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In modern time, it can be argued that the world is now globally connected where different countries across the globe are actively interrelated with each other.

Nevertheless, global connections among the countries across the globe was made possible by the new and modern technology in which offers advantageous features that has the ability to made a link between the countries as well as the people from different countries.It said that it was during the latter part of the of the 19th century when the two of the most significant social changes had occurred on the birth of the computers and cellular phones, which both offers better way of communication. Technically speaking through computers and cellular phones enables people to transmit and receive information with one another. In general, cellular phones and computers are considered as the most significant changes that had occurred in late 19th century, which enables the world and people to reach global connections or relations.

(Bellis, p. 1) Nevertheless, these new technology had opened more doors of opportunities for the people, which include either local or international career or job opportunities. Moreover, it can be argued that modern technology and global connections broaden career opportunities in which people from around the globe are able to look for either local or international job. Moreover, it is said that “computer” as a technology in which offers interactive process had been a reliable source of information for the people as well as for the society.

One of the primary functions of “computer” is that it serves as the essential device, which provides the people better way of data or information gathering. (Bellis, p. 1) Nonetheless, it can be argued that the most meaningful application of computer at present time can be cited as a reliable source of information to look for a “job or work” through the internet. In resent time, multinational companies across the world and adopted the essential application of computer and the internet to post or advertise their “job vacancies”.

Most of the Human Resource Department or better as the recruitment department now relies to the computer and the internet as their process of recruitment for new employees. Nevertheless, it is fair enough to say that computer and internet with its reliability and interactivity is an essential device to explore job or career opportunities. On the other hand, the “Southwest Airlines” is one of the multinational companies who use the computer and the internet to look for competitive, talented and goal oriented person to fill their vacant position in their company.The “Southwest Airlines” as Airline Company is considered as one of the largest and competitive airline company in the United States. Southwest Airlines opens their doors of job or career opportunities through their official website in the internet.

One of the job or position advertisements in the website of “Southwest Airlines” is the “Senior Marketing Manager”, which was posted last April 11, 2008 under the category of corporate position with the job type full time/regular.Furthermore, it is fair enough to say the vacant “Senior Marketing Manager” position carries broad responsibility in which this managerial position is considered to be a multi challenging position to fill. Although, the vacancy is advertised by the “Southwest Airlines” through their website, everyone who sees the post or advertisement is allowed to apply and send their comprehensive resume. However, this job vacancy on “Senior Marketing Manager” requires specific qualifications that would be the basis to evaluate the applicant’s qualification, which the “basic qualifications” for this position are as follows: (Southwest Airline Website)“(1) High School Diploma, GED or equivalent education required. (2) Should be at least 18 years of age. (3) Should have authorization to work in the United States as defined by the Immigration Reform Act of 1986.

(4) Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or related field required. (5) 4 yrs experience in advertising. (6) Experience with targeted segment marketing required. (7) 3-5 yrs direct supervisory experience.

” (Southwest Airline Website)Moreover, apart from this needed “Basic Qualifications” for the advertised “Senior Marketing Manager” position this vacancy requires specific criteria for same purpose of evaluation of the applicants to determine if they are qualified or fit for the position. Criteria on the other hand, is the standard used by the Human Resource Department panel to ensure that the applicant for the position is qualified, which he or she have the qualities and capabilities the position requires.Furthermore, criteria in job hiring help enable the recruitment panel to determine, which are the qualified applicant and those who are not. Nevertheless, criteria are the basis of the recruitment panel to decide, which applicant is qualified to be hired for the position.

(Reference) On the job vacancy post or advertisement of “Southwest Airline”, the “Senior Marketing Manager” position requires high standard on its “criteria” in which applicants must posses the managerial criteria in able to be evaluated and process their application.In the corporate world managerial position is considered to be as the most challenging and demanding task to do. Hence, applicants must pass the criteria of the managerial position and should be well qualified to portray effectively the managerial task, which the primary criteria of the “Senior Marketing Manager” are as follows: (Southwest Airline Website) “(1) must possess excellent organizational skills. (2) Must be adept at handling multiple situations simultaneously.(2) Must be able to meet with the public and work under stressful conditions. (3) Must be strategic thinker.

(4) Must have exceptional written and oral communication skills with strong public speaking skills and ability to expertly communicate verbally via telephone and face to face. (5) Must be an effective developer of People with experience in coaching and mentoring. In able to meet or pass the criteria for “Senior Marketing Manager” applicants must be a college graduate or must posses a 4 year bachelor degree in marketing.Applicants must have fundamental background about marketing and its nature, which this primary study from the institutions or colleges will definitely be essential to be well equipped for actual application of these information in the workplace. Furthermore, apart from the fundamental study on marketing, which can be acquired through the institutions or colleges, previous work experiences that are related to marketing is another essential aspect to reach the or pass the criteria of “Senior Marketing Manager” position.

