Int’l Marketing Chapter 10

Generally speaking, which of the following statements is true concerning product attributes?
Both tangible and intangible product attributes are important
Many American car buyers perceived Korean cars as:
An express warranty is a written guarantee that assures the buyer:
that he or she is getting what he or she has paid for
Packaging is an important consideration for products that are shipped to markets worldwide. Which of the following statements related to packaging is not true?
Japanese prefer plain soft colors on their packages
Coca-Cola’s distinctive contour bottle, which is sold in many countries, illustrates the point that:
the packaging strategies can vary by country and region
The marketers of Corona beer achieved great success in the U.S. market by:
retaining the bottle design originally used in Mexico
Regulators in different countries have proposed various regulations for product labeling. All of the following statements pertaining to such regulations are true except:
the use of terms “light” and “natural” are allowed on labels only in the United States.
Global marketers must understand the importance of visual aesthetics embodied in the color or shape of a product, label, or package. Which of the following statements is not true regarding the use of color in selected countries?
The red Marlboro color had to be changed in some Asian countries
The American Automobile Labeling Act clarifies all of the following except:
information about car dealer
As outlined by branding expert Kevin Keller, the benefits of strong brand equity include all of the following except:
more vulnerability to marketing actions
________ represent(s) the cumulative added value of a company’s investment in the marketing of a brand over time.
Brand equity
________ can also be thought of as an asset representing the value created by the relationship between the brand and its customers over time.
Brand equity
Which of the following statements is not an example of local products or brands?
BMW uses “the ultimate driving machine” slogan in India
Example of a “brand symbol” includes all of the following except:
date of manufacture on Coca-Cola cans
Around the world, various brands of personal computers are sold with Pentium processors. This fact is often used as a selling point, with advertising that proclaims “Intel Inside.” Which branding concept does such advertising reflect?
British entrepreneur Richard Branson has built a global business empire by:
relying on brand extension.
Which of the following is not in the top five of the world’s most valuable brands according to 2012 rankings?
Maslow’s hierarchy is applicable to global marketing because it can help explain how:
basic human needs can drive the development of global products
Alfred Zeien, former chairman of Gillette, once noted that his company’s Parker Pen unit does not have to develop a special model for Malaysia and Singapore because shoppers worldwide seek the same things when buying a gift that will serve the recipient as a status symbol. This insight relates to which level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
Comparing the traditional formulation of Maslow’s hierarchy with the results of current research on the consumer needs and motivation in Asia, which of the following is correct?
The lowest 2 levels of the hierarchy are the same in the traditional and Asian versions
Which of the following is not one of the levels in the Asian version of Maslow’s hierarchy?
Packaging aesthetics are particularly important to the:
The benefits of strong brands include all of the following except:
less inelastic consumer response to price increases
A global product meets the wants and needs of a global market, including the Triad which includes the following countries:
Japan, Western Europe, and the United States
Which of the following could hinder the success of products labeled “Made in Bangladesh” or “Made in Thailand” in export markets?
negative country-of-origin bias
Intel inside campaign promoting both the Intel Corporation and its Pentium-brand processors in conjunction with advertising for various brands of personal computers is an example of:
Generally speaking, which of the following product categories represents the best potential for extension into international markets without adaptation?
industrial products
Dry soup mixes that have long been popular in Europe are marketed as sauces or dips in the United States. This is an example of the ________ strategy.
product extension-communications adaptation
Targeting the 300 million farmers in India who still use plows harnessed to oxen, John Deere engineers created a line of relatively inexpensive, no-frills tractors. The Deere team then realized that the same equipment could be marketed to hobby farmers and acreage owners in the United States, a segment that they had previously overlooked. This is an example of ________ strategy.
product extension-communications adaptation
Prior to 2004, Nokia launched different cell phone products in different countries at different times. Nokia also used different advertising images and messages in different countries. Which approach to the world marketplace was Nokia using?
