Impact of College Attendance on Graduation Rate Essay Example
Impact of College Attendance on Graduation Rate Essay Example

Impact of College Attendance on Graduation Rate Essay Example

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  • Published: September 30, 2017
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College Attendance

  1. Introduction
    1. The Issue

After graduating from High School, most pupils will do the determination to take their instruction to another degree and attend college. Something that most college pupils face for the first clip is freedom in make up one's minding their college and day-to-day agenda at the university. And with this freedom, comes the determination of whether or non to go to category. College attending is an issue that universities face on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing, and is an issue that must be dealt with. Normally, the university will go forth attending policies at the discretion of the professors. In which instance the professor has two option ; come up with a program to train pupils for non go toing, or allow the pupils make their ain determination on go toing with no effect other than


what they may non larn.

  1. The Argument

The inquiry that arises in respects to college attending is whether or non college professors should do attending mandatary. Should professors be held accountable for supplying a more integrative system for pupils, or should pupils go on to be in charge of the cognition they choose to take out of college. To detect a preliminary reply to this issue, an analysis can be done on college attending. In this study, we have analyzed college attending and studied the issue, researched studies, conducted our ain study, studied the true costs of jumping category, and created a recommendation.

  1. Description of the Problem
    1. IPFW Statisticss

To exemplify how attending can be a possible concern, I have created a saloon chart that shows the sum of grades that were

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handed out in the spring semester between the old ages of 2011 and 2014. The chart besides shows the entire figure of seniors during the spring semester of that twelvemonth. Before reexamining the chart, take into consideration that the Numberss represented were taken from the statistic study that is yearly developed through Indiana University-Purdue University of Fort Wayne. Unknown factors are when the information was pulled each twelvemonth to find the figure of pupils at a senior standing. Therefore, we know the informations genuinely represents the figure of college pupils at a senior standing, but we do non cognize if the pupils were existent seniors completing up their last semester of college or if they were juniors who had adequate credits to be bumped up to a senior standing.

From the informations, we can reason that there is an outstanding difference between the sum of seniors and the sum of bachelors/masters handed out. If the information for seniors was sliced in half, so there is still a big part of pupils that did non have a grade. There are many conducive factors that may hold led to the low per centum of grades handed out in May. Some factors to see are inability to register for categories needed, taking excessively few categories to complete on clip, and neglecting categories.

  • Failing Class and Attendance

When jumping category develops at a turning rate to the point that the pupil finds themselves jumping about half their categories if non more, so it can be easy determined that the pupil is non traveling to make good in the category and may potentially neglect. And although there are surely classes that a

pupil can jump and still have a passable class, the result is normally a pupil that has non gained all the necessary information that the professor intended for his/her pupils. Most professors besides have the pick to neglect the pupil, if it is stated in the course of study, after jumping a set figure of classs during the semester.

  • The Students Decision to Attend

Attending categories is a critical function in larning the necessary information from the category, and using it to the existent universe. In an article written by Seth Miller, an Admissions Advisor at Eastern Washington University, he discusses why pupils do non go to college, and how this can hold an consequence subsequently in their life. Seth provinces ;

“College is the first clip most people have full control of their lives, or at least realize they have full control over their lives because truly they could hold ever merely run off. Detecting and researching that freedom is one of the most exciting, and chilling, parts of college. I believe college pupils skip category is a manner to arise against the system and show they are in charge. More merely, college pupils normally skip category merely because it is the first clip that feels like they can.

Now I know precisely what any college pupil who on a regular basis skips category would state back to me, “But category is merely deadening. That is why I skip it.” To be wholly honorable, that pupil might be right. However, since in college you can pick about whatever categories you want, possibly that pupil should take topics they find more piquant and that don’t feel like a

load to larn about for an hr.

College is about developing a work moral principle that will function you for the remainder of your life. I’m traveling to allow you in on a small secret ; most people will on occasion be bored at their occupation. Now if one twenty-four hours you felt like work was traveling to be deadening and decided to jump it that likely wouldn’t travel over really good with your foreman. You have the chance to put wonts that will lodge with you for the remainder of your life and the determination is yours on the wonts you develop.”

As Seth suggests, pupils should be more aware of demoing up for category since it will hold an consequence on their hereafter. Jumping category can take to a pupil losing out on valuable information, and puting bad wonts for their work ethic.