Related work experiences are definitely essential and credited to be qualified and meet the criteria of the “Senior Marketing Manager” position. Moreover, there are profound skills and capabilities that are needed to be develop or improve in able to meet the criteria. In the managerial position, personal skills and capabilities is essential to perform the task of a manager. However, in able to be great and effective manager personal skills or capabilities is in-need to be developed.

I able to be qualified or meet the criteria of the “Senior Marketing Manager” position there are skills or capabilities that needs to be develop and improve.One of it is the “time management” skills, due to the fact that managerial position is a demanding task to do this specific skill should be develops in order to do the required task. Furthermore, “good communication” is another personal skill that needs to be developed and improved. With the fact that managerial position is interactive in which the nature of the job requires interaction with different people, communication skill needs to be develop and improve in able to communicate well deliver properly in the in managerial position.Moreover, in able to meet the criteria of the “Senior Marketing Manager” position, applicants must develop their skills in “Conflict Resolution”, which is also essential for the managerial position due to fact that the task of managers has something to do with problem solving and program planning. (Associated Content) Nevertheless, these required skills are essential to meet the criteria of the posted or advertised “senior marketing manager” position by the “Southwest Airline”.

Also, these skills that are needed to be developed will definitely help the applicants to be qualified for the job vacancy.Moreover, these skills can be developed through the actual work experience, which are directly related to the marketing field. With the previous related to marketing work experiences, the development of these skills are definitely attainable. Also, through the proper lessons in schools and institutions these skills are possibly be developed. On the other hand, the post or advertised job vacancy of “Southwest Airline” requires specific knowledge in able to be qualified and meet the criteria of the position.

The major knowledge that is needed to be acquired is basically more on technical knowledge, which include the – ethics, rules and nature of marketing. Moreover, these required knowledge of the “senior marketing manager” can be acquire through the schools and intuitions. “Senior marketing manager” or better known as managerial position is a challenging and demanding task to do in which it requires superb personal and corporate skills. Fundamentally, the role “senior marketing manager” can be cited as the head or leader of marketing division in which he or she is in-charge to look after on his or her department.

Moreover, “senior marketing manager” role has something to do with the over implementation and planning of the marketing strategy. In the post or advertisement “Southwest Airline” had posted specific role and responsibilities for the position ”senior marketing manager”, which its primary role are as follows: (Southwest Airline Website) (1) Handle routine correspondence and unsolicited proposals. (2) Develop our Southwest Airlines Employees through coaching, mentoring, recruiting/staffing, performance management and staff development activities.(3) Monitor the media for appropriate creative message, weight, and rotation making recommendations and anticipate future needs. Develop good working relationships and communication with agencies and internal departments. (4) Lead and oversee Managers and Specialists in the production of advertising material and execution of promotions.

(5) Manage the production of targeted segment advertising print and broadcast material from strategic direction/concept evaluation through execution and media placement ensuring that budgets are met.(6) Cultivate, support and promote an organizational culture that provides for high performance, high morale, integrity and work-life balance. (Southwest Airline Website) “Southwest” is a based multinational airline company in which its operations are now world wide. Started with just a small Texas airline company, “Southwest Airline” is now one of the largest airline companies, which now flies people all around the globe. Furthermore, “Southwest Airlines” is a private company in which its revenues or profit comes directly from the air fair of their passengers or customer.

With more than 35 profitable years of service, the “Southwest Airline” is now one of the most profitable airline companies. As one of the of the largest airline company, the ethical values of “Southwest Airline” is to provide its passenger or customer high quality airline service. (Yahoo finance) Moreover, “Southwest Airline” service is to provide the people quality, safe and affordable airline transportation, in which the actual service of the company is to fly people across the city with their safe and high tech aircrafts.Moreover, the service of “Southwest Airlines” doe not only concentrates in the air transportation they also offer trip packages for their passengers, which include s hotel accommodation and organized tourist’s destination trip.

As an airline company “Southwest” focuses or targets the traveller and tourists across the city for potential passengers. Moreover, the travellers or the tourists are considered to be the target market or client of “Southwest Airlines”, which they flies almost 100 million passengers a year to 63 great cities all across the country. (Southwest Airline Website)ReferencesMary Bellis.(n.

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