Intro to wildlife

Dr. Debra Miller is from Wisconsin and did
her DVM and PhD at Mississippi State
University. What is her area of expertise?
Wildlife Diseases
Dr. Adam Willcox is from Virginia and did
his PhD at University of Florida.
What is his area of expertise?
Human Dimensions
Dr. Charlie Kwit is from Illinois and did his
PhD at LSU. What is his area of expertise?
Wildlife Botany
Dr. Emma Willcox is from England and did
her PhD at University of Florida. What is
her area of expertise?
Upland Habitat
Dr. Buehler’s major at the University of
Wisconsin before he switched to wildlife
biology was?
Nuclear Engineering
What animal did Dr. Buehler study for
his MS degree?
Snowshoe hare
Dr. Buehler discussed 4 strategies to build a
great start for your career. Which one of
the following was NOT a strategy he
Play Intramural Sports
What is the minimum GPA that Dr.
Buehler suggested achieving?
Charismatic megafauna
Large animals that inspire
devotion in others
People tend to prioritize which wildlife species are
more “important” than others.
A good example of this is…
Apes are more important than
A widely used and acceptable
definition of wildlife is…
Undomesticated plants and animals
The term “wildlife” means different things
to different people
What is the one core course in the Watershed curriculum
that Dr. Gray recommended taking to earn a minor?
ESS 424 Watershed Management
At UT, you must apply for graduation
Two semesters before you graduate
What is the minimum number of years of professional
experience (post-B.S.) before you can be considered for
certification as a Certified Wildlife Biologist?
0, you can be considered
upon graduation with a B.S.
or B.A.
How often should you meet with your
Advisor for academic counseling?
Before each semester
you plan to take classes
What is the major difference in the North American model
vs. the European model regarding wildlife ownership?
Wildlife in America is held in public trust, whereas wildlife is allocated by land ownership and privilege in Europe
Which U.S. President had the greatest positive
impact on conservation of our natural resources?
Theodore Roosevelt
What are the 2 basic, foundational principles of the 7 sisters of the North American Model for Wildlife Conservation?
Fish and wildlife belong to all Americans, and they need to be managed in a way that their populations will be sustained forever
Who started the first college-level wildlife education program?
Aldo Leopold
Which federal agency primarily provides conservation assistance on private lands?
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Which federal agency primarily works on coastal and marine resources management?
NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
Which one of these does not typically hire WFS graduates from UT?
Tennessee State Parks
Which non-governmental organization (NGO) is working to save the last great places on Earth?
The Nature Conservancy
What tree species does Ashley Case study?
American chestnut
What is the standardized test that is required by
most universities for entry into graduate school that
Matt Reed discussed?
Who is Jordan Nanney’s graduate school
Dr. Craig Harper
Jarred Brooke went to which university for his B.S.?
Purdue University
What congressional act resulted in creation of the National Park Service?
Organic Act of 1916
Which is the primary consumer of water on Earth?
What species of trout is native to the Southern Appalachians?
Brook trout
What was the name of the piscicide (fish pesticide) that NPS is using to restore native trout populations?
Which agency does Bill Smith work for?
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
Bill Smith began his career working as a ________.
Wildlife Officer
Bill Smith works in Region IV, serving TWRA as a _________________.
Area Wildlife Manager
Bill Smith’s message last week could be summarized
with which of the following
People are a huge part of wildlife management, so treat them with
respect, be enthusiastic, & work hard
Ken Cutsinger works for which of the following agencies?
Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
What was Ken’s job title?
Wildlife Officer
What was special about Ken’s position?
He gets to take his dog to work with him
When selecting a partner, Ken looks for which of the following characteristics?
High ball drive
What does a wildlife veterinarian do?
Investigate pathogens important to wildlife populations, and that may also affect domestic species and humans.
Respond to wildlife mortality events, and conduct investigations as necessary.
Provide guidelines for implementing management protocols to prevent transmission of pathogens that cause disease in wildlife populations.