  1. Survey Research
    1. MIT Survey

In a study conducted by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, ( MIT ) , they asked pupils which factors influenced lecture attending. The study was based on a five-point graduated table in which 1 was “not at all important” and 5 was “extremely important” . Two of every three respondents ( 67 % ) estimated that they attend at least 90 % of their talks. The undermentioned figure is the study that was conducted:

From this study, it is concluded that the chief ground to jump category is due to the lucidity of talks. The following chief reasoning’s are due to other academic prep, relevant illustrations of talk, professor’s battle with pupils, and the deficiency of slumber.

  • Radford University Survey

In a study created at Radford University, they ended up

with the undermentioned consequences, ( which are represented in a two column format ) ;

1. Are you an RU pupil?

  1. 88.24 per centum answered: Yes
  2. 11.76 per centum answered: No

2. Did you jump category at all lastsemester?

  1. 81.25 per centum answered: Yes
  2. 18.75 per centum answered: No

3. If yes, about how many times?

  1. 42.86 per centum answered: 1-3 times
  2. 0.00 per centum answered: 4-6
  3. 21.43 per centum answered: 7-10
  4. 7.14 per centum answered: More than 10
  5. 28.57 per centum answered: Do n't cognize ( excessively many to number! )

4. Have you skipped category this semester?

  1. 50.00 per centum answered: Yes
  2. 50.00 per centum answered: No

5.If you have skipped, what was the most common ground for the absence?

  1. 8.33 per centum answered: Illness
  2. 0.00 per centum answered: Not prepared for category
  3. 58.33 per centum answered: Overslept
  4. 33.33 per centum answered: Had better things to make
  5. 0.00 per centum answered: HEY! It was a nice twenty-four hours outside!

In decision of this study, it is noteworthy that 88 % of the pupil respondents reported that they had skipped category the old semester. 42 % skipped category up to three times a hebdomad, and 58 % stated that the logical thinking behind them jumping was due to oversleeping. Merely 8 % had a legitimate alibi of losing category due to illness.

  • IPFW Survey

With our undertaking being on jumping category and us being pupils here at a public university we decided to carry on a random study on how frequently people skip category. Our determination can be seen below. This is merely a little study of 20 pupils who are presently taking 12 or more recognition hours. You can see

that eight pupils each skip 0 categories per hebdomad and eight pupils each skip 1 category per hebdomad. Four pupils admitted to jumping 2 or more categories per hebdomad which puts a large mark on their dorsum with the professor and at that place rate. This leads to the inquiry is there truly a true cost to jumping category?

  1. The True Cost of Jumping

The true cost of jumping category can be broken down by the clip and a pecuniary sum can be assigned with it. With the mean pupil jumping 13 categories per semester harmonizing to Some simple math can be down to demo in one twelvemonth a pupil skips 26 categories per twelvemonth. Furthermore, a four twelvemonth pupil would jump 104 categories over their college calling. This can be seen in the graphic to the right. A cost can be put this these figure of skipped categories. At a university like IPFW, a pupil would be throwing off 2,400 dollars. This is money that the pupil pays to the university to larn about a topic that they will be covering with the remainder of their life. Students may believe that jumping a category here and at that place does non add up to a batch but it can truly hold a snowball consequence. This can include failing categories, missed stuff and attending points. Continuing to speak about the Numberss tuition has continued to mount and now averages 8,737 dollars for a public university and 21,324 for a private university. After interrupting down those Numberss you can reason for each one hr long category it cost the pupil 19.42 dollars to go

to that category. A category at a private university will be more than double that at 47.39 dollars. With these being lone Numberss for a one hr category merely think of the money being thrown off if the category is two or three hours long. This sum of money being thrown off can turn really rapidly if non controlled.

With a college grade going a utile when get downing a calling many pupils from high school are now go toing and increasing the attending rates. Harmonizing to the National Center for Education Statistics registration increased 32 per centum from 2001 to 2011. With this addition more pupil who may hold non originally wanted to travel to college are now go toing to increase their odds of happening a occupation. This could be merely one lending factor the figure of categories being skipped. Because of the lifting cost pupils are non able to pay the high monetary values so many are happening grants and scholarships to pay for college. Below shows a chart in money being wasted by pupils with scholarships and grants.

The norm of 9,100 dollars was found that a full clip pupil receives fiscal assistance while go toing a twelvemonth of school at a public university. Taking the norm of 26 categories skipped per twelvemonth the figure 591.50 tells how much free money a pupil is throwing off. This money was given to them because they are go toing categories and acquiring good classs while prosecuting their dreams. Another pupil could be utilizing this money to pay for their college grade but it can’t because pupils are throwing off money. With some simple math the

591.50 can be multiplied by four to happen that in four old ages a pupil with a grant would be blowing 2,366 dollars.

