneous and immediate
The influence of criticism cannot be accurately measured, however, it is clear that criticism can negatively or positively impact potential audiences. (T/F)
No other group has been more active in ___ especially among a diverse population of young students than the theater for a new audience.
Audience development
In “That Useless liberal arts degee has become tech’s hottest ticket,” research suggests that the “financial payoff of an engineering degree remains strong,” and there is a trend among growing companies fore automation. Liberal arts majors are finding success in tech companies and that success in part is attributed to ___
People/Social skills and connecting with what people want developed from undersanding human relations
Produced in 1998 Disney’s The Lion King, is currently running on Broadway. (T/F)
What are the elements of Design?
1. line
2. shape
3. space
4. color
5. texture
6. ornamentation
What are the three areas impacted by the characteristics of the thearical space and the way production elements are used?
1. Audience expectations and response
2. size influences what can be seen
What are the four types of stages:
1. Proscenium
2. Thrust
3. Arena
4. Flexible stage
what are the 6 principles of design?
1. Harmony
2. Variety
3. Balance
4. Proportion
5. Rhythm
6. Emphasis
One of today’s most admired lighting designers. His/her influence is evedent not only through his/her work, numerous awards and achievements, but also through his/her teaching at the Yale School of Drama
Jennifer Tippton
A graduate of the yale school of drama, ehre she/he studies with Ming Cho Lee and Jane Greenwood, ___ is best known for doing exhaustive reseach and has won numerous awards for costume awards for sostume design including for Tony Awards
Catherine Zuber
A graduate of and professor at the Yale School of Drama, ___ is an internationally accomplished and award winning stage designer.
Michael Yeargan
Said to be one of the most influential contemporary American scene designers. She/he is nkown for developing a style that abandoned the use of pictorial, painred scenery in favor of defininf the space with scaffolding built from metal or wood and combining them with fragments od scenery. She/he is best nkown as an educator. As a professor a the Yale School of Drama, she/he has trained many Broadway designers and Tony Award winners
Ming Cho Lee
Contemporary director, ___ popularized the acting technique viewpoints. Theatre Critic Mel Gussow had pointed out that, “depending on the point of view, [She/he] is either an innovator or a provocateur assaulting a script.”
Anne Bogart
“The language of the body is the landscape of the man’s soul”
Martha Graham
‘Theater’ is the American apelling and ‘ Theatre’ is the European spelling for the ART form. (T/F)
The three basic elements of theatre:
what is performed, the performance, the audience
Multiple componets, including writing, acting, scenery, costumes, etc. can be skillfully integrate to give a single unified impression. There is a dange that ___ can overshadow a production.
A public audience assembles as a froup at a specific time and place to experience a performence creating:
Temporary community
A profound effect on the performence is ___. Characteristics include: immediate feedback, expectations and motivations, preference through attendance and nonattendance, and taste influences what is performed.
The audience
The three elements of the theatre may be treated ___ in discussion, however they interact and modify each other ___ in practice.
Separately; simultaneously
Mama Rose’s true intention is displayed as selfish in “Everything’s coming up roses” from Gypsy. (T/F)
The basic desire of The Factory is:
To strip theatre of its accepted conventions and practices and embrace its immediacy
The 1966 musical Cabaret is set shortly before the events leading to:
“Most forms of theatre use a play as the basis for performance.” ___ combines theatrical storytelling with breathtaking accrobatics, aerial stunts, circus acts, stunning visual effects, and contempory music.
Cirque du Soleil
The three factors Adolphe Appia asserts are most important in production are: actor, space, and lighting. (T/F)
Examples of groups of people producing and performing in theatre who were not a century ago are:
Senior citizens, Children and adults with physical and developmental impairments, individual with hearing impairment
Self-censorship is ultimately stultifying because:
if art never goes beyond what is already familiar, it risks being dull and predictable
“I regard the theatre as the greatest of all art forms, the most immediate way in which a human being can share with another the sense of what it is to be human being”
Oscar Wilde
We share commonalities even among uncommon cultures (T/F)
Five share commonalities are
1. Mimetic Beings
2. Seek order
3. Communal Beings
4. Wear masks
5. Enjoy and seek entertainment
Translates a particular feeling and emotion, human condition, situation, or fantasy into a movement and dramatic expression combined to communicate a story.
Interpretive dance
Symbolic actions developed by and performed for a community usually to satisfy its spiritual or cultural needs. Arranged in a patern – often over a long period of time – becomes percise in theri execution and believed to have been originally performed to pacify a diety
Anthropologist asset that theatre in Asia originated from interpretive dace from rituals in the west. (T/F)
Historically the theatre has been considered a vital part of life as well as a threat. it had been an integral part of culture and been outlawed and banned (T/F)
Theater is collaborative process (T/F)
Approaches to writing are specific. There is a right and wrong approach to writing plays (T/F)
Wagner asserts that care is needed ‘not to snuff out the life of a script visually because ___’
The design is a very powerful instrument
Actors view on acting vary widely (T/F)
Most directors view the role as beholden to the entire production not just one element (T/F)
In ‘anything goes’ some could say the ___ overpowers the controversial text. This would be an example of the danger of ___ overshadowing the story.
Choreography, spectacle
Playwrights need to see their work performed to answer questions about:
The dialogue and speeches, the clarity of the dramatic action, the effectiveness of plot structure
A production dramaturg:
Assist the director by supplying information and asking critical questions
Which is not considered an “old practice” in terms of play devellopment?
Literary managers ask for clarification of goals
Which best explains the difference between literary management and production dramaturgy?
Literary management is concerned with the entire season, whereas production dramaturgy is concerned with a specific production
The basic question one asks when considering a play for production is: “Why this play for this audience at this time?” (T/F)
Which statement best describes the essential service the producer procides the director?
The producer provides the space, personnel and money the director needs to realize his or her vision
The producer’s primary functions are financial and managerial in nature (T/F)
When studying the script, one questions a director may ask is whether or not the length of the script should be cut (T/F)
Directors generally dictate to the designers exactly what the show should look like (T/F)
Each moment within a play creates an image that sends a message to the audience- whether planned or not (T/F)
The means to create visual emphasis remain he same, regardless of type of stage (T/F)
Well designed, self-contained theatres include facilities for preparing production as well as performing them (T/F)
The scenic designer is not only an expert in the prectical skills of theatre but an artist whose work functions collaboratively in ___
Pilbrow compare the role of lighting to ___ that “joins all elements of the production together and thus helps underline for the audience the full emotion and meaning of the play”
Prominent costume designers conclude that costume design is not just about the mastery of technique (T/F)
The twentieth century has seen an evolution beyond the ‘auditorium’ designed for the audience and the other, designed for production, we know as ‘the stage.’ Today’s space is more ___
In the “Glamourous Life” from Sondheim’s A Little Night Music, the performer is comparing the glamorous life a performing traveling mother to:
Ordinary mothers
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