Information and technology literacy Essay Example
Information and technology literacy Essay Example

Information and technology literacy Essay Example

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  • Published: September 25, 2018
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While I typically depend on a thumb or flash drive for my file management needs, it's advisable to have backups of important files in case of a virus or any unforeseen calamity. One advantage of using a thumb drive is its portability, which allows for easy access and saving of necessary files by simply inserting it into a USB port.

As stated by Burstein in 2004 (paragraph 4), flash drives are more portable and durable than other storage options, often carried in pockets or worn as a necklace due to their lightweight and convenience. James also notes that flash drives are not susceptible to magnetic interference, unlike CDs and floppy discs.

The eleventh paragraph highlighted that CDs are susceptible to scratches and damage, whereas flash drives have a compact design with a protective cap that enables easy portability in a wallet or around the neck. Additionally, flash drives p


rovide greater storage capacity than other devices. However, using thumb drives also has some disadvantages.

Although personal computers generally have better anti-virus protection than hard disks, thumb drives are still susceptible to viruses from different computers. The solution is to use available anti-virus software. Additionally, while thumb drives offer practical and adaptable storage possibilities, they are prone to getting lost or misplaced. Despite this drawback, students like Cindy value their portability.

Despite the usefulness of thumb drives, it is crucial for Cindy to create a backup of her important files on her hard disk in case the thumb drive is lost or infected by a virus. This precaution will ensure that Cindy still has access to the necessary files. (Burstein, Mike. 2004. "Thumb Drives-Great Technology." Retrieved 19 October 2007 from http://www.)


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has provided the link, but the date is unknown.

Retrieve data backup media information from the article at, accessed on October 19th, 2007.

Information regarding data recovery and backup media in the field of Computers and Technology can be found on detail.php/454/97/Data-Recovery/Computers-and-Technology/10/Data+Backup+Media.

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