Does a wildlife disease biologist need to be a DVM?
(Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)
Does Tennessee have a state wildlife disease biologist?
Why would it be advantageous for a wildlife veterinarian
to be a Certified Wildlife Biologist?
It can promote better communication and mutual respect when working in teams
Alex Wyss works for which of the following?
The Nature Conservancy
Which of the following slogans summarizes his NGO’s work today?
Global Challenges, Global Solutions
Which of these is the largest conservation nonprofit in the world?
The Nature Conservancy
Alex’s organization initially identifies areas of “conservation priority” based on which of these?
Large natural areas
High species diversity
In need of protection
Restoration potential
Which of these would summarize Alex’s message to
becoming successful in broad-based conservation?
Collaboration is key
Interest in all animals, but particularly wildlife and the
outdoors. Extreme satisfaction in direct, personal contact with wilderness.
Interest in animals and nature as objects of beauty or of
symbolic significance. Attracted to animal sporting activities and wildlife in action to enhance the artistic display and appeal.
Active avoidance of animals due to indifference, dislike, fear, and/or superstition. Live in a people-centered world, with little or no empathy toward animals and the natural world.
Great concern for the treatment and welfare of domestic and wild animals. Maintains a sense of equality between humans and animals. Stands in opposition to hunting, trapping, zoos, rodeos, horse racing, etc.
Animals are regarded more as physical objects for study, with
little personal attraction to pets, wildlife, or the natural
Strong personal affection for individuals (pets) rather than
wildlife. But maintains a general concern for the well-being of all animals, wildlife included.
Satisfaction from control and/or a desire to master animals.
Trophy hunting, rodeos, and obedience training from the
standpoint of pure mastery are examples.
Interest in practical use and material benefit of animals (to
humans). Animals should be put to good use, rather being kept or cared for as only companions or friends.
Primary concern for the overall environment and
interrelationships between wild species and natural habitats.
The Wildlife Society, which formalized the scientific approach to wildlife conservation in America, started in which year
What is the name of the professional, scientific journal published by The Wildlife Society?
Journal of Wildlife Management
The Wildlife Society launched a new professional, scientific publication as an outlet for papers on wildlife management, law enforcement, education, opinion, and human dimensions. These papers can be found in which one of the following?
Wildlife Society Bulletin
The Wildlife Society produces a magazine containing news and analysis designed to keep today’s wildlife professionals informed about critical advances in wildlife science, conservation, management, and policy. What is the title of the magazine?
The Wildlife Professional
Wildlife management was and still is popular or sounds “fun” to many Americans, however, which of the following played a role in removing political appointees from game warden and other wildlife management-type positions during the mid-20th century? (circle all that apply)
College-level wildlife education
Minimum standards/qualifications by hiring agencies and organizations
The Certified Wildlife Biologist program was voted on and approved in which year?
Specific wildlife education standards and professional wildlife work-related experience are the two keys to becoming a Certified Wildlife Biologist through TWS.
The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation helps sustain not only game species, but all wildlife and their habitats across the continent.
Early settlers (English and French) of the United States came from cultures where wildlife was treated as private property in many cases, and hunting was an activity set aside for aristocrats.
In the United States and Canada, wildlife belong to the public and are managed under the public trust doctrine.
Recreational hunters pushed for laws and regulations to prevent exploitation of wildlife.
The U.S. human population grew from 5 to 76 million people from 1800 to 1900, with a greater proportion of the population becoming rural or urban (circle one) during that period.
_______________ hunters trade or sell dead wildlife (and/or their parts) as a source of income.
Yellowstone National Park was established by Congress in 1872, yet the Army still had to take over its administration and stop rampant poaching in __________. This was symbolic of the desperate measures necessary to protect remnant wildlife populations from extinction during this timeframe.
Which organization’s purpose was originally to “take charge of all matters pertaining to the enactment and carrying out of game and fish laws”?
Boone and Crockett Club
Which law was created to prevent trade in illegally harvested wildlife across state lines?