  1. Decision

In decision, category attending is major job. It 's non merely relevant in IPFW, but it is a countrywide job. There are a overplus of grounds why it is debatable. If jumping any category becomes a wont, so what do you believe will go on to your class? It will plump and travel down drastically. Of class, you can lawfully kick about your professor, if they are making this, rating your attending, but you must maintain in head that the professor merely wants what is best for you. She/he wants you to come to category and understand the information that is being presented. They care about your instruction and want you to win in life.

And there is the fact about money. You, the pupil, are paying to acquire a higher instruction. You are basically throwing money off, and perchance blowing your scholarships. Other people could utilize that scholarship money, but you have to travel and blow it by some square alibi for jumping. And aside from that, you are besides losing out on some valuable information that could most probably aid you later on in your professional calling. Of class standard divergences may look raging now, but it could come in ready to hand in a concern atmosphere. You ne'er know. You besides have the cognition that most professors have a set sum of categories you can lose before they can neglect you. If you have legitimate alibis, so you have nil to worry approximately, but this is non a

“legitimate excuse” job.

If you are traveling to pay money and put your resources into college, you might every bit good demo up for it. I mean, why would n't you want to demo up if you 're paying an norm of $ 300 for a category? On top of that, you have tuition to pay, and it sucks. Paying money for school suctions, and if you 're neglecting because you are n't demoing up for category, you 're basically throwing money off. Do n't acquire into the impression that jumping category because you 're tired or do n't desire to travel is a good thought. You put into what you want out of, and if being lazy is what you want, so being a defaulter is how you 're traveling to stop up.

  1. Recommendation

These are a few recommendations for maintaining pupils from jumping and blowing money. These are instead wide, but they will hold a good sum of item in them. First off and really bluffly, Professors should do their category attending mandatary. No sugar glazing it, merely do it compulsory. If that is n't plenty, so grade them on attending. Nothing like acquiring a free class for merely demoing your smiling face for the category. Not merely will this aid influence pupils to travel to category, but it could besides better the pupils class and apprehension in the class. After all, if you 're demoing up every twenty-four hours, so you 're bound to larn something new and retain even more information.

I know, I know, traveling to category can be rather hard sometimes, but you have to digest. Is even harder to

travel when the professors decide to post their talks online after category. Of class, it 's their determinations, but it does act upon the attending rate for the category. After all, why show up for a deadening talk when I can merely acquire the information for free and on my ain clip? That is a rather a good trade. But, this does coerce some pupils to take between being a good pupil, or acquiring those few excess proceedingss of slumber, cognizing that you can acquire the talk online in a twosome of hours. To counter this point, professors should really much bound their usage of PowerPoint Presentations to let pupils to demo up to category more frequently. Although it may be difficult for the professors to convey some information, they can merely do due, cognizing that their pupils will demo up and larn their instructions.

We all have had that instructor that merely sits in the category and talks, on and on for the full hr. That can acquire reasonably deadening and boring after like 10 proceedingss. Those type of professors are merely imploring for their pupils to jump. Why sit for an hr, listening to an older man/woman drone on and on about some quantum natural philosophies when the conditions is traveling to be a scorcher and every one of your friends are out at a beach? Obviously the best manner of making this would be for the professors to be more engaged with their pupils. Do n't merely talk, do a merriment interest to make while you 're speaking. Possibly call on pupils and inquire them how their twenty-four hours was. Make it so

that pupils want to be at that place, and want to larn whatever it is your instruction.

And eventually, we have all had that instructor who says that everything will posted on chalkboard by the terminal of the twenty-four hours. Be it all the category work that they did in category, or merely a clump of press releases that they should hold merely given in category to be done as category work. That 's another thing that makes people want to merely remain home, download and publish them, and so merely drop them off at the terminal of the hebdomad. Once once more, it merely sounds so simple and easy that even a monkey could make it. Not that I 'm naming the reader a monkey, but classes that have professors that do this show a diminution in category attending. Being efficient is non ever the best manner. Sometimes the best manner is the old fashioned 1s. What I mean is for the professors to give the pupils the press releases straight alternatively of taking the easy manner out. This will non merely maintain category attending spans up, but will besides maintain the attending up every bit good.

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