product-communication adaptation
Before Ben & Jerry’s launched their ice cream in the United Kingdom, the company conducted extensive research to determine whether the package design was appropriate. The research indicated that British consumers perceived the colors differently than U.S. consumers. The package design was changed accordingly. This type of strategy can be defined as:
product extension-communications adaptation
Campbell’s has been marketing soup in Japan for more than 40 years. Early on, Japanese consumers were not receptive to ads featuring the Campbell Kids and the “M’m M’m Good” slogan. This compelled Campbell’s to develop ads featuring a talking soup can known as “Mr. Campbell.” Campbell’s also developed soup varieties for Japan with fish as the main protein source and spices that reflect local preferences. As described here, which of the following strategies has Campbell’s used in Japan?
product-communication adaptation
To promote its Centrino wireless chip, Intel launched a global ad campaign that features different combinations of celebrities. These celebrities were chosen because they are widely recognized in the key world markets. This type of strategy is referred to as:
product extension-communications adaptation
Colgate’s Total is a new toothpaste brand whose formulation, imagery, and consumer appeal were designed from the beginning to translate across national boundaries. Which strategy did Colgate use with Total?
product innovation
Hindustan Lever recently developed a hard candy flavored with natural fruit juice that it sells profitably in India for the equivalent of 1 cent per piece. This is Hindustan Lever’s first-ever candy product. What strategy is evident here?
product invention
Guidelines which can assist managers in their effort to establish global brand leadership include all of the following except:
make a process template for international consumers
The formulation, imagery, and consumer appeal of Colgate’s Total brand toothpaste were designed to translate across national boundaries. This new global brand represents which type of product innovation?
continuous innovation
When introduced in the late 1970s, the VCR created new patterns of consumer behavior. For example, assuming the user could learn to set the timer, he or she could tape programs to watch at a later time. DVD, a playback only video system, was introduced in the late 1990s. DVD discs contain full-length movies with digital sound in a format that resembles conventional music compact discs. Which of the following most accurately describes the respective degree of newness of these two global products?
The VCR is a discontinuous innovation; the DVD is a dynamically continuous innovation
The introduction of consumer VCRs in the late 1970s initiated a revolutionized in-home electronic entertainment. For example, assuming the user could learn to set the timer, he or she could tape programs to watch at a later time. The VCR’s popularity also gave rise to an entirely new retailing concept, the video rental store. What type of innovation did the consumer VCR represent?
discontinuous innovation
The Advanced Photo System (APS) created by Kodak and its partners combines traditional chemical photo processing with digital technology. One benefit of the system is that shutterbugs can choose 3 different print sizes. The APS would best be described as a:
dynamically continuous innovation
After four years of product development, Procter & Gamble recently introduced a new, improved disposable diaper. Pampers Rash Guard diapers are designed to prevent diaper rash and represent the first time a company has made a medical claim for its diapers. What kind of innovation do the new diapers represent?
continuous innovation
Procter & Gamble recently introduced Pampers Rash Guard. Rash Guard does not represent a new product per se; rather, the diapers are being marketed as an alternative to regular Pampers. What type of innovation do Pampers Rash Guard diapers represent?
continuous innovation
Motorola’s failed Iridium venture was a global satellite telephone network designed to allow users to make or receive calls anywhere on the globe using handsets that are somewhat bigger than typical cellular phones. What type of innovation did Iridium represent?
dynamically continuous innovation
By definition, a ________ requires a large amount of learning on the part of users and typically creates new markets and consumption patterns.
discontinuous innovation
In Chinese markets, Nike had a problem using the “Just Do It” attitude which was not found to be appropriate. Finally, Nike decided to use Chinese athletes in their promotion. This type of adaptation was needed due to:
ingrained Chinese values which respect authority
The challenges in bringing the Smart across Atlantic include all of the following except:
Smart was under the ownership of Daimler Chrysler
Which of the following consumer products companies experienced a major product failure in Europe due to inadequate test marketing?
The corporate development team at Virgin evaluates more than a dozen proposals each day from outside and within the company. When assessing new-product ideas, they look for all of the following except:
aesthetic attributes of competitors products
In the summer of 2006, it was announced that the company’s Smart car would be offered for sale in the United States. Which global company was responsible for bringing the Smart car to market?
Daimler Chrysler
Product problems initially made headlines in 2008 regarding a turbine blade manufactured by Suzlon and financed by John Deere. All of the following problems were encountered by Suzlon except:
policymakers in many parts of the world supported Suzlon
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