Lacey Act 1900
Which law was created to protect migratory birds from egg and nest collectors, and unregulated hunting?
Migratory Bird Treaty Act 1916
Who wrote the American Game Policy in 1930, outlining a broad vision to better protect, restore, manage and conserve wildlife resources in America?
Aldo Leopold and others
Which of the following is not one of the 7 sisters of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation?
federal protection of all wildlife
Which of the 7 sisters (the seven underlying principles of the Model) is considered to be the “heart” or center of the conservation model?
Wildlife as a Public Trust Resource.
The first nationwide conservation movement began in the
Late 1800s
Aldo Leopold believed which of the following
Landscapes can be managed to meet wildlife’s habitat requirement, especially if the manager understands and respects the land.
Civilization is a state of ___ __ and ___ ___ cooperation between human animals, other animals, plants, and soils, which may be disrupted at any moment by the failure of any of them.
Mutual, Interdependent
… more machine-made commodities to more people…. If we can all keep warm and full, and all own a Ford and a radio, the good life will follow. This theory was referred to as
Salvation by machinery
Based on the conservation ethic, Leopold believes that most humans have a deep rooted belief that destruction of wild lands, and of the living things upon them, is wrong
Describe the mentality behind the “conservation-booster”
That the conservation-booster, who of late has been rewriting the conservation ticket in terms of “tourist-bait.” He as in “tourists,” exhorts us to “conserve outdoor Wisconsin” because if we don’t the motorist on vacation will streak through to Michigan, leaving us only a cloud of dust. (The writer’s tenacity suggests that he is after something more than tourists.)
At the inception of the conservation movement, its underlying thesis was to do which of the following?
Save species from extinction
Soil and plant ____ ____ are the building blocks, which determine plant and animal life, both wild and domesticated, and likewise the quality and quantity of human satisfactions to be derived.
The human population in the United States is approximately?
320 million
The global human population is currently at?
6.6 billion
The global human population is expected to reach ____ ____ by 2050.
9.2 billion
The U.S. population is expected to increase by __ __ by 2043.
100 million
More people generally means good things for wildlife.
_____________________ will be a key strategy to sustaining healthy fish and wildlife populations in the future.
Educate the public & policymakers about science-based wildlife management and conservation
Author Richard Louv coined the following term, describing the American public’s growing disconnect from nature (i.e. primarily due to urbanization and the associated “distractions”)
Nature Deficit Disorder
This disconnect from nature has resulted in 2 major problems. These include:
The growth of non-science-based animal rights groups, the decline in sportsmen and women and their financial contributions
__ __ of the world’s mammals, __ __ of its amphibians, ____ of its birds, __ __ of its marine corals, and a __ __ of its freshwater fishes are currently threatened with extinction.
quarter, one-third, 13%, quarter, quarter
Some scientists estimate that the average global temperature may increase by __ to __ degrees Farenheight by 2100.
2, 11.5
Wildlife scientists need to start planning for changes in seasonal ______ patterns can ___ ___.
Weather, Impact Plant & Wildlife Phenology, Potentially Harming Reproduction
Congress recommended a ___________ percent cut in funding for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in FY2013.
The University of Tennessee still maintains traditional _____ ,____ and ______ – _______ experience for students!
Curricula Of Biological Science, Wildlife Techniques, Hands-on
The wildlife profession is extremely diverse, and reflects the increasingly multi-ethnic and multi-cultural character of the North American continent.
Around ______ percent of the leadership in the wildlife field is slated to retire in the next decade.
Non-native _________ species are threatening biodiversity across the globe.
These species cost the U.S. economy an estimated _____ annually.
>$135 billion
The Wildlife Society are advocates for maintaining healthy populations of free-ranging house cats, feral horses, and feral swine since they are “naturalized” and now part of naturally functioning ecosystems.
Diseases are not a major threat to fish and wildlife populations today due to modern medicine and the advancement of wildlife veterinary care.
Which two groups of wildlife have the greatest potential for wildlife-human conflicts?
Large carnivores and Large ungulates
Human alteration of the environment and the removal of predators have caused overpopulation in which of the following?
White-tailed deer and Snow geese
The Wildlife Society officially incorporated the “student member” category into its bylaws in which year?
To encourage networking and information exchange among student chapters, TWS supports student ______, which are regional meetings that draw students from area universities and colleges to get training in field techniques, interact with working professionals, and engage in a little friendly competition.
Which Working Group within TWS works to prepare students for professional wildlife careers?
Student Development Working Group
The annual meeting held by TWS, which provides meaningful student engagement opportunities, is called ____________________.
TWS Annual Conference
In 2010, TWS launched a state-of-the-art online __________ Program, to help student members develop professional connections with mentors and additional contacts, access relevant information, and help guide students into the profession.
TWS has ramped up its social networking sites such as The Wildlife Society Blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linked In. The Blog is called _________________.
Making Tracks
TWS recognizes that university wildlife education should never remain stagnant, primarily because student backgrounds and international wildlife conservation challenges are constantly evolving.
Which of these people was one of the first to create wildlife food plots for game animals?
Genghis Khan 1162-1227
Based on the reading, a job in the wildlife profession (including fisheries) is not just a mere job, but a
Commitment beyond _________________________ is required to produce biologists who
continuously become all that they can be.
Wildlife and Fisheries Biologists are trained to be concerned with the art and science of managing 3
things. List them:
wildlife, habitat, and users of wildlife
Another facet of natural resource management is ???, which is not well understood nor as skillfully practiced as it should be.
If wildlife (including fish) does not produce income, there is apt to be a continuing loss of wildlife
habitat and wildlife.
Therefore, biologists cannot be completely effective without possessing and exercising good ???? skills.
The professional is always in the process of ????, thus it should not end with a university diploma.
Too often people can’t hear us because of how we ????, ????, or ????.
dress, talk, act
The Wildlife Society gives voice and definition to our profession. There is strength in ????, which means that we can do more for the wildlife resource as we ban
together versus going it alone.
professional societies
Rather than trying to figure out how this profession can benefit you, a true professional identifies their
strengths and uses them to benefit the resource and the profession as a whole.
Professional involvement is a required ???? beyond employment.
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) employs more than ____ wildlife officers.
The minimum qualifications for an entry level wildlife officer position with TWRA is
4-year degree in a related field of study
The Tennessee Hunter Education Program has been in existence since
Approximately ____________ students have successfully completed the TN Hunter Education class.
½ million
Which best describes the “take home” message from the hunter education course?
Safety, respect, responsibility
Today, approximately _______ % of wildlife majors in the United States have never hunted a day in their lives.
State and federal wildlife agencies have actually acknowledged that it is a problem when employees do not have hunting backgrounds, especially when attempting to regulate and/or manage those activities.
Dr. Scott Craven at the University _________ started a program to help wildlife students understand hunting and its role in wildlife conservation.
????? for Tomorrow is a professional development program designed for student and professional leaders within the natural resource sciences. It focuses on hunting awareness and conservation education among academic programs and government agencies.
Conservation leaders
Students pursuing careers in wildlife management reflect the trend of an increasingly ______ society.
Anti-hunting organizations & groups are putting some state wildlife agencies in impossible positions of trying to please everyone.
Hunter distrust of state wildlife agencies is a growing issue.
Hunters, along with other consumptive users such as anglers and trappers, foot the bill for state wildlife conservation efforts administered by TWRA.
The work of wildlife conservation occurs only because dedicated professionals apply their _______, ________, and ________ to the task.
hands, hearts, minds
Which 2 individuals provided the catalyst for the fledgling wildlife profession during the 1930s?
Aldo Leopold, Jay Norwood
Sand County, Game MAnagement
What are the titles to Aldo Leopold’s two most famous books?
Aldo Leopold Memorial Reward
What is The Wildlife Society’s highest honorary award?
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